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Daily Calendar for Friday, February 24, 2023


  • Wilhelm Grimm (folklorist)
  • Winslow Homer (painter)
  • Chester Nimitz (U.S. fleet admiral)
  • Philip Knight (co-founder of Nike)
  • Debra Jo Rupp (actress)
  • Sid Meier (Canadian-American programmer and game designer )
  • Steve Jobs (computer pioneer)
  • Eddie Murray (baseball player)
  • Mike Lowell (baseball player)
  • Bronson Arroyo (baseball player)


  • Dinah Shore (singer)
  • Henny Youngman (vaudevillian who fiddled his way into television and films)
  • John McMorran (the oldest American man [at the time of his death] died from heart failure)
  • John Randolph (actor)
  • Dennis Weaver (actor)
  • Don Knotts (actor)
  • Jan Berenstain (co-creator of The Berenstain Bears book series)
  • Harold Ramis (actor & director)


  • Thomas Edison married Mina Miller. He wooed the 19 year old woman via Morse code
  • Thermite explosive first used to break ice jam, Waddington, NY
  • Nylon toothbrush bristles made by DuPont
  • When You Wish Upon a Star recorded
  • Discovery (by Jocelyn Bell) of the first pulsar announced
  • Buckingham Palace announced the engagement of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer
  • Hockey player Wayne Gretzky scored his 77th goal of the season and broke Phil Esposito’s 1971 record
  • A deadly 6.5-magnitude earthquake shook northeastern Morocco killing more than 560 people and injured approximately 300 more
  • Eastern Ontario and western Quebec were shaken by a 4.5 earthquake
  • Pilots of two planes reported UFO over Arizona


  • Brown snow fell in Vermont and New Hampshire. The color was caused by dust blown from storms in the Great Plains.
  • The temperature in Jacksonville, Florida, plummeted to 24 degrees F

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