Gardening by the Moon Calendar

Dates for Starting Seeds & Planting by the Moon

Garden by the Moon

Our Gardening by the Moon calendar works according to the age-old belief that phases of the Moon affect plant growth. Lunar planting is a longtime Old Farmer’s Almanac tradition. 

Keep in mind that the four gardening regions below are quite broad; we also offer a modern gardening calendar (not Moon-based) that gets down to zip code level. See our all-seasons gardening calendar.

What is Gardening by the Moon?

Gardening by the Moon is a great way to help plan your above- and below ground crops. Here’s how it works:

  • Plant annual flowers and vegetables that bear crops above ground during the light, or waxing, of the Moon: from the day the Moon is new to the day it is full.
  • Plant flowering bulbs, biennial and perennial flowers, and vegetables that bear crops below ground during the dark, or waning, of the Moon: from the day after it is full to the day before it is new again.

Old-time farmers swear that this practice results in a larger, tastier harvest. The editor of The Old Farmer’s Almanac, Janice Stillman, explains more in our Gardening by the Moon video.

Which Region Are You In?

Click your region on the map below to see planting dates and Moon-favorable dates.

Planting Regions

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I bought some fruit trees this week and when is a good time to plant them

planting guide

I've been looking for the moon planting guide by each month and cannot find. Your website is too hard to navigate and print. I've wasted over an hour looking for this. Last year I found it right away and printed it out.

Your Web Site

Your web site is to complicated to navigate and to print from


I am a planner by nature, and want to get started planning my garden out for next year. Some things I need to get prepped for net years garden. When will the 2018 option be posted?

2018 Gardening by the Moon

The Planting Dates do not change from year to year (unless it is a leap year), however, the Moon Favorable dates do. Online, these dates are updated at the end of the year. If you would like to see them sooner, they can be found in the latest edition of The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Cutting spirea

Can someone tell me when it's a good time to cut spirea for slow growth after the cutting?

Oslo, Norway

I would appreciate guidance as to which zone I should plant by in Oslo Norway! Thank you in advance!

Planting Herbs By Moon Phase: Correction Request

Thank you for your excellent responses to my 2 earlier postings. Since all parsley are biennial and herbs are to be treated like flowers when planting by moon phase, are you able to please correct the print and online moon phase calendars going forward? They incorrectly recommend planting parsley by the waxing moon. Thanks again for your help.

lunar gardening dates

We agree that this is a confusing topic, and traditional lunar gardening has exceptions to rules. If you look at a lunar gardening book, for example, you will usually find a table that lists “biennials” to plant during the dark of the Moon, but “herbs” and “parsley” during the light of the Moon. In addition, in lunar gardening, the period called the “first quarter” (between new and first quarter Moon) is a good time to plant those plants with seeds on the outside, such as parsley; “second quarter” (between first quarter Moon and full Moon) is good for those plants that form seed pods (such as peas and beans).

Regular parsley traditionally is harvested during the light of the Moon, perhaps because the harvested part is aboveground, and, too, many gardeners treat it as an annual.

In general, though, perennial and biennial herbs are planted during the dark of the Moon, to encourage root growth and help the long-term health of the plant. Perennial sage, for example, is planted during the dark of the Moon. However, another mystery is horseradish, a perennial and belowground crop, which lunar gardening experts recommend planting during the light of the Moon.

Planting Hamburg Rooted Parsley By Moon Phase

I am going to be planting Hamburg Rooted Parsley this year. It is a biennial herb that produces both an above ground and a below ground crop. Unlike beets that primarily provide a below ground crop and many people also eat the tops, Hamburg Rooted Parsley is grown just as much for the tops as the roots. Any suggestion for how to plant Hamburg Rooted Parsley by Moon Phase? Thanks!

parsley puzzle

Great question! You might choose the dark of the Moon dates (day after full to day before new) to encourage good root growth. If there is good root development, most likely there will be good tops, too. If, however, you really prefer the tops, then you might try the light of the Moon.

Planting Herbs By Moon Phase

How are herbs classified, particularly biennial varieties, when it comes to planting by moon phase? Are they treated like flowers or vegetables? I'm going to be planting dill this year and that prompted my questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and happy gardening!


We’d suggest: For annual herbs, plant during the light of the Moon unless the harvested part is below ground, in which case, plant by the dark of the Moon. Biennial and perennial herbs: plant during the dark of the Moon, as one does with biennial and perennial flowers, to encourage root growth.


Hello.......I live on Long Island New York what zone I'am I in is it zone 3 or 4......Thank You

Peonie seeds

When is the sign for planting peonie seeds? I am in region 1


If you follow lunar gardening, by the Moon’s phase only, then because peonies are perennials, you would want to plant them during the dark of the Moon, from day after full to day before new. You can find the Moon’s phases at:

If you go by the Moon’s astrological sign, however, then you would look for a time when the Moon is in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, or Taurus. These are good times to plant in general. As an alternate for flowers, some gardeners plant under Virgo. For today’s Moon’s astrological place, see:
For the full table, see page 245 of The 2017 Old Farmer’s Almanac. You can also download this chart for a small fee at:

Peonies "seeds"

Peonies do not spawn from seeds, they spawn from tubers.

Sprouting Peony seeds

While most gardners do plant Peonies from tubers, they can also be grown from seed. This is how one can breed varieties. Modern peony varities often require artificial pollination, though, because their blossoms aren't conducive natural pollinators doing the job. This can be a good thing for seed breeding because it allows you to control what pollen gets introduced and not just happen-stance pollination from unknown source

Gardening by the moon, Regions

You don't show a region for Alaska :(

plum granny's seed

I have searched high n low for info on when to plant plum granny seeds in central ky .No one can tell me . Need info on dates please ...HELP THANKS

Best dates to plant melons

I believe you’re referring to “Queen Anne’s pocket melon” Cucumis melo var. dudaim? These seeds are sold by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and Seed Savers Exchange. Seed Savers has growing information, and you may wish to call them for info: In terms of our “Planting by the Moon” dates, since it is an aboveground crop, then for lunar gardening, one would plant between new and full Moon. Click on the map above for your region and look at the “melon” dates.

