2018–2019 Winter Weather Forecast

Winter Weather Predictions from The Old Farmer's Almanac

Hay Bales In Winter

Sunshine or snow? Be in the know! Read the official 2019 Winter Weather Forecast from North America’s #1 almanac to see the prediction for your area. Here’s a sneak peek.

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2018–2019 Winter Weather Forecast: United States

2019 Winter Weather Forecast from The Old Farmer's Almanac - U.S.

Above-Normal Temperatures (Almost) Everywhere

This winter, we expect to see above-normal temperatures almost everywhere in the United States, except in the Southwest, where we’re predicting a colder-than-normal season. It’s still going to be wintery, of course, but it won’t be an especially frigid year. Our milder-than-normal forecast is due to the expected arrival of a weak El Niño, which will prevent cold air masses from lingering in the North. Despite a decrease in solar activity, we predict that the other factors that contribute to winter weather will keep temperatures above normal.

More Rain, Less Snow

In terms of precipitation, we are predicting above-normal levels for most of the country, except in the Southeast, southern California, the nation’s midsection, and parts of Alaska and Hawaii, where normal or below-normal precipitation amounts are expected instead.

As for snow, we expect to see below-normal levels of snowfall in areas that normally get snow, with the interior West and a small part of the nation’s midsection being the snowier-than-normal exceptions.

2018–2019 Winter Weather Forecast: Canada

2019 Winter Weather Forecast from The Old Farmer's Almanac - Canada

Mostly Cold…

Thanks to a decrease in solar activity and the weak El Niño moving in, we are predicting colder-than-normal winter temperatures for most of Canada. The exceptions to this are northern Atlantic Canada, where temperatures will be milder than normal, and Pacific Canada and the southern two-thirds of Ontario, where temperatures are expected to be within the normal range. 

…And More Snowy Than Normal

An above-normal level of snowfall is predicted for all of Canada this winter. Prepare the sleds and snowplows!

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South Mississippi Weather prediction for December 15th. 2019

My Son is getting married and his Fiance' is trying to decide if she should purchase a winter wedding gown or a summer, because this is in fact South Mississippi (Gulfport). Please help.

2018-2019 winter

I feel like you are lying to me. There is no way that our South Carolina winter is going to be warm and dry. Its been raining since late October and she is not stopping now. We are probably going to have a very cold wet icy and snowy winter this year.

South Carolina winter

We would never lie to you. We will tell you our predictions and hope that they are, as they are traditionally, 80 percent accurate. Because the forecasts are deviations from the normal or average weather conditions, the “warm and dry” forecast for your area means warmer than normal and drier than normal. So temperatures will be above average and rain will be below average. There will be a winter, with the cold you are familiar with and—depending on where in SC you are—a few snowflakes and possibly icy periods, but not as much/many as usual.

No lie, and no joke. Thanks for your comment!

2018-2019 winter

I live in East Tennessee and first of September i seen a pure white woll yworm, it is November 8 now and I picked up the biggest longest pure black wolly worm I've ever seen, by th at ones prediction is a severe winter, but almanac is saying mild, rain and above average temps. Who do I believe?

what the woolly worm "says"

Wow! Well, we do not claim to be able to fool Mother Nature! If you saw a black woolly worm, we our accuracy rate just might plunge as far as the temperatures will if what it portends come true! Time will tell and we’ll tell you later how that works out.

The white “woolly worm” may be more of a problem. While it is certainly possibly that what you saw was —if we may put it this way— an albino version of Pyrrharctia isabella, the Isabella tiger moth. But we are thinking that it’s more likely to have been the white hickory tussock moth caterpillar! We saw those here in New Hampshire in late summer/early fall as well. If you see it again, look but do not touch it! You could get a nasty, painful rash that some people have compared to poison ivy, only worse.

Snowfall predictions for Southeastern Virginia

Just curious about the amount of snow predicted for Southeastern Virginia and if the Old Farmer's Almanac is more accurate than the newer version. I understand they are in conflict over the winter 2019 forecast for this area.

SE Virginia

By “the newer version” we presume you mean the competition, or a copy cat almanac. The Old Farmer’s Almanac is the original, often imitated, never equaled. Our accuracy rate is traditionally 80% nationally, for the season.

