Bird Sounds: Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl Call

Great Horned Owl

Listen to the call of the Great Horned Owl! Audio recording compliments of The Macaulay Library at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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Have you heard a Great Horned Owl? Add your comments below. Be sure to let us know where you live or where you’ve heard this bird sound before!


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Great Horn Owl

Woke up at 4:30 to unfamiliar sound, listening to owl calls on my phone and matched the sound room a Great Horn Owl. I have lived here for 35 years and never heard that call before.

Hearing one right now

It is 12 AM. A great horned owl is on our chimney right now and hooting. I live in Round Rock, TX. Since he/she is on the chimney the hooting is reverberating through the home. Amazing.

Sounds of the night

My husband and I have a few Great Horned Owls near. One in particular has been hooting every night for a week now. Hoo-Hoo Hooo Hoooo Hoooo. I believe it has claimed a tall tree behind our house. Another flew over me when I took my dog out during the night. So majestic! Durham, NC

Great horned owl 2:45am

A gentle steady hoo hoo hoooo coming from by backyard woke me up at 2:45 am this morning. I wish I could catch a glimpse!! From Bloomingdale IL

Beautiful sound!

I’m sitting in my bed right now writing this comment. I have seen a great horned owl on our roof before and around the neighborhood but not until tonight had I heard him! I hope that he is sitting on our roof now singing his peaceful melody. Franklin, TN

Great horn owl family

We have at least 3 great horn owls hanging out in our tall fir trees.. We’ve been listening to them for a few weeks.. Tonight we were lucky enough to see one fly overhead. Park City Utah

GHO call

Wasn't sure what I was hearing until I cracked open the window to listen. A repeated 3 hoot call. I live near woods but this is the first time I've ever noticed this. Pretty awesome! Near Roanoke, Virginia

Woke to sounds of 2 Great Horned

4:44am. Northwest Gilbert AZ. Woke to sounds of hooting low and deep in the chilly 44 degree night. Very rhymic. And then response from another on a high note. Beautiful and haunting in the wee hours before dawn.

Owl Farm

I live just outside a small town in Wilmington,IL. I'm on about 3 acres and have lots of trees and silos in the back. Getting closer to fall I have been hearing the hooting of a pair of two great horned owls. Starts around 10pm and they go until dawn.

Great Horned Owl in Simpsonville South Carolina

Great Horned Owl in Simpsonville South Carolina
High pitch screeching,wingspan around 4 feet. Just Beautiful. Have also taken some pictures!
Have been in the neighbourhood for one week now. He comes around 7.15 pm on the same spot every evening.

Heard the hooting of Great

Heard the hooting of Great Horned Owl at 8:30 pm (San Diego)

Great horned owls

High pitch screeching, almost like a sharp whistle. Approximately every 30 seconds late at night.
I've only seen it in flight once in eleven years. Amazing to hear. Drake, Colorado


Last few nights we've heard screeching of an owl, approx. every min or so, early evening and early morning (dusk till dawn), then we saw it fly across our yard, land on the neighbor's roof, swoop again to another neighbor's roof, wingspan of around 3 to 4 feet. Haven't heard any hooting though, only screeches, pretty sure it was scoping out my dog (25 pound) as it flew over our yard. Nice to look at, but would like if it left our subdivision to make sure it doesn't attack our dog or toddler...... strangely, we haven't heard any hooting.

I heard this owl and I

I heard this owl and I actually saw it the other night with my flashlight in a tree he didn't like it he flew away man was he or she big. I found feathers the next day and I had a coon problem he has been stalking the coons I think i hope he gets rid of them all I like my owl security guard he hoots away then another responds live from Cincinnati, Ohio.....

We have them in the woods

We have them in the woods behind our farm in centeral NJ

We live in Excelsior Springs

We live in Excelsior Springs Mo and we live on a farm. We have a pair of Great Horned Owl.

Great Horned Owl

I hear the Great Horned Owl frequently at Waterloo Lake, Denison, Texas.

Great Horned Owl

I live in North Central Indiana about 70 miles north of Indianapolis. I have lived in my home for 38 years and have only heard the Great Horned Owl 3 times the last being last summer. Really enjoy hearing it. :-) Lovely sound.