Or perhaps better, use the planting dates calculator, which fine tunes the frost dates to their area. Then calculate the Moon phases within that time from our Moon page, using new to full dates.


I looked up those three words and got pictures of plums and tomatoes, so will assume it is tomatoes.

The best time in APRIL is coming up.

For today and tomorrow - 19 and 20 - it says KILL WEEDS! The Lunar sign is 19 Capricorn changing at 5:53 AM to Aquarius. Do NOT plant.

Friday and Saturday the 21 and 22 are for planting ROOT CROPS and strawberry VINES.

Wednesday the 26th says 'beans, corn, peppers' and ''above ground''. Sign - Taurus

Saturday the 29th of April, my calendar says plant 'tomatoes, beans, peppers and corn' .
These are all ABOVE GROUND. The lunar sign is Gemini...changing to Cancer that day, around 9:49 PM.
(if it was me planting tomato seeds...I would be planting on Saturday, the 29th)

There are other things about planets, etc. But I don't know anything about them so I don't bother with it! I do know the signs of the moon have never led me wrong...and I got all this from my grandmother! People used to laugh, until they saw what I grew...then they started calling and asking ''when should I plant my .....?'' Now I am old (74) and I live in town - in an apartment! But I still keep up with the signs of the moon - for my house plants and any of us old folks having surgeries, etc.

question re your calendar

Hello Nancy
May I ask which calendar you are referring to? My mom (84) has lots of this wisdom as well. I would love to find a calendar with the amount of detail you are referring to.
Many thanks


Plum Granny Seed are pomegranate seeds

Plum Granny seed

Do you know where i can get some plum granny seeds? My grandmother in KY gave me some as a very young girl and daddy would always let me plant and save the seed to the next year. I have not been able to find any seed for several years.

incorrect links on graph

Hi, I noticed that when I click on Region 2, Region 3 information comes up. Similarly, when I click on Region 1, Region 2 information comes up. I am in Pennsylvania in Region 2. Thanks.

Region 1

I can’t see the dates for region 1. When i click on the map region 3 appears.

Planting Vegetables by the moon

I live in zone 1. What moon is best for planting vegetables? E.g. Okras.

Re: planting vegetables by the Moon

For lunar gardening, you would plant aboveground crops, such as tomatoes or beans, when the Moon was between new and full. For belowground crops, such as potatoes or carrots, when the Moon was between full and new. If, however, you are interested in astrology and planting by the Moon’s astrological sign, then in general, planting would be good when the Moon was in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, or Taurus. To find out the Moon’s astrological sign, you can go to page 245 of The 2017 Old Farmer’s Almanac, or you can purchase the same table for a small fee at:

You can also check the current day’s Moon’s astrological sign here:

Hope this helps!

when to plant fruit trees

I wanted to know if there is a favorable moon planting date range to plant fruit trees?
I'm in the zone 3 moon region and my last frost date is around 5/25-6/1 in north eastern Washington state.

fruit tree planting times

When gardening by the Moon, some people prefer to plant fruit trees (those that have seeds on the inside of the fruit) when the Moon is between first quarter and full, while others prefer to plant them between full and last quarter (to focus on root development to help the tree establish). To find the times of the Moon phases in your area for each month, visit: and put in your zip code. You might talk to a plant expert at a local nursery to find the best times, climate-wise, to plant in your area the particular fruit tree that you are interested in. Then, working within those dates, find out the best time according to the Moon’s phase. Hope this helps!


Could you put some more advertisements on your site? I don't think it has enough yet.

Wed site

I agree,,.,..web site has too many ads, Can't even get the info I need.

Perhaps you will donate

Perhaps you will donate enough money to host this website for a year? Oh you won't? Well, web hosting isn't free, and you are using this site for free, so why are you complaining? The internet isn't magic, and someone is paying to maintain this site,and its features as well.

Pruning Grape Vines

What days in February are the best dates to prune grape vines in North Carolina?

pruning grapevines

That’s a great question. Experts say that the best time to prune grapevines is in February, but it can be done later. Vines pruned later in the spring will bleed more (exude sap from the areas that were cut).  However, the increased bleeding does not hurt vines.  Proper pruning of grapevines removes about 90% of last season’s wood. A common mistake is to prune lightly.


I'm living in Jamaica but don't know what zone to follow. Can you help me please?

gardening by the Moon

Hi Shelly, Sorry, The Old Farmer’s Almanac is published for the U.S. and Canada so we do not have information for zones outside North America and would not want to give you inaccurate advice. However, if you look at the Moon phase dates (waxing and waning), you may be able to create your own chart!  Best, the OFA editors

Which Region


I love your site and the information you provide.
I am never sure which region I ought to base my moon planting on,
could you advise?
I live on the island of Dominica in the Caribbean.
I base all my planting by the moon but would like to follow this closer
so would like to know which region to base it on when reading your articles.

Thanks and all the very best

Caribbean Hardiness Zone

Hi Vee,

You would do well to plant in accordance with recommendations for USDA Hardiness Zone 13.

Planting a tree in tn?

When you say to plant a tree in "Scorpio", is that NOW in TN (Oct.21 to Nov 16)?

Moon's astrological place

Today, October 27, 2016, the Moon is in Libra. It won’t be in Scorpio again until October 30 and 31, and then on November 26-28. To find out what sign the Moon is in, please see the Moon’s Astrological Place table (p. 243 for the 2016 edition; p.245 for the 2017 edition), available in print or online at our store as a digital download at:
(Please note, the digital download is for the 2017 chart, which begins with November 2016 and ends with December 2017.)



Making Sauerkraut & the best days

Why is it important to make sauerkraut on particular days or in a certain phase of the moon?

