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Monthly Horoscope for June 2022

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June 2022 Horoscope

Celeste Longacre
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Here’s your monthly horoscope for June 2022. What could be in store for this month? Longtime Almanac astrologer Celeste Longacre provides an astrological prediction at a glance for all 12 zodiac signs.

We are finally about to end a period of apparent retrograde motion by Mercury; June 3rd at 4:00 AM (EDT). For some reason, this one seemed a bit long. But after this time, we can once again move ahead with our plans.

Planting season is still upon us.

  • The best dates to plant above ground crops are the 1st, 2nd, 11th, & 12th.

The best ones for below ground crops are the 19th & 20th with the 23rd & 24th coming in a close second. Many items like lettuce I tend to keep planting through the middle of August. Lettuce gets bitter as it ages so it is nice to have a fresh selection through the growing season. Spinach tends to bolt if it is planted while the days are still getting longer so it is favorable to plant it after the solstice which occurs this month on the 21st at 5:14 AM (EDT). Both spinach and lettuce can be kept alive after the first few frosts if it is covered with plastic set on hoops above it. Just be sure that the plastic is rated to be outside in the Sun (UV stable) or it may disintegrate into thousands of tiny pieces into the soil.

We are currently working our way towards a full Moon at 7:52 AM (EDT) on the 14th. The new Moon occurs near the end of the month at 10:52 PM (EDT) on the 21st.

June Horoscope by Zodiac Sign

Aries: An intuition on the 10th could help you find a way to make more money in your career. Folks tend to see things your way on the 21st & 22nd. An old friend may ring you on the 27th.

Taurus: Something surprising could be in store for you on the 11th. Keep expectations moderate on the 18th. Travel beckons on the 21st.

Gemini: A powerful dream has a special message for you on the 10th. Money becomes more of a focus for you after the 21st. You sparkle and shine on the 26th & 27th.

Cancer: An intuition has a message for you on the 2nd. You may have a bit of trouble sleeping around the 14th. Folks are interested in what you have to say on the 28th & 29th.

Leo: You are particularly charming on the 4th & 5th. Creative writing is favored for you on the 9th. A good time can be had with your honey on the 16th but stay away from mounting too much credit.

Virgo: You know exactly what to say & how to say it on the 6th & 7th. A trip with the family beckons on the 10th. An idea to increase your income is yours on the 20th.

Libra: Expect the unexpected on the 10th. If you buy it on the 18th, you are likely to spend too much money for it. Look within for investment ideas on the 21st.

Scorpio: Folks tend to see things your way on the 11th & 12th. The 21st is a fantastic day to have a serious discussion with your mate. Money becomes more of a focus for you after the 21st.

Sagittarius: Partnerships become more important to you after the 14th. You are able to very clearly communicate with others on the20th. Creativity is yours on the 28th.

Capricorn: Something from the past brings rewards at work on the 16th. If you buy it on the 18th, you may pay too much for it. Listening to your intuition on the 27th can bring rewards.

Aquarius: Many intuitions come to you on the 11th. People tend to listen to what you have to say on the 17th & 18th. Creativity becomes more available to you after the 21st.

Pisces: Don’t let others confuse you on the 16th. You sparkle and shine on the 19th & 20th. Home becomes more of a focus for you after the 21st.

See best days by the Moon for different activities.

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