Gardening by the Moon Calendar

Dates for Starting Seeds & Planting by the Moon

Garden by the Moon

Our Gardening by the Moon calendar works according to the age-old belief that phases of the Moon affect plant growth. Lunar planting is a longtime Old Farmer’s Almanac tradition. 

Keep in mind that the four gardening regions below are quite broad; we also offer a modern planting calendar (not Moon-based) that gets down to zip code level. See our all-seasons gardening calendar.

What is Gardening by the Moon?

Gardening by the Moon is a great way to help plan your above- and below ground crops. Here’s how it works:

  • Plant annual flowers and vegetables that bear crops above ground during the light, or waxing, of the Moon: from the day the Moon is new to the day it is full.
  • Plant flowering bulbs, biennial and perennial flowers, and vegetables that bear crops below ground during the dark, or waning, of the Moon: from the day after it is full to the day before it is new again.

Old-time farmers swear that this practice results in a larger, tastier harvest. The editor of The Old Farmer’s Almanac, Janice Stillman, explains more in our Gardening by the Moon video.

Which Region Are You In?

Click your region on the map below to see planting dates and Moon-favorable dates.

Planting Regions

Modern Planting Calendar

For planting dates based on local frost dates, check out our Planting Calendar. On this page, you can input your zip code to see the best planting, transplanting, and harvesting dates for your area.

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Farmer's Almanac in Spanish

Do you have the Farmer’s Almanac in Spanish language?

Fases de la luna

Qué sembrar en las fases de la luna...

planting by the moon

is this schedule of planting the same in the southern hemisphere ?


Hello, The Old Farmer’s Almanac gardening regions only cover the U.S. and Canada.  However, we do have a Garden Planner that is global and covers 250+ plants. You can try it for free for up to 7 days here:

Need signs for planting

Need signs for planting

No lo siento.

No, The Almanac is only printed in one language—English. 

Wild Onions in the Yard

My neighbor asked me to find when we should mow down our onion patches so they don't come back so quickly. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Mow to Discourage Growth

According to the Moon, the next Best Days to Mow to Discourage Growth are March 5–7 and April 14 & 15!

wild onions in yard

when and how is the best way to kill them

SIMPLE planting guide!

I have yet to find best dates to start planting seeds indoors. Just dates best for above ground crops and root crops. I've wasted so much time searching it's ridiculous previously it's been easy to get the planting guide. You have complicated the search with distracting junk

Seed Starting Dates

You can find dates for starting seeds, transplanting, and harvesting in our Gardening Calendar, which is tailored to your location.


I bought some fruit trees this week and when is a good time to plant them

Planting Fruit Trees

The best time to plant fruit trees is in the spring, when there is no longer a danger of frost. The timing will depend on your climate. Use our Frost Dates tool to see when the last spring frost will be in your area. Also check out our various Fruit Growing Guides to learn species-specific care instructions!

planting guide

I've been looking for the moon planting guide by each month and cannot find. Your website is too hard to navigate and print. I've wasted over an hour looking for this. Last year I found it right away and printed it out.

Your Web Site

Your web site is to complicated to navigate and to print from


I am a planner by nature, and want to get started planning my garden out for next year. Some things I need to get prepped for net years garden. When will the 2018 option be posted?

2018 Gardening by the Moon

The Planting Dates do not change from year to year (unless it is a leap year), however, the Moon Favorable dates do. Online, these dates are updated at the end of the year. If you would like to see them sooner, they can be found in the latest edition of The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Cutting spirea

Can someone tell me when it's a good time to cut spirea for slow growth after the cutting?

Oslo, Norway

I would appreciate guidance as to which zone I should plant by in Oslo Norway! Thank you in advance!

Planting Herbs By Moon Phase: Correction Request

Thank you for your excellent responses to my 2 earlier postings. Since all parsley are biennial and herbs are to be treated like flowers when planting by moon phase, are you able to please correct the print and online moon phase calendars going forward? They incorrectly recommend planting parsley by the waxing moon. Thanks again for your help.

lunar gardening dates

We agree that this is a confusing topic, and traditional lunar gardening has exceptions to rules. If you look at a lunar gardening book, for example, you will usually find a table that lists “biennials” to plant during the dark of the Moon, but “herbs” and “parsley” during the light of the Moon. In addition, in lunar gardening, the period called the “first quarter” (between new and first quarter Moon) is a good time to plant those plants with seeds on the outside, such as parsley; “second quarter” (between first quarter Moon and full Moon) is good for those plants that form seed pods (such as peas and beans).

Regular parsley traditionally is harvested during the light of the Moon, perhaps because the harvested part is aboveground, and, too, many gardeners treat it as an annual.

In general, though, perennial and biennial herbs are planted during the dark of the Moon, to encourage root growth and help the long-term health of the plant. Perennial sage, for example, is planted during the dark of the Moon. However, another mystery is horseradish, a perennial and belowground crop, which lunar gardening experts recommend planting during the light of the Moon.

Planting Hamburg Rooted Parsley By Moon Phase

I am going to be planting Hamburg Rooted Parsley this year. It is a biennial herb that produces both an above ground and a below ground crop. Unlike beets that primarily provide a below ground crop and many people also eat the tops, Hamburg Rooted Parsley is grown just as much for the tops as the roots. Any suggestion for how to plant Hamburg Rooted Parsley by Moon Phase? Thanks!

parsley puzzle

Great question! You might choose the dark of the Moon dates (day after full to day before new) to encourage good root growth. If there is good root development, most likely there will be good tops, too. If, however, you really prefer the tops, then you might try the light of the Moon.

Planting Herbs By Moon Phase

How are herbs classified, particularly biennial varieties, when it comes to planting by moon phase? Are they treated like flowers or vegetables? I'm going to be planting dill this year and that prompted my questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and happy gardening!


We’d suggest: For annual herbs, plant during the light of the Moon unless the harvested part is below ground, in which case, plant by the dark of the Moon. Biennial and perennial herbs: plant during the dark of the Moon, as one does with biennial and perennial flowers, to encourage root growth.


Hello.......I live on Long Island New York what zone I'am I in is it zone 3 or 4......Thank You

Peonie seeds

When is the sign for planting peonie seeds? I am in region 1