Heard an owl for third night in a row in Charleston SC

It is usually about 3 AM and I live in a wooded yard on the marsh (tidal creek). I think it is the great horned owl but it goes who who who and then it is always followed by what sounds like a crows call?? Is that another bird calling to it or is it eating a only lasts about 10 seconds total??

There is a great horned owl

There is a great horned owl hooting in the tall trees behind my house in Highland, Utah tonight. The call it's making is identical to recorded calls I'm finding on the Internet. Even the pitch is the same. The calls began at midnight and lasted about 25 minutes. Very exciting!

We just recently moved to

We just recently moved to Waxahachie,TX and I've heard Great Horned Owls twice. The first time it was a solitary call but tonight there are two calling to each other. The neighbor dogs started barking a bit and I was afraid it would scare them away but it just seemed to make them louder. It is so peaceful! I hope they stay for a long time.

Lockhart Texas I have seen

Lockhart Texas I have seen two great horned owls in my yard and trees. I love listening to them at night.

I live in North Texas (Aledo)

I live in North Texas (Aledo) and for the past few weeks I've been hearing a pair of them every other night. I finally recorded them last night and you can def hear its 2 owls calling back and forth to each other. They seem so close to the house, but I haven't spotted them yet. I'm hoping I can see them soon and not just hear them.

Nashville, TN We live on the

Nashville, TN We live on the west side beside Richland Creek. It is very close to downtown and right off the interstate. I have been hearing these owls since we moved here almost 8 years ago. At one point, about 4 years ago, I did see one of them perched on top of a very tall electric pole. It wasn't until today that I finally googled the sounds of owl hoots and discovered what type of owl they were. We've been hearing their calls for years! So much that I can't recall just how many times I have responded back with the same triple hoot call. Jokingly, I have been known to tell people that I speak owl. I was a bit confused when I 1st heard them, as I thought that owls only stirred at night, because I hear them all throughout the day (but mostly after 4 pm). My search today about what owl it was came about after witnessing another bird encounter. This morning I heard crows screaming right outside my patio door. It is a 2nd story small patio off of my bedroom that looks right over a bunch of tall trees. These 2 crows were going nuts as they screamed at a hawk that was attacking a nest. This nest has been up there for years and I've never seen a bird or animal in it. To me it appeared that the hawk was using its talons to shred the nest. Either it was attempting to use the nest and the crows, being territorial, were being lowsy neighbors in hopes that the hawk would move along. Or the hawk was dining on the crow's tab (precious prey or baby crows?). I watched as the crow flew away and it did not appear to be carrying anything in its talons. So now I know we have several specials of birds that prey on small animals. I may speak owl, and hawks are...(eh), but I am a big fan of my two small dogs. We have a tiny chihuahua and smaller sized Boston Terrier. My only hope is that these owls have grown accustomed to being around my dogs and don't feel as of they are tasty enough. As for they hawk, I'm not so much of a fan. I might have to get a BB or paint ball gun. Please don't get ill on me here. I like the owls, for now. ;)

Alas, the crows are the

Alas, the crows are the guilty party! They will aggravate the hawk until it goes after them then another crow will swoop in and steal the hawk's egg. If you shoot at one of them make it the crow. They are real aggravators! They will also bother an owl if they can spot one during the day.
What kind of hawk?

After about 40 years I am

After about 40 years I am once again hearing the wonderful hoo-hooing of a Great Horned Owl! And last night there were two of them! How exciting as usually there are only Barred Owls in this area! I live in a rural area of North Central Florida.

Fort Worth, Texas area. Heard

Fort Worth, Texas area. Heard one tonight on my roof. sound echoed down the chimney flue. It is Feb. 3rd.
Quite a surprise and haven't heard a great-horned owl call in ages.

Just this morning, one in the

Just this morning, one in the doug firs at the house, and another in response behind the barn.
Oregon western Cascade foothills- midway.

when douse a great horned owl

when douse a great horned owl come to texas i need dates

Driftside Trailor Park in

Driftside Trailor Park in Edinburgh In great horned owl hoots every night.