Where to Buy The Old Farmer's Almanac

2018 Where to buy the Almanac

Below are store locations where you can buy The Old Farmer’s Almanac as well as The Old Farmer’s Almanac Garden Guide.

Almanac publications and calendars are available right now in our Old Farmer’s Almanac Store.

Accept no substitutes! America’s oldest continuously published periodical and best-loved annual is often imitated but never equaled.

U.S. Retailers

Ace Hardware
Albertson’s Supermarkets
Barnes & Noble bookstores
BJ’s Wholesale Club
Books-a-Million bookstores
Giant Eagle Supermarkets
Giant Foods Supermarkets
Hardware Stores
Home Depot
Independent book stores
Kroger Supermarkets
Lawn & Garden Centers
Meijer Supermarkets
Ranch & Feed Supply Stores
Rite Aid
Safeway Supermarkets
Sam’s Club
Shaw’s Supermarkets
Tractor Supply Company
True Value

Canadian Retailers

Home Depot
Independent bookstores
Indigo/Chapters bookstores
Shopper’s Drug Mart

We hope you’ll pick up a copy today. The Old Farmer’s Almanac makes a great gift for an entire year of facts and fun!

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This purchase site is not too

This purchase site is not too convenient for persons living in US outside of the eastern section, because, it is impossible to find an Old Farmers Almanac - Western edition for purchase. The Western edition has astronomical data set for my time zone in addition to the calendar pages data being set for my time zone. Last year I bought a classic edition and was delivered an Eastern US edition (I live in California) and called to complain - so you good folks sent me the Western Edition without charge and I sold the eastern edition on e-bay! This year I see that in order to get the Western edition I see that I must call on the phone (I will try that tomorrow) and bother an operator about my most reasonable need - that cannot be done here on this website!

I live in California. If I

I live in California. If I order the almanac online, would I receive the general edition or the one formulated for the West Coast?

You would receive the

You would receive the National Edition, which works for all US zip codes. The Western Edition is fitted for San Francisco. 

Where can I purchase a

Where can I purchase a calander? I am having a hard time finding them. I live in Greeneville Tennessee. Thank you.

We highly recommend buying

We highly recommend buying your 2016 Almanac calendars here. The shipping is a little high but if you buy a calendar for a friend as well it will spread out the cost. 100% satisfaction guarantee too. 

Hi, is the hardcover

Hi, is the hardcover available ( Monthly ) in retail stores or can I subscribe to monthly if yes, a subscription is what I would prefer I live in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Thanking you for a response
Cheryl Young

Cheryl, The Canadian Edition

The Canadian Edition Almanac is only available in paperback and it comes out just once a year. The Almanac Monthly is different. It is an online-only digital magazine that you download to your computer or tablet once a month. We hope this clarification helps.
~The Almanac.com General Store

is it true, that in 1792, the

is it true, that in 1792, the first issue, it said
"the old farmer's almanac said it would SNOW in JULY."

Hi, Howie, It is not exactly

Hi, Howie,
It is not exactly as you describe, not in the first issue, which you correctly cite a 1792.
A "snow" forecast appeared in the 1816 edition—or so the story goes; no copy of such an edition has ever come to light as far as we know.
Here's what happened. In 1815, a volcano in Mount Tambora in the (then) Dutch East Indies erupted.
That same year, when the 1816 Almanac as at the printer and editor/founder Robert B. Thomas was at home, sick and in bed, the printer inserted a "snow" prediction in an 1816 summer weather forecast. As the story goes, when RBT discovered the change, he destroyed every edition in which it appeared.
In the early months of the following year, 1816, word of the "snow" prediction got out anyway, and RBT had to deny making any such forecast.
Well, the US and Canadian northeast did in fact get snow, frost, and cold temps in the summer of 1816. Crops failed, people froze, and desperation was rampant. (Some say that RBT changed his tune when this happened and began to take credit for the "snow" prediction.) This period is recognized even today as "the year without a summer," and the reason for this weather anomoly is the volcano: It spewed ash that circled the globe, blocking sunlight in the upper atmosphere.
Thanks for asking!

Dollar General on Seminole

Dollar General on Seminole Blvd in Largo FL had several copies for sale in the magazine/book section when I was there 9/4/2014.

Can't find the Canadian

Can't find the Canadian edition of the almanac around Sudbury Ontario