What can go wrong if you don't?

best days for making sauerkraut

According to astrology and folklore, if you make sauerkraut on an off day, then there is more likely the chance that it will be ruined (fermentation process did not proceed correctly) - such as too dry, too wet, spoiled, smells bad, discolored, or tastes bad.

Making Kraut

What is the "off day" you were speaking of in making kraut. Also, can you tell me what the signs were in on October 8, 2016? Thank you

kraut days

An off day would be one that was not recommended for making sauerkraut. In general, tradition suggests aiming for a time during the dark of the Moon, when the Moon is in a fruitful sign (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces). For October 2016, the recommended days were: 21, 22 (Moon’s sign in Cancer, dark of the Moon. The other signs occurred during the light of the Moon). The Moon’s astrological sign on October 8, 2016, was Capricorn; it was during the light of the Moon.

Wild Strawberries

I ordered wild strawberry seeds from Ireland. Do I need to plant in the fall and mulch good or plant in early spring? they will be in a controlled bed with easy access to water 28904 Western North Carolina
Thank you very much. Anyone that does not believe in the moons and signs need to spend one day in the nursing home with the patients on the Full or New Moon. WOW

When to Plant Strawberries

Plan to plant them as soon the soil can be worked in the spring.

Yes, we agree … there is something to it to be sure!

cutting trees for firewood

Based upon moon phases, when is the better time to cut trees for firewood? I know from personal experience that some firewood contains water/moisture, even after being under cover for several years, because it was cut on the wrong side of the moon. Thank you for your help and time. I live in Region 2.

firewood and Moon phases

Many prefer to cut firewood during a waning Moon (between full and new), especially during fall and winter. They find that the wood is drier that way.


what region am i in if im in hawaii? and if im planting seeds that bud above ground what would be the best season to do so?

For expats in Mexico

I'm from San Miguel de Allende and that city has a large amount of expats from the USA living there and in other parts of Mexico. It also has a large farming and gardening community. I am curious to know if you can apply your methods / regions to that geografic area or if you will be including Mexico at any time in the future.
Best regards!

San Miguel Hardiness Zone

Information that we provide for USDA Hardiness Zone 11b can be applied to San Miguel.

Smoke bush

I received a beautiful royal purple smoke bush as a gift. When is the best time to plant it in June?

Time to Plant Smokebush

We cannot determine the best time for planting without knowing your region.

Moving a tree seedling

When is the best time for me to move this tree, it is about 3 1/2 feet tall. I am in region 1

Transplanting trees are best

Transplanting trees are best during the fruitful Moon signs (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces).

June 6, 7, 15, 16, 17, 25, 26 are all good days.

Almanac vs biodynamic?

It seems that much of what I've found in the Old Farmers Almanac planting calendar conflicts with my copy of Maria Thun's biodynamic calendar - as well as other information that I've been reading in books and online about the biodynamic approach. The planting calendar on the [not 'Old] Farmers Almanac website is even more at odds with Maria Thun! Why would this be?

Answer: Tropical vs Siderial Zodiac

It has to do with the use of siderial Zodiac signs for planting versus the tropical Zodiac, which I believe is the system that the OFA uses. The term you want to research is "Precession of the equinoxes."

Plants and flowed, patio and lawn

Rrgion 1

Planting evergreen trees in Region 1


I've been reading extensively about planting by the signs and I'm confused when it comes to planting evergreen trees. I live in East Tennessee. So that would be Region 1. I want to plant about 20-30 evergreen tress in May and am wondering when would be the best time, according to the signs. When I am looking at the guides do I consider evergreen trees perennials? And I am planting actual trees, not seeds. So that is also confusing. I'm not really a gardener so any advise you could give regarding when the signs would be the best for planting these trees would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance.

The best time to plant trees

The best time to plant trees is in the light of the Moon (between the new and full phase). The new Moon is on May 6 and the full Moon is on May 21st. The best Moon signs for planting trees are the fruitful signs  (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces). The Moon’s sign will be in Cancer on May 10-11 and in Scorpio on May 19-21, so these are the optimal dates for planting.

Thanks you!!!

Thank you so much for that info. I've driven myself mad trying to figure that out! There seems to be loads of info about all plants EXCEPT trees, particularly evergreens. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

gardening by the moon

My friends and i are entering a science project into Scifest 2016 our project is based on the biodynamic calendar.We have planted plants according to the calendar and compared them to plants that were planted against to the calendar. We would greatly appreciate any information that you could give us about moon phase gardening.
Thank you.

Gardening by the Moon

We hope you find the above information helpful (which explains the practice). Also, here is a video on Gardening by the Moon by the editor of The Old Farmer’s Almanac, Janice Stillman:


what is the moon phase when plowing your garden?

Hi Dan,

Hi Dan,

Plowing is best done under a waxing Moon when the dirt is loose and light. This month it’s best to plow after the new Moon on April 7.

Does one need two plants to

Does one need two plants to grown blues berries best?

Blueberry Basics

Hi, Walia: The short answer is usually not. For much more on blueberries, click above on Gardening/Growing Guides/Blueberries (you are in Gardening by the Moon, but blueberries have their own page and forum, too). Within Blueberries, be sure to also see the pages “Blueberries, the Easiest Fruit” and “It’s Blueberry Time.” Thanks for asking and good luck!

Planting Fruit by the Moon

Need to know a good time to plant above ground fruits. thank you.

Fruit trees are best planted

Fruit trees are best planted in the waning of the Moon (after the full Moon and before it is new again). Plant raspberries and blackberries when the Moon is waxing (after it is new and before it is full again).

would love one

would love one

potato panting

when to plant white potatos

When to plant potatoes

See the map above?  Just click on your zone and it will take you right to a planting chart which includes potatoes. Happy planting!

What great information.

What great information.

Harvesting Sweet Potatoes

What phase of the moon is best to harvest sweet potatoes in Montgomery alabama

Potatoes and sweet potatoes

Potatoes and sweet potatoes are best harvested in the waning phase of the Moon (after the full Moon and before it is new again). After the Full Moon, October 16th this month, is a good time to harvest the sweet potatoes. According to the Moon’s sign Oct. 25 and 26 are the very best days.

