Birds in the garden, peonies and ants, ticks

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Daily Newsletter for Thursday, May 3, 2018


Where shall we keep the holiday,
And duly greet the entering May

–From "May-Day," Ralph Waldo Emerson

Protecting Garden From Birds

How to Keep Birds Away From Your Garden
Birds are a welcome addition to the garden, but if the crows are devouring your corn and the jays are eating your berries, here are a few ways to keep birds away from your garden.


Fill Your Garden with Love

Catching the light “just so,” this shimmering heart creates everlasting beauty by twirling in even the gentlest of breezes.

Ants On Peonies

Ants on Peony Flowers: An Enduring Myth
Why are there ants on my peonies? Will ants harm my peonies? Every year, peony season brings these questions. Plus, we hear that enduring (but delightful) myth that ants need to “tickle the buds” to help peonies open. Peonies and ants do have a relationship but it’s not quite what you may think.
Hummingbird Crossing Metal Sign

Hang inside or outside!

Birth Flower for May

May Birth Flowers
The sweet flowers of May embody the hopes and dreams of those who give them.  
Almanac Hummingbird Thermometer

Retro design resembles a vintage advertising thermometer. Made in the USA.

Red Radish Soup

Red Radish Soup

Unpeeled red radishes are cooked and then puréed to create a creamy soup with a delicate pink blush.

Hostess Napkins

Stunning prints in bright colors on soft, triple-ply paper! Folded size: 4.4 inches x 7.9 inches.

Ticks Are Emerging

Tick Bites | Lyme Disease | Treatment
If you spend time outside or have pets that go outdoors, it’s important to be aware of tick bites—their symptoms, prevention, and treatment. Some ticks transmit Lyme Disease, so we’ll also help you understand types of tickets and disease symptoms.
The Gift of Gardening

The Gift of Gardening is a lovely illustrated book filled with inspirational quotes and interesting facts harvested from The Old Farmer’s Almanac. It is perfect for the garden enthusiast. Includes a space to personalize the book with a “To” and “From” section on the first page.