Best day to have dental care

By Celeste Longacre

Dental Care
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These are the next five best days to have dental care, based on the Moon’s sign.

Best days to have dental care
May 20, 2021
May 21, 2021
Jun 16, 2021
Jun 17, 2021
Jul 13, 2021

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wisdom teeth

I have a friend having her wisdom teeth removed on December 22, 2020. Is this a good time. From what I am understanding its not.

Wisdom teeth removal

When in July 2020 should my daughter have her wisdom teeth removed

best days for dental care

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We’d recommend that you work with the dentist as to when the best times would be, as each individual’s medical situation can be different, with some cases having a more urgent timeframe than others. Using those dates recommended by your medical professional, you might then determine if any of the astrological best days recommended by our astrologer fit into that same timeframe. For July 2020, as the chart above now indicates (it updates during the changeover to a new month), our astrologer recommends July 23 and 24 for dental care. Whatever the date chosen, we send your daughter our best wishes that her surgery goes smoothly and she has a quick recovery!


My husband is having stents put in his carotid arteries on June 1st, 2020. Do you know if this is a good or bad day?

Wisdom teeth

My 12 year old daughter is scheduled to have all 4 of her wisdom teeth pulled on March 5, 2020.. Would this be a good date or do I need to change it?

tooth implants

I would like to know the best days to have dental implants for the month of March and April. Appointment is now scheduled for March 26. If necessary, I need the dates to reschedule.

Thanks so much!!!

Tooth pulled

I need to have a lower back tooth pulled, when is the best time in Jan. 2020 to have this done.

Pulling all top teeth (10)

My appointment is for October 21,2019 what is the best time

Dental Care

Thanks for sharing the dates according to the moon sighting. Please keep sharing such nice information.

Dates in October 2019

What dates in October 2019 to have teeth pulled?

Honolulu Dentist

Awesome, I always trust our family dentist to take care of our dental health and always been thankful to have one.. Im currently living in Honolulu with my two kids and my wife and planning to move soon. A Honolulu Dentist mention your practice and im interested and planning to visit soon.

Best dental work day in June 2019

What are best days in June 2019 for dental work?

Best Days for Dental good worldwide

I am getting dental procedure in India on Feb 19th, 2019. Are the best days for worldwide?

wisdom teeth extracted

I'm looking to have wisdom teeth extracted this summer 2019, could you please let me know the best dates to have this done?
Thank you!

Wisdom Teeth Removed

Have to have wisdom teeth removed on a Friday. When is the next Friday that is a good time to have them removed?

tooth extraction in new york city

Wisdom tooth extraction New York City - If you are in need of a tooth extraction in New York City, our team of skilled surgeons in the New York, NY area can help.

Tooth pulled

Would September 7, 2018 be a good day to get my tooth pulled. According to the calendar the best days are Sept. 8 & 9, but the dentist is closed.

Wisdom tooth pulled,what is the best date in October.

Husband needs a wisdom tooth pulled. When would be best date in October?

wisdom teeth removal

grandson in college, can I find out what best days will be in december 2018 to have this done?

I need to have a permanent

I need to have a permanent tooth out in but the best days fall when my dentist can't for the rest of year. Is it best to go as close to the "best" days or better to be farther away from them?

I am having bi-lateral knee

I am having bi-lateral knee replacements on Tuesday November 7th is this a good day?

having 5 teeth pulled july 18

having 5 teeth pulled july 18 2017 is this day good or bad ?

I am having dental bone

I am having dental bone graphts and insertion of screws for dental implants on June 16, 2017. Is this date ok and where are the signs i.e. head, neck, feet

My Mother needs to have knee

My Mother needs to have knee replacement surgery what would be the best days in summer of 2017 for her surgery? between June 4 and August 4.

My Mother needs to have knee

My Mother needs to have knee replacement surgery what would be the best days in May 2017 for her surgery?

Would like to see the whole

Would like to see the whole month not just the present or future time. Thanks

The new format is terrible.

The new format is terrible. Just do away with the information if you are going to display it like this.

Oh My! Are you paying for

Oh My! Are you paying for this info?
Maybe that gives you a right to complain!


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