What sign of the moon is best

What sign of the moon is best to plant radishes and other root crops. Planted them 3 times and only got radishes once. The other times they made tops and went to seed. Glenn

When is the best time to

When is the best time to plant my container raised Mirliton Plant ? I live in the New Orleans area.

Can anyone tell me if you can

Can anyone tell me if you can re-pot seedlings to bigger pots if it is not a day that that they should be planted in the garden?

As a general rule, yes, you

As a general rule, yes, you can repot seedlings from their first container to larger containers, and, once established, transplant them again to even larger containers should the need arise. Some plants don't like transplanting, though, so check the requirements of your particular plant.

But which day counts as the

But which day counts as the moon-planting day? When you first sow the seeds? When you transplant it to a larger pot? When you plant it in the garden?

The planting dates refer to

The planting dates refer to the day you plant, whether you sow the seed in the soil or set the transplant in the soil.

I sewed my tomato seeds back

I sewed my tomato seeds back in March,in little cups under a grow light. They are almost big enough to plant in the garden now. Does the moon phase date apply to the date that I planted them in the cups of soil or the date of transplant into my garden?

I have repotted my beans and

I have repotted my beans and some english daisies. But not flowers like poppy seeds because.they always say sow in direct grown. Hope this helps some. Because you didn't say What you were trying to repot

Hi! I am in Venezuela and

Hi! I am in Venezuela and working on a garden. Do you know where I can find planting charts for Venezuela? Or how I could calculate from yours?

April Y, a full phase of the

April Y, a full phase of the moon has pasted. But, we can still take advantage of April's 3rd week. The 21st and the 22nd. In the sign of the Twins. Or, until the Full Moon. OK? In Gemini plants tend to "double up". So, plant Tuesday or Wednesday for a bumper crop. ;-) You'll see.
ser de utilidad para otros.

When is the best time to cut

When is the best time to cut pimple grass back

Wen is the best time to potty

Wen is the best time to potty train my 2 yr old

For best days to potty train,

For best days to potty train, click here for our BEST DAYS calendar.

You should have started at 1

You should have started at 1 year

When he/she starts undressing

When he/she starts undressing themselves. Dont push it... They will let you know. If you push it will just cause a headache for you and stress on your child. I have a 2.5 year old boy and he is just not interested quite yet so i am just fallowing his lead. It will happen.

I have raised 7 children.

I have raised 7 children. Children will let you know when they are ready to be train to go to the bathroom You can beat yourself up. But they developed at there own pase. Mainly when they can mother said if you start taking a child to the bathroom while there infants. You must know there schedule take them and hold them over the comode every time they need to go they will automatically start as soon as they can walk .

My mom taught me to wait

My mom taught me to wait until they stay dry thru a nap, about 2-3 hours. This tells you their muscles have gotten strong enough to hold it.

We start some seeds by

We start some seeds by soaking them in water & putting them on a wet cloth to sprout before we transplant them into pots. Would you suggest to start the soaking process on the new moon? This coming new moon is Spring Equinox in Aries & Sun in Aries, whereas the two days before the Equinox, the Moon is in Pisces, sun in Pisces. Or should we soak the seeds days earlier than the new moon to be able to transplant on the new moon of Spring Equinox?

Thanks for your question.

Thanks for your question. Start the soaking process on the new Moon date.

What phase of the moon would

What phase of the moon would you plant something like celery/celery root where it grows above and below the ground and you harvest and use both parts? Thank you!

Celery is considered an

Celery is considered an above-ground crop. Click on the map above for planting dates in your region.

When are the best dates this

When are the best dates this Spring to cut wild onions in the yard so that they will not return? Thanks!

If you believe in astrology

If you believe in astrology you can try to get rid of your wild onions or garlic after a full Moon and before the next new Moon. See the Almanac Full Moon calendar:
Wild onions are difficult to control with weed killers, in part because of the wax-like foliage that makes liquid weed killer applications run off into the soil without being absorbed into the green of the weed plant. However, repeated application of a lawn weed killer containing the active ingredients 2,4-D plus Dicamba during October and November plus during February and March will reduce the number of wild onions. At the same time, do all necessary work to correct pH problems and soil conditions.

Your site used to have a

Your site used to have a chart with specific dates for starting seeds indoors by moon favorable dates. Now all I can find is a graph with a general time frame for transplanting, but nothing specific. Do you no longer have the charts with specific moon favorable dates?

The date in the Outdoor

The date in the Outdoor Planting Table apply to both seeds and transplants and are specific for four basic areas of North America.  The complete Outdoor Planting Table is available if you click the map above or reference the annual edition of The Old Farmer's Almanac. We have labeled the chart so it's clearer.

I am looking for the starting

I am looking for the starting seeds indoors BY THE MOON chart and i can not find it this year. Help please!

Click on your region above

Click on your region above for the Outdoor Planting Table; it's also available in the annual edition of The Old Farmer's Almanac. 

I am having problems founding

I am having problems founding the signs of the moon, full, new, ect. I use the moon signs to clip the ends of my hair for new growth.

Hi Gwen, These planting signs

Hi Gwen, These planting signs are based on astronomy.  However, we do have a "Best Days by the Moon" astrological timetable which includes hair cutting. Here's the We hope this helps!

Excited to learn about

Excited to learn about growing different veggies!

Hi, recently while replanting

Hi, recently while replanting my Spring Onions and Lemongrass plants, from our flower bed outside the house, to a pot to be brought in, in preparation for Winter, I found young tomato plant and young green pepper plants sprouting in the garden bed outside. Do I need to replant the young tomato and green peppers to a pot to be brought into the house during winter. I'm staying in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Tomatoes and green peppers

Tomatoes and green peppers need lots of direct sun or grow lights and you can't really replant them at this point.

