Best day to begin logging

By Celeste Longacre

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These are the next five best days to begin logging, based on the Moon’s sign.

Best days to begin logging
Nov 8, 2021
Nov 9, 2021
Dec 5, 2021
Dec 6, 2021

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what makes it the best for logging?
it encourages the cut tree stomp to regrow? or not grow?
its not pouring down raining? or blistering hot? etc.

The best day for logging is

The Editors's picture

The best day for logging is based on the moon’s astrological sign. Thanks for writing!

This first day of winter warm

This first day of winter warm and comfy with tea and CBC talking about crying on the job brought back not so happy nostalgic thoughts. Early 1960s arctic barren lands 55 degrees below zero crawling out of a tent with winds howling and with plumbers blow pot under the DeHavilland Otter trying to hold down the oil soaked engine tent slapping me around and yes me hardened bush pilot crying. Series Ice Pilots lots n lots they don't tell you

Santa's Home "to be

Santa's Home "to be discovered"

In Mans next go round (about one hundred and thirty million years) he will be exploring Pyramids the size of Giza. He will be amazed to find little work tables in little caves, stables, red suits and pointed hats, little pieces of paper in envelopes that when touched disintegrate like fairy dust.

Santa's home exists at the North Pole. (Richard Byrd) if he were alive would testify to this as he saw the entrance on a fly over in the early day's of aviation as have I!

I just know your now scoffing (not about Santa, you wouldn't take that chance) but about the Arctic Pyramids. Well just you wait, as time goes on, the true north and south poles of Earth relocate in relation to Sun and Moon exposure.

Like growing diamonds the weight of Arctic ice has being growing Pyramids and they will be reviled.

So did you really think Santa lived in an Igloo?

My science is a gift to you!
Merry Christmas


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