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Monthly Horoscope for October

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Horoscope October 2021

Celeste Longacre
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Here’s your monthly horoscope for October 2021. What could be in store for this month? Almanac astrologer Celeste Longacre provides an astrological prediction at a glance for all 12 zodiac signs.

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October Horoscope General Summary

October begins with a number of challenges. First of all, planet Mercury will be doing its apparent retrograde thing. This will not be the best time to initiate anything new. Rather, it is a time to reflect, rework and redo. Intuition is generally high during this time and it will be a great opportunity to see things in a brand new light. However, our basic bottom line tendencies may be missing so we are unlikely to see the obvious things that are generally apparent to us. Keep a journal. Write thoughts down for future use. This ends on the 18th.

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The other major happenings this month is the “reversal” of three outer planets from apparent retrograde motion to direct. When major planets do this, they seem to be locked in step with our Earth for about a week; a few days before and a few days after the event. This makes their influence stronger than usual during the shift. The first one to do so this month is Pluto occurring on the 6th. Although this planet is small, its influence is huge. It was discovered, after all, around the same time as the atom bomb which was exploded with plutonium. Expect some rumblings whether inner or outer at this time.
Next comes Saturn on the 10th. This planet rules karma, challenges and the past. Try to figure out any connections to former actions with current realities.

Jupiter is last, but never least, on the 18th. Jupiter brings expansion so look for some big, bold happenings around this time. As this is the same day that Mercury shifts, there could be a lot to talk about.

October Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: A great conversation with your mate could be yours on the 8th or 9th. Friends show you a really good time on the 18th. Don’t let some little things cause an explosion on your job on the 22nd.

Taurus: You could have a lot of fun on a road trip with your honey on the 2nd. Past accomplishments could bring some extra money into your life on the 13th. If you buy it on the 26th, you will spend too much.

Gemini: Fun on the 1st could end up costing you too much money. Creativity flows for you on the 9th. You should have a really nice time with your significant other on the 16th.

Cancer: Energy levels will pick up for you after the 6th. An inner intuition could show you a way to increase your income on the 15th. An idea to improve your work space is yours on the 16th.

Leo: Ideas flow for you on the 8th & 9th. A wonderful conversation with your honey awaits you on the 15th. Intuitions become a bit more numerous after the 23rd.

Virgo: Creativity is very abundant for you on the 3rd. If you buy it on the 9th, you may spend too much. An intuition on the 16th could help you see how to make more money.

Libra: A pleasant change in the home scene brings more harmony into the house on the 2nd. Don’t let confusion interrupt your work day on the 26th. Your creativity is spectacular on the 28th.

Scorpio: You are especially magnetic and sexy on the 2nd. Don’t let a bad dream upset you on the17th or 22nd. You are more in the spotlight after the 22nd.

Sagittarius: Friends could really show you a good time on the 3rd. You have a bunch of good ideas for your friends on the 15th. People are talking about you in a good way on the 28th.

Capricorn: Things are more likely to go your way after the 10th. A past action may pay current dividends on the 13th. Avoid an argument with friends by doing something solo on the 30th.

Aquarius: Expect the unexpected on the 8th. You many hear from an old friend on the 13th. Watch out for authority figures on the 30th.

Pisces: An intuition about money could be yours on the 9th. Travel will be on your mind more after the 22nd. Don’t let yourself get discouraged about your career on the 26th.

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