I've transplanted tomatoes

I've transplanted tomatoes like this. It is hard to save them but if you dig up the dirt with the plant. It won't disturd the roots and you can save it.

When is the best time to do

When is the best time to do slip cuttings like on coleus? Know there is a moon sign to go by but can't find it.

We suggest that you use the

We suggest that you use the time when the Moon is in the astrological (not astronomical) signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. To find out when those occur, you can purchase the 2014 Moon's Sign Astrology Table for download here:
Or the 2015 table, here:
Please note, the Moon's Sign Astrology Table is not the same as the Best Days Astrological Timetable. The latter offers the best dates for various activities, according to our astrologer, such as "Graft or pollinate." For the best days for the next two months, see:

When do I transplant grape

When do I transplant grape vines?

We've never moved a grape

We've never moved a grape vine but early fall would be the proper time. Be sure to get a good rootball. Usually, we leave established grape vines alone and take cuttings off the new growth to plant in new areas. Grape shoots are easy to root.

What's the best time to prune

What's the best time to prune tomato plants?

Determinate tomatoes, those

Determinate tomatoes, those that produce for a short period of time and finish, do not have to be pruned.
Indeterminate tomatoes, those that grow until frost—or you pull them—can be pruned at any time. Pruning will help the plant to put its energy into producing fruit that matures, instead of producing lots of flowers that never develop.

Do you have any

Do you have any reccomendations for pruning the indeterminate tomatoes?

how do you tell which ones

how do you tell which ones are suckers on a tomato plant ?

Suckers are the leafy growths

Suckers are the leafy growths between the crotch of the main stem and the branches.  For determinate varieties of tomatoes, prune once when “suckers” are around 2 to 4 inches in length. Do NOT pinch or prune indeterminate varieties (Better Boy, Big Boy, Cherokee, and other beefsteak tomatoes) or it will lessen your fruit harvest.

I purchased bacon seeds.

I purchased bacon seeds. When will be the best time to plant them and how long to harvest?

Have a blessed day. . . just a little fun sent your way. . .

what are bacon seeds?

what are bacon seeds?

I recently got some bacon

I recently got some bacon seeds also and going to start them a few weeks before the last frost. I grew them last year and they produced very well. Got about 20 lbs of bacon from them. :)

Say what

Now what are Bacon seeds ?

Where can I purchase the

Where can I purchase the bacon seeds, please? I'd prefer the thick-sliced bacon seeds, but would also like to try growing some Canadian bacon in the garden this year. I'm also wondering if woodchucks eat young bacon plants?

Your comment reminded me of

Your comment reminded me of the year I planted some Honey Nut Cheerios and grew the best donunts I have ever eaten.!

I have four types of roses:

I have four types of roses: large red, mini white, yellow and something between orange and red. A friend liked the red ones. I have tried three times to seed some, only once did something sprout but died immediately. I want to help without losing my red. The question is which is the best phase of the moon and how to seed a stem. thanks in advance...

Take all but two or three

Take all but two or three leaves off a rose stem. Poke the cut end of the rose in a patato and bury the potato out of direct sunlight. Cover with large glass jar or dish. The rose will root and start growing in a month or two

I have what we always called

I have what we always called "saw biers" and they are taking over my patch of crape Myrtles and Azaleas. The vine is full of biers and have an underground runner. I have heard that they have to be dug up but I am unable to dig. What can I do to kill them without killing my shrubs. I'm about to the point of having them all cut down to the ground where I can just mow over everything.

Have you tried Agricultural

Have you tried Agricultural vinegar? Check Amazon if you want to try. I have been using some of about a month and have been happy with the results. Only kills what you put it on. Did not work on salt grass.

I just bought two orange

I just bought two orange trees and one peach tree Is there a certain time of the month to transplant these trees or can you transplant them any time. I'm from Destrehan, Louisiana and I had to purchase theses trees because they were very cheap only 10 dollars each and they look great... Thanks for your help...

If you are gardening by the

If you are gardening by the moon's astrological place, the best time to transplant is when the Moon is in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. (If you have a 2014 Old Farmer's Almanac, these dates are on p. 247). For May and June these dates are May 30, 31 and June 1, 9, 10, 11, 19, 27, & 28.

I heard Epson salts were good

I heard Epson salts were good for some this true! Thank you!

I don't know about plants

I don't know about plants they are good for, but they are supposed to help get rid of ants. Sprinkle them all around the perimeter of your house.

Yes, Epsom Salt is good for

Yes, Epsom Salt is good for plants in moderation. It contains micronutrients (magnesium sulfate) that plants need in addition to the macronutrients NPK. Roses respond especially well to Epsom Salt. For a good reference for using Epsom Salts in your garden, visit our "Very Useful Gardening Links" page of

Epsom salts are especially

Epsom salts are especially good for tomatoes and a absolute must for hot peppers such as jalapenos and green chili as well. Try epsom salts plus at your local gardening store, its great stuff and has mix ratios

I want to plant a fig tree

I want to plant a fig tree when is the best time to plant one & where in my yard should I plant it?

Plant the fig tree in the

Plant the fig tree in the spring in full or partial sun. Go to our fig growing page for more information.

How do you plant avocado

How do you plant avocado seeds?

Use the pit from an avocado.

Use the pit from an avocado. Supend it over water in a glass with the thick part of the pit in the water. After 3 to 6 weeks the top of the pit will split open and you'll see a stem growing. The bottom of the pit will grow roots. Plant the pit in a container with soil with the top and new growth above the soil.

Bury an avocado pit about 1

Bury an avocado pit about 1 inch below the surface, oriented with the "seam" between the halves perpendicular to the soil surface, water well. Keep moist, but not soggy. The pit will split and sprout as well or better than the water glass method. In 4 to 6 weeks it will sprout. Direct planting keeps from shocking the seedling with transplanting from water to soil.

