Garden Designs for Small Spaces


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If your garden is smaller than you’d like, there are a number of clever design techniques you can use to make the most of every inch space.

Vertical Gardening

Make the most of the vertical space available. Attach planters to walls or fences, or fix mesh or trellising for climbers such as kiwi fruits, grapes, climbing beans, peas, and tomatoes. Make sure supports are sturdy enough to hold up heavy plants in full fruit.

Tree fruits such as apples, pears and peaches can be trained to grow close to walls or fences. Single-stemmed cordons, espaliers with parallel branches, or fans look attractive and make efficient use of ground space, especially when underplanted with perennial flowers and herbs.

Most fruits prefer a sunny spot, but some - including sour cherries, gooseberries, redcurrants and whitecurrants - will grow well on shadier walls.

See our video on vertical gardening and our article on tips and best plants for vertical gardening.

Grow Vegetables and Flowers Together

Growing edible and ornamental plants together can help confuse pests and insure there are always beneficial insects on hand to pollinate fruit and flowering vegetables.

Choose fruits and vegetables that both look and taste great, and include edible flowers such as calendula and nasturtium. You can use our Garden Planner’s Companion Planting feature to find flowers that will grow well with your crops. Simply select the crops you wish to match then click the heart-shaped Companion Planting button to view suitable companions, including flowers.

See our video on companion planting with vegetables and flowers.

Make the Most of Your Space

Select only high-yielding or high-value crops such as tomatoes, chard, runner beans and zucchini. Fast-growing crops such as radishes can be sown, grown and harvested multiple times in a single growing season, or they can be planted between slow-growing crops and harvested early.

Square Foot Gardening is an intensive growing technique that enables lots of crops to be packed into raised beds using a special rich soil mix. Click on the Garden Planner’s SFG button to turn on Square Foot Gardening mode, and when you add plants to your plan the Garden Planner will calculate how many plants can be grown in each square foot.

See our video on how to plant a square foot garden.

Many vegetables can also be grown in containers. Choose compact varieties suitable for growing this way and grow them in new or up-cycled pots in pretty colors, glazes and designs. Don’t forget that hanging baskets can be used to grow strawberries, herbs and many trailing or climbing vegetables.

Learn more about container gardening!

Lastly, include a bench or seat in your plan, and surround it with aromatic herbs or fragrant flowers to enjoy.

Try out our Almanac Garden Planner! We’re offering a free 7-day trial of the Garden Planner here.

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