So, about your question: We do not predict how much snow will fall; we predict a deviation from the normal amount, and we are forecasting below normal snowfall and rain, for that matter, in the deepest southeastern corner of Virginia. So, as the map suggests, temps will be “warm”—meaning above normal, on average, and conditions will be “dry”—meaning below normal snow and precip. (Certainly near the coast, with the influence of the relatively warm Gulf Steam, you are even less likely to see snow or ice.)

Let the winter begin!

weather in January 2019 in NC

What is predicted for Tarboro NC area for snow/rain around January 20-22 in 2019

Snowfall in NC

What is expected snowfall in eastern North Carolina.

Orlando, Fl first week of February

I Live in Illinois and wondering what the forecast is going to do when we go to Disney World first week of February 2019?


What is the weather going to be like on Valentine’s Day in the Illinois and Wisconsin area?


Yes its a good time of year to go. Not super hot.. Im from there so to me February is a good time to go

The Rising Tide (not)

Consider this: The earth has a finite supply of water. Some is in frozen form, some in liquid form, and some in a evaporative state. So it is all a part of the global scheme. If ice is put into a glass, then the remainder filled with water, does the glass overflow when the ice melts? So it is with this wonderful place on which we live; because if the water is not frozen on a hilltop it is liquid in the sea and under the land, or it is betwixt and between in the clouds.


so because when ice melts in a glass of water and doesn't overflow u think that you are a scientist lmao you must believe the world is flat. the polar ice caps are mostly above the ocean so when they melt where does the water go? into the ocean adding more water overflowing it.

Excuse me but i believe you

Excuse me but i believe you'll find out that a majority of sea ice is below the surface and of course since ice is less dense than water, melting sea ice has no effect on water levels.

Earth flat?

Yes it is! Enoch the great grandfather of Noah wrote of things God showed him! They left it out of our bible so they could keep their false inisitive going! Enoch saw the edge of earth if it was found it wouldn't have an edge, read Enoch very interesting! God also spoke of the earth as His footstool, and a fortunate foundation, which both are flat! Don't believe the lies our heads have been filled with! .God bless!


We get it, Rebecca, you're a Christian but just because you are does not mean you are scientifically valid.

Flat Earth, seriously.

Seriously, Listen, I have been to the heavens, way the hell up there and the earth curves. It is round like a ball. We might not all be right on all things religious, but I can tell ya that you are wrong on this. Don't believe me, then buy a ticket and fly way up there and see for yourself.
But out of curiosity, do you think it is flat like a piece of paper or like a donut. Some of you people think the earth is shaped like a donut, a flat donut.......


According to the map, it’s supposed to be cold and snowy in Phoenix. Hope that’s not the case!

Foothills California

Wish you break out weather for the Cool Ca area foothill of California is a hugh area from north to south

winter weather 2019 in boise idaho

will it be warmer or the same as last winter 2017 2018

Like it should be

obviously colder...

I was wondering about the

I was wondering about the winter for Kansas City Missouri for 2018- 2019 it looks like by your picture we're right on the edge of mild and snowier versus mild and wet thought you might be able to give me a little more insight into what you're thinking and when winter might appear and leave thanks

Texas Winter Temps

What kind of Hi and Lo temperatures should we be seeing in North Central Texas (DFW metroplex) this winter? I need to buy new tires, and want to know if we’ll be under the 45* threshold for a significant number of days. I don’t want to purchase all-season tires as a substitute for summer tires (as they lack the performance I desire during the hot summers we get here, and my tire size makes this a $1200+ purchase either way...) so, I’m curious to know if we shouldn’t be expecting a consistently cold winter.

2018-2019 Winter Forecast Differences...

What I don't understand, is how can this forecast map be 180 degrees different than the 'other' Farmers Almanac map that is out there?
It's completely different in every manor, which doesn't leave much confidence in a long range forecast...


Does this winter prediction hold true to the Northeast, because I'm really hoping there will still be a lot of snow in Massachusetts?

Snowfall in Mass.

Yeah, what are your guys' predictions for winter in the Boston area?

Ohio Valley Winter Weather 2018 - 2019

Winter Will Be Warmer Than Normal With Above Precipitation And Below-Normal Snowfall The Coldest Periods Will Be In Mid-December, Early And Mid-January And Mid-February, With The Snowiest Periods Will Be In Mid-December And Mid-January And Mid-February.

winter weather

what will missouri and oregons forecast be