We moved from WI to N MN last

We moved from WI to N MN last fall. In WI we had pear trees that the woodpeckers were destroying. I wrapped the trunks and that helped but wondered what I would do when the birds started on the branches? Now that we moved I have a crab apple tree that the woodpeckers are making holes on the branches. Last fall the tree looked bad - black leaves. My concern is that I want to put in apple trees but not to feed the birds. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I have found nothing nor

I have found nothing nor anyone who can get rid of nut grass! Once you pull the grass you might see two or three of the nuts (little nodules) on the stringy threadlike roots, but there is a whole network of them underground! I pray you have a remedy for this hated grass!!!

Hogs will dig up every last

Hogs will dig up every last one... and then you can start over ;-)

I had nut Grass bad in my

I had nut Grass bad in my garden. Sprayed it the nut grass with Round Up @ 4ozs and 2gal hand sprayer got it all even the nuts.

I have three young children

I have three young children (5, 2 1/2, and 1) and I am able to be home with home during the summer. We have thought about planting a small garden. My oldest son has done this in Pre-school, and wants to try it at home. All of my children love vegetables, especially peppers. I want to do this with them, but I have not idea where to start. Any suggestions. We live in Central Illinois.

Sounds lovely! Dig up a plot

Sounds lovely! Dig up a plot so there are no weeds and mix in some compost.
Lettuce, bush beans, radish, carrots, spinach, beets, and zucchini tend to be easy crops to grow.  See our Gardening section and our Planting Chart to know when to plant what in your zip code:

Can anyone tell me, how to

Can anyone tell me, how to keep the squirrels from ruining my pecans? They pick them while they're green, chew the ends off & throw them down! I've tried everything I've heard of, so PLEASE help!!!

Squirrels strip the bark from

Squirrels strip the bark from limbs to get moisture. Try watering the grass at the base of the trees early in the morning (squirrels lick dew off of grass blades).

The squirrels actually eat my

The squirrels actually eat my green pecans as well. The also eat the pears and apples. I remedied this problem by putting tin around the base of all trees. Ace Hardware has the old tin pipes for the wood stoves, the larger ones work well. Possibly 2 to 3 of them around around larger trees. I also had the tops of the trees trimmed during the winter months while the sap was low. That way, the squirrels couldn't hop from tree to tree and eat the pecans, pears and apples, I've actually watched them eat them. Hope this helps.

A .22 or pellet gun works

A .22 or pellet gun works well unless you are in the city but having a few cats works well in town or city.
There is also gopher poison that you can mix with a little bit of smashed peanuts.

Ann, Have you tried using

Have you tried using essential oils. Specifically peppermint oil. Fill a pump up sprayer with partial water, then the rest with partial peppermint. Shake it up, spray it on the tree (it's a "GREEN" thing, no poisons)and see if the scent doesn't drive them crazy. The peppermint will not hurt your pecans, and after awhile the squirrels will leave it alone

I do like essential line-up

I do like essential line-up consider application based upon frequency rain fall (I know that seems obvious but I worked in a greenhouse and you'd be amazed...). Also consider predator urine. There is a web site that you can select a pest and are given options for predators (may have multiple pests you are trying to target). and predator urine is inexpensive. Doesn't require much (their sense of smell so much better than ours). You also must apply more frequently with rain.
Mole baits are often in baited worms and squirrels wouldn't eat that. Also toxins are toxins for just that reason. Must consider effects to other animals (such as a household pet) as well as yourself around edibles. Powders and sprays can often be systemically absorbed and depending on when it is time to harvest the pesticide can accumulate in the fruit.

Hey Deb, the chart they have

Hey Deb, the chart they have never published is under Gardening.

When can you tell when the

When can you tell when the SAP is up or down in a tree?

Sap flows during the daytime

Sap flows during the daytime when the conditions are right. You need cold nights (below freezing) and warm days (above freezing). It is the fluctuation that causes the flow of sap. During the night, the carbon dioxide cools and contracts and some sap freezes; this all creates suction in the tree which causes water from the soil to be drawn up into the roots and travel up through the sapwood. During the day, as the temperatures rise above freezing, the sap starts to flow. Then, the process repeats itself.

I have several different

I have several different Elephant Ears planted in the ground as well as a Huge Hydrangea. I am trying to help my sister with transplanting the elephant ears and was needed the best instructions to do the process (In pots/in ground) Also the money grass. The biggest questions is there any way to get cuttings from the one plant. I was a flower we had placed on my grandmother grave for easter 1 year and my sister was her favorite. It's at least 3.5' tall and probably 5' wide. She really wanted to put some of this particular Hydrangea at her house. ???

Also another plant from my other grandmother, it's a peace plant??? and my mom(Her mother) also wants cuttings from this and we have tried several times in the past and never have been successful. Any solutions to this. I have transplanted this 3 times since my grandmother passed and has totally grown 4' ft in the post of course and mom really wants to start some of this at her house. I would really appreciate your help with these as I DO NOT have a green thumb what so ever.


Desperate to share sentimental plants and shrubs.


Elephant ears have tubers and

Elephant ears have tubers and you can divide these to start new plants. If the peace plant is a peace lily it grows horizontal roots just under the soil. You can cut and divide some of these for new plants. A hydrangea can be propagated from soft wood cuttings. Cut 4-6 inch lengths of new green stems from the bush. Dip the bottoms of the stems in rooting hormone and plant in small pots. Remove the biggest leaves to encourage root growth.
Go to our individual plant pages at to read more about how to care for these plants.

In cold weather areas I dig

In cold weather areas I dig the Elephant ear roots and separate if several are connected. I cut all but the last leaf and wrap them in newpaper with the leaf sticking out and store them in a dark corner of the garage. 3 to 5 months later I take them out and replant. This has worked for Elephant ear and Alocatia type plants.

Last fall I dug up

Last fall I dug up perennials, roses and elephant ears. Moving to another state. Did not have room to travel. Plants are in a lock door shed in containers. Will any survive through cold Il winter. No water since Dec.
Mainly worry on elephant ears bulbs. Leaves where black

It all depends on how cold it

It all depends on how cold it was in the shed. Elephant ears are tropical plants and can't tolerate freezing. If the bulbs are mushy you need to throw them away.

