Best day to make sauerkraut

By Celeste Longacre

Sauerkraut on plate

These are the next five best days to make sauerkraut, based on the Moon’s sign.

Best days to make sauerkraut
May 5, 2021
May 6, 2021
Jun 1, 2021
Jun 2, 2021
Jun 3, 2021

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Please say, where do the best five days for the immediate period come from? I thought it was related to the phases of the moon, but looking at the phases of the moon I don't see much logic. For example, the last given day on December 2 is only 2 days after the full moon, and on another webside I read that you should definitely not do make pickle during the full moon.

Best days to pickle

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There are different traditions as to when the best days are to can or to make pickles or sauerkraut, and astrologers also have different interpretations. I believe that our astrologer goes by the dark of the Moon when the Moon is in the astrological sign of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces (water signs). She also looks at other factors. The dark of the Moon (waning) is between the full and new phases. So, for 2020, the full Moon was on November 30th, and the next one will be on Dec 29th. December 2 is during the dark of the Moon, and it also is when the Moon is in the astrological sign of Cancer, so that fits in with our astrologer’s interpretation of the best times. Looking at the previous dates (listed as of Oct 7), we have: Oct 9 (dark of the Moon, Cancer), Oct 10 (dark of the Moon, Cancer), Nov 5 (dark of the Moon, Cancer), and Nov 6 (dark of the Moon, Cancer). There are other traditions, however, that go by different astrological signs, such as those signs associated with the heart and above, especially the head (Aries). (Cancer is associated with the chest area, above Leo, the heart, so the dates above are acceptable by that tradition, too.) Some say that you should especially avoid dates when the Moon is in Virgo (sign of the bowels).

If you have your own tradition that you’d like to use, you can find the Moon’s astrological sign for each day on page 225 of The 2020 Old Farmer’s Almanac. The Moon phases can be found on the Left-Hand Calendar Pages for each month in the Almanac, or on at Hope this helps!


My cabbage is getting close to being ready to pick when is a good time by the moon signs to can it?


Is today a good day to can it..

I need to make saurkart by

I need to make saurkart by the moon signs can you tell me when it is good for doing so. Thanks for your help, Yvonne

Is today a good day to make

Is today a good day to make kraut?
Do you use white vinaigr?

According to our astrologer,

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According to our astrologer, August 9 and 10 were the best days to can, pickle, or make sauerkraut for this month (August 2017). As to vinegar, the traditional way to make sauerkraut does not call for it (for a recipe, see: ), instead using natural fermentation, which gives it its tang similar to vinegar’s. Sauerkraut made in this way has lots of probiotics. However, many cooks do use vinegar in their recipe for flavor etc. – white vinegar works fine, although many prefer to use apple-cider vinegar. Sauerkraut made with vinegar may not have as much probiotics, etc., however. Some recipes that use vinegar are more like pickled than fermented sauerkraut.

I've got 5 huge heads of

I've got 5 huge heads of today a good day in the signs to make sour kraut?

When is a good time to make

When is a good time to make sauerkraut in August ?

Good days include the

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Good days include the afternoon of the 17th, all day of the 18th, and the morning of the 19th.

so today, july 12th 2017, is

so today, july 12th 2017, is not ok to pickle beans? make pickles?

I love your products and the

I love your products and the format for best/worse days.


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