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Gardening "To Do" Tips by Month for Cottonwood, ID

Remember to clean and oil all garden tools before storing them for winter.
Make sure your snow blower is serviced and ready!
Keep mowing your lawn for as long as it grows. Pests such as voles and field mice will damage your lawn and plants if they have long grass to hide in.
Now is a good time to plant new trees and shrubs; apply a layer of mulch around the plants and keep the soil moist.
Add mulch to flower and bulb beds after the ground freezes to help prevent winter damage.
Till the soil in your vegetable garden to help reduce pests next spring. Also, remove any plant debris from your garden to eliminate pests.
Test your garden soil if you have not already done so. Make any necessary changes to improve it for next spring.
Do not fertilize your houseplants over the winter and reduce their amount of water.
Throw away any fruits left on the ground or on the trees; this will help eliminate pests and diseases from your yard.
Keep on top of the leaves; shred and add to compost pile.
Store your harvest in a root cellar or cold basement.
Order fruit trees for next year.
Cover trees and shrubs that may be damaged by deer.
Bring in your garden hoses; drain outdoor faucets.
Clean out window boxes before the soil freezes.
Set up your bird feeders now; remember to provide both food and clean water.
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