I live in north Al. and I

I live in north Al. and I have lots of Elephant Ears.
In the fall I cover the bulbs with crushed leaves.
In a cold winter the bulbs get mushy at the tops. I remove leaf mulch and scrape all the mushy stuff off. New leaves sprout from the good part of the rhizome that is left. I don't dig any of it up, just scrape off mushy stuff.


PLEASE HELP ME! I want to transplant my mother's( who passed away last year) peonies. They mean the world to me, but they're in an OLD bed that no matter how I try ends up full off Bermuda grass! I pull it all out & add Preen, but still by summer the peonies are suffocating! Plus they've never been separated and some are bulbs & some are roots. I want to put them in my newly built raised bed, but I don't know when OR should wait till they start coming up. I can't lose these. Please help me.( btw I'm in NE AR.) Thank you

Best time to transplant

Best time to transplant peonies is in the fall when the plants begin to go dormant. Dig the peonies carefully to try to get as much of the roots as possible. Wash the soil off the roots that you want to divide, then use a sharp, clean knife to cut through the crown. Make sure each piece has some healthy stems.

Is the fall the best time to

Is the fall the best time to plant new peony tubers?I have tried unsuccessfully to get them to come up in the spring.I saw your comment on transplanting established plants. I want to order some from a nursery,is there a nursery online that you would recommend?I want these in my flower garden so bad!

If you planting the bare root

If you planting the bare root peony tubers, yes, fall is the best time--when the leaves first begin to turn. This allows them to develop a strong root system before next spring's growth. There are many good peony growers. For example, try googling "White Flower Farm." We hope this helps!

If you dig up peonies right

If you dig up peonies right now, you may very well kill them. Peonies are a bit finicky about being moved. Best bet is to deal with the grass for one more summer, then work your magic in the fall.

There used to be a list of

There used to be a list of what days to not plant seeds as nothing would grow or best days to plant them. I haven't been able to find this . Is this still available? Thanks!

Hi Deb G, We do have a Best

Hi Deb G,
We do have a Best Days by the Moon chart which includes planting here:
I hope this is what you are seeking?
Thanks for your interest in The Old Farmer's Almanac!

Thank you, that one is

Thank you, that one is helpful but the one I'm looking for goes month by month and states " good day to plant seeds, best day to plant seeds, anything planted today will rot, good day to transplant, best day to transplant etc. I appreciate your help.

Hi Deb, We are sorry, but the

Hi Deb,
We are sorry, but the chart you are looking for is something that we have never published.

If you go to the home page it

If you go to the home page it is under "gardening".

Too Deb G. click the link @

Too Deb G. click the link @ top for Gardening. Then Best Planting Dates. planting by the moon's phase.

When do you transplant okra

When do you transplant okra

Hi Janae, Transplant okra

Hi Janae, Transplant okra when there are 3 to 4 leaves. You can set in double rows 15 to 18 inches apart and 12 inches in between plants.

Just bought 2 Elberta peach

Just bought 2 Elberta peach trees what is best month & day to plant??
Thanks for your time & help.

Region 1--north

Region 1--north Carolina-western.15 miles from Virginia.

What is the best fruit trees

What is the best fruit trees to plant and when. I live in sc

According to NC cooperative

According to NC cooperative extension services: Trees can be planted from late fall (after Thanksgiving) until early spring. Late-fall-planted trees may be more prone to winter injury, and late spring plantings (after mid-April) are not recommended. Early winter (late December to early January) is the optimal time for planting in North Carolina.  

The current winter we've had

The current winter we've had up here in the Cheese Head area of Wisconsin had a record low temp. of -50 overnight. My question would be about the Dawn Redwood tree that I've had growing for at least 4 or more years. Has this particular winter caused considerable damage to it?

Please inform me if you can.... Thanks

Dawn Redwoods (Metasequoia)

Dawn Redwoods (Metasequoia) do best in Zones 5 to 8; you might be able to grow them in 4 or 9, depending on conditions. (Wisconsin ranges from Zones 3 to 5.) They do not like cold temperatures, with about -15F the coldest they can tolerate for longer periods. A severe cold snap of -50F may likely have caused damage, depending on how long that temperature lasted, how sheltered a spot your tree is in, your tree's overall health (young trees may be more susceptible), and whether there was any winter protection (burlap, mulch, etc.), or even snow cover (which insulates), that may have protected parts of it. Only time will tell--wait several months into the growing season to see any signs.
Cold damage may show up as twigs and branches blackening and dying back from the tip down; depending on the severity of damage (how many branches were affected, and how much along their lengths, for example), the tree might recover from this, especially if the roots were protected. You might ask a local garden nursery for their thoughts about your tree and the cold snap that you've experienced. They can recommend a proper approach for care during the growing season to help the plant recover. Good luck! Dawn redwoods are beautiful trees.

I need to know when it would

I need to know when it would be best to transplant my Blueberry Bushes. I live in Newton, North Carolina, and planted them in the shade. No one told me they needed a lot of sunshine.


Best time to transplant

Best time to transplant blueberries is when the bushes are dormant. Early spring or late fall are good times to move the blueberries.

With all of the current

With all of the current freezing in the south I have been afraid to plant my satsuma trees. I wanted to plant by recommended dates, but was afraid. Should I be. It's beeen very wet as well.

If it has been a cold winter

If it has been a cold winter with freeze warnings it is best to wait until all danger of frost has passed. Young satsuma trees will not survive freezing temperatures.

I live in Puerto Rico, up in

I live in Puerto Rico, up in the mountings, Zone 12 area, it also rains a lot because I live near a Tropical Rain Forest. Yesterday a started planting some okra, beets, onion and Romaine lettuce seed. Any recommendations?

You may find this page about

You may find this page about gardening in the tropics helpful: http://www.tropicalpermacultur...

