Best day to start projects

By Celeste Longacre

Start Projects

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These are the next five best days to start projects, based on the Moon’s sign.

Best days to start projects
Feb 24, 2020
Mar 25, 2020
Apr 23, 2020
May 23, 2020
Jun 22, 2020

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What makes these days the

What makes these days the best days to start projects? I'm looking for a little info as to the thinking behind this. :)

Best Days

Our Best Days are calculated by Almanac astrologer Celeste Longacre. The dates are based on the positions and movements of the planets, the moon, the sun, the zodiac, and several other astrological factors. Taking all of these things into consideration, Celeste determines the Best Days to do certain activities each month, like quitting smoking, planting crops, or starting projects. We certainly trust her judgment!


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