November Birthstone: Color and Meaning

by Martie Majoros
Topaz for November
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The November birthstone, the topaz, symbolizes love and affection.

It is believed to give the wearer increased strength and intellect.

November Birthstone Color

Topaz forms naturally in a variety of colors, from smoky neutrals to hues of pink and orange.

The presence of impurities and mineral elements in the stone give it its color, and topaz is often treated to appear blue.

Birthstone Facts & Folklore

In the Middle Ages (500–1500), topaz was ground into a powder and mixed with wine to guarantee a good night’s sleep.

Topaz is found in igneous rocks and sometimes hydrothermal veins.

It is believed that topaz will help to balance emotions.

If you dream of topaz, a problem with which you have been struggling will soon be solved.



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