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How We Make Our long range weather Forecast

Here at The Old Farmer’s Almanac, our long range weather forecasts are traditionally 80 percent accurate. How do we predict the long range weather?

Is the secret formula locked in a black box in our offices?

What IS the formula?

Watch our video—and check out our free long range weather forecast.

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Paul Belliveau

Tina rutkowski (not verified)

10 years 2 months ago

Wanted to check out the weather for march!

Hi Tina,
Use the link below the video to navigate to the long-range weather forecasts. Then pick your region (use the map or enter zip code) and you'll have your 2 months long-range weather forecast for March.
Hope that helps!

Terry Moses (not verified)

13 years 7 months ago

Hilarious! Always love Janice's humor.

chrisscioli (not verified)

14 years 6 months ago

I just joined up and I am already having a ball with SO much information. GREAT video on how you predict the weather and SO glad you can't open that black box! Let us know if we can produce any video segments for you - http://www.zanmedia.com. We'd be happy to help1

Chris Scioli

Hi Chris! Just joined today. Great site. looks like a long, bad winter ahead of us here in Massachusetts.!Too bad i'm not into winter sports!

Dick Sarazin (not verified)

14 years 7 months ago

all the vidios on here and i cant see them cause i am on dial up