Sweet potatoes do well there

Sweet potatoes do well there I had some when I was small .Great place to grow anything you want avocado trees are great and pana tree (taste like a potatoes but buttery).Mangoe trees are great also ...

Csn i plant tomatoes in

Csn i plant tomatoes in september

It depends where you live and

It depends where you live and your frost dates. We don't plant tomatoes in September in most of North America because we'll have frost before the tomatoes mature. However, in areas in the South that don't have frost, planting can happen in September at temperatures that tomatoes like. If you have October frosts, you'd want to get your transplants in the ground by August 1.  As a rule of thumb: figure out your frost date (see the frost chart on this Web site) and figure out your "days to maturity" for your tomato variety and back out the dates.

i would like to start

i would like to start geraniums in pots. today is really warm and humid so would like to give them the best chance at solid success.

We love geraniums in pots! 

We love geraniums in pots!  Just use well-drained soil with lots of organic matter. Do NOT water too much. Let the soil get dry between waterings. And avoid too much fertilzer too. We don't know where you live, but you're kind of late in the season. We fertilize once in the spring and then a few times during the growing season with a liquid 20-20-20 fertilizer.

I planted okra seeds and all

I planted okra seeds and all came up. I have at least 24 plants. To date, I have had no blooms or pods and no signs of them - plants are green and healthy. They are above 3 feet tall. I also planted them on the day recommented for planting above ground plants in March or April.

Okra is a heat-loving plant

Okra is a heat-loving plant that requires 55 to 75 days with temperatures ideally above 85°F for flowers to develop. Growth will slow down when air temperature is below 70°F. If you live in a colder region you may need to give the plants some extra time to produce.

Try cutting off some of the

Try cutting off some of the leaves and on some of the other leaves, take a very stiff switch or stick and hit the leaf stem to the point of damaging the stem. The plant will send up a substance to repair the damage. You will see a "knot" form around the damaged area like a sling of sorts, and then look for those blooms to apear. Try this on a FEW of your plants and see if they don't do much better than the others.. It works in Western Arkansas, and it probably will work where you are.

Is it to early to begin my

Is it to early to begin my starters inside for my garden?

Mrs. Hines, It depends on

Mrs. Hines, It depends on where you live. See our chart for when to plant seeds indoors based on your zip code here:

When is the best time for

When is the best time for rooting hardwood cuttings. I am in the process of planting a hedge around our century farm and will be using a hybrid willow. I suspect a water sign but want verification.

Take cuttings from plants you

Take cuttings from plants you wish to propagate when the Moon is waxing (between new and full). Cancer is the most productive Moon sign for transplanting, grafting, dividing and starting cuttings. Scorpio and Pisces are also good signs.

This region map does not have

This region map does not have a link to the region 1 dates.

Hello, Bama, Thanks for your

Hello, Bama, Thanks for your comment. We will fix the map. In the meantime, here is the link to Region 1:

I have a dozen plants

I have a dozen plants (trees/shrubs) that I received from the Audobon Society. I've brought them along from match sticks to three foot tall potted plants. When should I put them in the ground, in the rocky Northeast Tennessee soil?

If the trees are

If the trees are container-grown or balled-and-burlapped (not bare-root), you can plant them in fall or early spring, when they are dormant. Bare-root trees should be planted in late winter/early spring, while the plants are dormant. For tips on how to plant trees correctly, where to site them, etc., you might check with your county’s Cooperative Extension. See:

This map lists all of Iowa as

This map lists all of Iowa as Zone 2, but living in northern Iowa all of my life I know that planting dates and last frost predictions etc. fall more accurately into Zone 3, i.e. May 15th has always been the earliest planting date based on local wisdom. If you look at the map visually you can see where northern Iowa should really be considered Zone 3 based on the demarcation line for neighboring states/regions.

These regions are quite

These regions are quite large. For towns near the border, we recommend looking at both regions.

As I was weeding and cleaning

As I was weeding and cleaning my garden area for planting I notice an English pea plant had sprouted between the cracks of my vegetable containers. The plant already have a few baby pea pods growing. I was wondering if I could uproot the plant with the root in contact can I transplant it to a container?

They are mature for

They are mature for transplanting but you can try it you do not disturb the roots or rootball in the process. If possible, transplant on overcast days or in the early morning. See our Pea page for planting tips as peas like phosphorus and potassium.

How can I find out what days

How can I find out what days are safe to trim bushes and plants. I know if you cut in the heart (Spelled wrong)? they will die. A neighbor used to tell me, but she has passed. Help please

Hi, Kay, If you are looking

Hi, Kay, If you are looking for best days by the Moon, see the Best Days timetable (look under pruning):

i just wanted to know the

i just wanted to know the last frost date for 2012 this year and now its not really what i was looking for i wasn't looking for when to plant stuff outside i was looking for the last frost date i never make hill's for my plants and they do fine until the deer eat them what i planted was probably like a snack to them i didn't mind it as long as i got a few of what i planted you know im sure they will eat my garden fruits this year to this year im going to plant more then i did last year manly its going to be for my turtles and not me.

get some old panty hose and

get some old panty hose and put hair in it and hang around garden spot and deer will not go near it you can get lots of hair at barber shop or beauty salon.

Predator urine works well

Predator urine works well against deer. Deer are prey species. They must be STARVING to dare eat nearby a potential predator. If you know any hunters most will NIT urinate near their tree stands-humans are a predator as well. I live in the country and will occasionally pop a squat bear my garden and I do believe it helps (considering my house is surrounded by corn and soybeans I'd say so!) Predator urine can be purchased at hunting stores or online. I've used before. Must reapply with rain and doesn't require much, their sense of smell is so much greater than ours.

Hi, could anyone tell me the

Hi, could anyone tell me the best days, astrologically speaking, for transplanting a potted plant?

Transplanting is best under a

Transplanting is best under a fertile Moon sign. Scorpio, Cancer, or Pisces Moons are best. You can see our Best Days chart and look at "planting aboveground plants" --