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Gardening "To Do" Tips by Month for Morristown, TN

Bring a poinsettia into your home. See Almanac.com for tips on how to keep poinsettias going strong.
Look around for garden tools and supplies that you’re missing—and add them to your holiday gift list! Find gifts for others!
In some southern areas, you can still plant cool-season vegetables, such as beets, broccoli, cabbage, onions, and carrots.
In some areas, you can still plant cool-season herbs such as parsley, thyme, sage, dill, fennel, cilantro, comfrey, and garlic.
Take root cuttings from your cold-sensitive perennials. Plant them in pots and keep them indoors; you can use these to replace any plants that are killed during the winter.
You can still transplant trees and shrubs.
Check the soil moisture of your lawn throughout the winter and water when necessary.
Don’t prune cold-damaged plants yet.
Continue planting hardy annual seeds to add color to your winter garden: petunia, pansy, snapdragon lobelia, alyssum, and viola.
Remember to clean the rows in your garden to help prevent insects and diseases.
Test your soil. Now is a good time to add lime if it is necessary.
Start inspecting houseplants regularly for pests.
Start planning next year’s garden. Think about which crops did well and which didn’t fare well so that you can order better varieties next time. Think about the quantity of each crop and whether it was enough or too much. Assess learning before ordering seeds for next year.
Before sending your seed order, draw a map of the garden area. This way, you’ll order the right amount of seeds.
In empty garden beds, spread manure and compost over the garden and plow under to prepare your soil for next year.
Add fallen leaves to your compost pile or use for mulch.
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