Bird Sounds: Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal Calls

April 29, 2016
Snowy Northern Cardinal
Pamela Raineri

Here you can identify the sounds and bird song of the Northern Cardinal. Compliments of The Macaulay Library at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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I am originally from KY but now live in Picture Rocks AZ. We don't get too many Cardinals out in the desert where I live so I get really excited to hear the one couple that does come around. There's just something about their call that reminds me of green trees and grass and KY springtime!

Cardinal sounds

I have wondered for years what bird makes that "birdy, birdy, birdy" sound. Now I know! We have lots of cardinals here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Male Cardinal

I have listen to the male Cardinal for going on 60 some years and can whistle just like him. But don't get real good at it because he will attack you, I know that for a fact. Be prepared to duck.I live in the middle part of Iowa.

We have a beautiful pair of

We have a beautiful pair of cardinals that visit our backyard, in Lake County, FL, on a daily basis.

Red Bird

These beauties remind me of my Pap-pap, he would call them red birds. I've made the mistake twice now of clearing brush only to find the cardinals had been using it as shelter, so I will be more careful in the future.

Tame cardinal call

I've got a friendly male cardinal who comes right up to me on my porch when I call to him. I toss him small bits of peanut or walnut on the porch at my feet, which he eats and then takes back to his female. Several times a day! When I'm inside but don't see him out there, he "calls" to me to get my attention so I'll come out and feed him. The "call," though, is just a single, extremely high-pitched chip/chirp note, which he repeats the whole time he's with me. So high I can barely hear it. Just that one note. What does that mean?

Red cardinal

Davie ,South Florida

Northern Cardinals

I live in Hastings Minnesota. After my dad dies in 2006 I had a family of cardinals move into the trees and surrounding yards. My dad loved cardinals. Painted them. To me they bring comfort letting me know he's near. I love the sound and they always appear at times when I'm thinking of or missing my dad.

Great call!

We saw a male Cardinal in my in-law's Upstate NY backyard and I heard this call. My wife thought it was a nearby Robin, so I played this call. Next thing I knew both the male and a female Cardinal started making slow passes by me. Pretty cool!

northern cardinals

I have lived in my current home in RI for just over 2 years. I found out that the prior homeowner, had been feeding numerous birds. I immediately knew I needed to resume feeding them, but still am learning. But, I noticed almost immediately that daily I am visited by both a male & female cardinal (usually together). But until recently only saw them in the late afternoon. Now that spring s starting to break, I notice more consistent bird calls each am. Well this morning, I was able to sneak out and confirm 1 set of calls, at 5:00 am... and it was the cardinal couple. Apparently, they are here more than I thought.

Cardinal calls

My male cardinal shows up as late as 9 p.m. here in western Pennsylvania! Right at dusk he likes to visit for more food to take back to his female before bedtime. It's glorious to see him as the last bird out for the night.


I hear cardinals out my window every spring now. I live in Massachusetts. I first heard and saw them outside my window about 25 years ago. When I was growing up I never saw them up here. I'm so happy they migrated up here. I love seeing them now in the warm weather.

I now live in Mississippi and

I now live in Mississippi and have these birds in my back yard off and on all day long. I feed them the cardinal food and they are beautiful. I'm only 3 hours from the gulf of mexico. There is a strange bird I heard for the first time in the morning it sings a western tune like what you would here right before a gunfight its very odd. I wish I knew what type of bird it was and I never see it.

Living in Southern CT, heard

Living in Southern CT, heard what we think is a Northern Cardinal, BUT only three loud notes, sounded like tweet,tweet,tweet. VERY loud. Moving around in the trees, but we could not see it..I heard the bird song,behind one of the bird sounds, that I listeded to on this sight....Now not sure which one?

hi,you can bring me smile

hi,you can bring me smile when i have stress in my work.i'm iranian and love your site .i wish can save some mp3 bird sounds for my son and daughter

BEAUTIFUL sound ...??I love

BEAUTIFUL sound ...??I love IT!!!

I'm proud to have so many

I'm proud to have so many cardinals who have decided to take up residence in my NC coast yard. They live in the azalea bushes. The cardinal is our state bird!

It's 6AM on March 21, and

It's 6AM on March 21, and there's a cardinal singing his heart out in my yard on the West Side of Providence, Rhode Island. Such a lovely sound to wake up to...especially in the city!

My backyard in Pensacola FL

My backyard in Pensacola FL has this sound all day long!

" Mine " in my yard here in

" Mine " in my yard here in Jacksonville Florida tell me I'm "purty purty purty" every morning! I love to hear them!

well im from kentucky and im

well im from kentucky and im also from the hills and cardnals a a veary ellagent and beautiful bird. What do you think?

That's what I here in my

That's what I here in my backyard all the time! Thanks Old Farmer's Almanac!

Our backyard is full of pines

Our backyard is full of pines here at Burtchville, MI north of Port Huron in the thumb area, a mile off Lake Huron so we are apt to see one to two dozen pair of cardinals at a time at our feeder. They are awesome. I love to hear the birdie, birdie, birdie which is so distinct that one can hear it when visiting other states. We serve only black oil sunflower seeds on the feeder and suet cakes on the tree year round and have a wide variety of birds which includes yellow belly male/female woodpeckers, hairy woodpeckers and downy woodpeckers daily. Also, nuthatch, house finch, wild canary (gold finch), brown thrashers to name a few. Looking forward to return of ruby throat hummingbird, baltimore oriole and rose breasted grosbeak.

There are three pair of

There are three pair of Northern Cardinal that frequent our bird feeders on the property here in rural Dobson, North Carolina almost every morning. They seem very pensive as they feed, always looking around them for predators.