Bird Sounds: Black-capped Chickadee

Black-capped Chickadee Calls

Bird Sounds-Black-capped Chickadee-USFWS Mountain-Prairie, Wikimedia Commons

The bold little chickadee is a welcome sight at any feeder.

Photo by USFWS Mountain-Prairie via Wikimedia Commons

Here you can identify the sounds and bird song of the Black-Capped Chickadee. Compliments of The Macaulay Library at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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Have you heard a Black-Capped Chickadee? Add your comments below. Be sure to let us know where you live or where you’ve heard this bird sound before!


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Black-Capped Chickadee

First time this year to see and hear comes often to my feeder. I live in Sugar Land Texas. The house finch also new this year but the Starlings are gone.

Black-capped chickadee

Well, after all those comments from USA and Canada, I am writing from Western Australia, a city of Gosnells. I am sure the 'strange' bird in my garden is this delightful bird and its song is quite shrill and short. Thank you for helping me find out what it is.

Black-capped Chickadee

I live in Merrimack,N.H. and recently realized the Black-capped Chickadee is responsible for singing that beautiful song. I have two bird houses, this year one has House Wrens and the other has the Black capped Chickadee.

I hear these birds in

I hear these birds in Colorado. We caught them on audio when filming. Their mournful song fit so well with the theme of the short film that we kept it in at the end.

black- capped chickadee

I live in eastern Nebraska and I have seen these birds a lot, and I heard this sound and wondered for a such a long time what bird made this sound. I never connected the two. I am so glad to know this information.

Black-capped Chickadee

I live in Minnesota and have been hearing this beautiful call, not sure of its owner! Now I know. So enjoying our spring friends flying about, singing. Best music!

black capped chickadees

Hi, I have black capped chickadees in my neighborhood but have been hearing them at 2 and 3 in the I have had them before when I lived much further north I was rather alarmed to hear their calls at such an odd this natural for bccs to sing at that time of day?

Early Morning Birdsong

Hi Cathy,

There’s nothing to be alarmed about. Chickadees, as well as many other birds, are very active at this time of year searching for mates, marking territory, and making nests. Male songbirds are most active in the early morning hours before dawn because they are either singing to impress females, or are telling other nearby birds to stay away from their nesting area. It’s completely natural. 

Black capped chickadee

I always knew where the chick-a-dee-dee-dee sound came from, but couldn't figure out which bird sang the two-note mournful song...I'm so happy to finally know. It is my favorite bird song and we have plenty of chickadees here in central Maine.

Black Capped Chickadee

I've heard these birds near my university in Calgary, AB, and could not figure out what type of bird they were based on their song. I had never seen, or heard these little guys before until I started at my uni. It seems like they are more populated in the SW end of the city. I just love their song. It's a beautiful sound to hear in the dead of winter. They are so cute too!

Favorite little visitor

I lived in Bowmanville, Ontario and had a nyjer feeder on my tiny back porch. Several times a day, the Black Capped Chickadee and Northern Cardinals--all three types--came to the feeder and enjoyed their snack! (I used nyjer because squirrels hate it.)

Sweet little birds who love sunflower seeds

These sweet little birds are all around my neighborhood in southern Tennessee, but I had never seen them until I put up two bird feeders by my window. Now they're there constantly, eating my black sunflower seeds. They pick some up, fly to a nearby branch, peck it open, eat it, then come back and get more. Out of all the different birds that come to my feeder, they're my favorite. God made them so beautiful!

black capped chickadee

Here in Winnipeg, Canada this is also a familar sound from childhood. It is the harbinger of spring; simple, a little sad, yet somehow hopeful that warmer weather is just around the corner. I found 3 of these little ones in my bird feeder about a week ago and when I heard them sing out, I recognized their call instantly. This morning, as I trudged through a drift of newly fallen snow, I heard these two notes coming from just above my head. Then right at the wistful end of the song, a little double note up the scale. There was a pause, then ever so faintly on the wind, I heard the song returned, full of promise that spring was just around the corner. Thank you little black capped chickadee.

Black capped chickadee sound

i have heard this bird "sing" that two note song for over 10 years. Never could see it but plenty of chickadees around. Finally it showed itself & I could not believe it is the bird that has that utters this sound. Thank you!!!


I live in Montreal, Canada, and I've heard this bird since childhood. To me it always sounded like a playground swing that hasn't been oiled in a while :) This morning there was one right outside my window singing so loudly! I decided to find out who was singing once and for all. Now I know it's a Black-capped Chickadee. Thanks so much!

black capped chickadee

I hear this song in the late spring and early summer months in the Tualatin River Valley in northwest Oregon. One of my favorites.

This sweet little bird wakes

This sweet little bird wakes me up every morning come spring. I live in north Mission BC, a sure sign that spring has sprung:)

Finally I've found the bird

Finally I've found the bird that makes this sweet sound in the spring and summer. We live in northern Idaho.

I did not realize it was this

I did not realize it was this bird that had this song. I was just telling my little girl that I know when it's spring time cos I hear these birds. I see these guys all winter but only hear this song during the spring/summer time, thats why I always thought it was some other bird that went away for the winter.

OH MY GOD! I have heard this

OH MY GOD! I have heard this bird since I was like 6. I've made a promise that I would find this birds name. we have a nest in a bush next to the driveway but they left. AND I FINALLY FOUND IT'S NAME. I would have never guessed! :D :D :D :D

I've been listening to these

I've been listening to these birds & their babies for the past couple days (they're a talkative little bunch)! We have a little bird house hanging on the porch and 2 days ago I noticed it was full of tiny babies (5 total & I even named them)! I've been sitting on the porch just watching the mom and dad go back & forth, all day long. Got a few good pics and video though!

This is the 1st time I have witnessed anything like this & it is quite amazing! See the links below for video :)

I'm so excited to have

I'm so excited to have finally found the source of what I have always referred to as my "sweetheart" bird. To me it always sounds as if they are calling out sweeeet heart. Even when I've pointed the call out when I've heard to those who know plenty about calls & nature etc, they never seem to know.

Thanks to this site I now

Thanks to this site I now know what bird species makes this beautiful sound. I have always wondered and now I know. I swear the little guy answers me when I whistle back. Probably my imagination. Southeastern Minnesota.

I'm sure they are answering

I'm sure they are answering you back! My husband whistles to them and they answer back. We have so many of these it would be hard to count how many. They love the suet that we put out. We live in northeastern Oklahoma

I keep hearing a bird singing

I keep hearing a bird singing in the morning and I think it might be a Black-capped Chickadee but this bird adds a few notes. It sounds just like your sample (the 1st 2 calls = 2 notes = "fee-bee fee-bee") but this bird adds fee-bee-bee-bee-bee-bee (where the "bee" is sang quickly).
I'm in Bracebridge,ON (about 1.5 hrs drive north of Toronto,ON)

I just heard a similar call

I just heard a similar call to the one you described except it had one less "bee" in it. I am in Oregon.

I just heard a bird that

I just heard a bird that sounds like what you describe as well. I thought it sounded like a this bird, but it adds a few more notes as well.

It is a white-throated

It is a white-throated sparrow!! I saw the comment above and found out. How precious it sounds. I have heard these birds here in Mississippi for years. Now I know what they are!

Did you ever find out whether

Did you ever find out whether your bird ( singing "fee-bee-bee-bee-bee") was a black-capped chickadee? I have a country home about 1.75 hrs north of Montreal, QC and have heard this bird for years. (Other possibility: white-throated sparrow??)

love hearing the bird sounds,

love hearing the bird sounds, so does my cat she nearly jumped on my laptop lol !!!