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Daily Calendar for Saturday, July 27, 2024

Celebrated on the fourth Saturday in July, this is a day to explore cowboy culture and heritage and to acknowledge the contributions of cowboys and cowgirls across the United States

Question of the Day

Where did the tradition of having bridesmaids at a wedding come from?
History is not clear on this, but there are several theories. One is that bridesmaids were β€œstand-ins” for the bride, in case evil spirits, which hated to see anybody happy, tried to do her harm. The bridesmaids would look and dress much like the bride to fool the spirits. Another theory says that bridesmaids, or some crowd of people, were needed to witness the wedding. In ancient Rome, one needed at least ten witnesses to get married. Bridesmaids also may have evolved from a medieval custom of having as many people as possible at a wedding, just in case a former boyfriend showed up to kidnap the bride.

Advice of the Day

Rub raw garlic on an insect bite to relieve the sting or itch.

Home Hint of the Day

Get rid of musty odors in drawers, closets, or rooms by placing a small container of scented cat litter in the affected area. Refresh the litter every few days until the odor is gone.

Word of the Day

A persistently annoying person.

Puzzle of the Day

With his (Blank), he killed three (Blank). (The two 5-letter words to fill the blanks share the same letters.)
1) saber 2) bears


  • James I of Aragon –
  • Robert Dinwiddie (British statesman, lieutenant governor of colonial Virginia) –
  • Reggie Lewis (basketball player) –
  • Bob Hope (comedian & actor) –
  • Morrie R. Yohai (creator of Cheez Doodles) –
  • Nabire (northern white rhino) –
  • Sam Shepard (actor & playwright) –


  • Alexandre Dumas, fils (dramatist, son of Alexandre Dumas) –
  • Cyrus Eidlitz (architect) –
  • GΓ©rard CΓ΄tΓ© (Canadian marathon runner) –
  • Elizabeth Hardwick (author) –
  • Norman Lear (television screenwriter and producer) –
  • Jerry Van Dyke (actor) –
  • Peggy Fleming (ice skater) –
  • Alex Rodriguez (baseball player) –
  • Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (actor) –


  • Congress established the Department of Foreign Affairs (later renamed Department of State)–
  • The Atlantic Cable was completed, establishing communication by telegraph between England and the U.S.–
  • Researchers led by biochemist Frederick Banting announced the discovery of the hormone insulin–
  • Bugs Bunny made his cartoon debut–
  • Colonel Joseph Duckworth piloted the first plane that purposely flew into the center of a hurricane–
  • The United States, China, North Korea, and South Korea signed an armistice agreement, ending the Korean War–
  • An earthquake in Sharpsburg, Kentucky, measured 5.2 on the Richter scale–
  • Big traffic jam in Boston–
  • The Korean War Veterans Memorial was dedicated, Washington, D.C.–
  • In Atlanta, Georgia, a pipe bomb exploded at Centennial Olympic Park during the 1996 Summer Olympics–
  • At the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, Canadian Donovan Bailey won the men’s 100-meter dash in 9.84 seconds, setting a world record–


  • Severe thunderstorms in Yuma, Arizona, created zero visibility due to dust blowing in the 90 mph winds–
  • Several inches of snow fell on Glacier National Park, Big Sky ski area (both in Montana), and a Jackson Hole, Wyoming ski area–
  • EF-1 tornado touched down in southwestern New Hampshire, causing significant damage in Dublin, home of The Old Farmer’s Almanac–

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