2018–2019 Winter Weather Forecast

Winter Weather Predictions from The Old Farmer's Almanac

Hay Bales In Winter

Sunshine or snow? Be in the know! Read the official 2019 Winter Weather Forecast from North America’s #1 almanac to see the prediction for your area. Here’s a sneak peek.

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2018–2019 Winter Weather Forecast: United States

2019 Winter Weather Forecast from The Old Farmer's Almanac - U.S.

Above-Normal Temperatures (Almost) Everywhere

This winter, we expect to see above-normal temperatures almost everywhere in the United States, except in the Southwest, where we’re predicting a colder-than-normal season. It’s still going to be wintery, of course, but it won’t be an especially frigid year. Our milder-than-normal forecast is due to the expected arrival of a weak El Niño, which will prevent cold air masses from lingering in the North. Despite a decrease in solar activity, we predict that the other factors that contribute to winter weather will keep temperatures above normal.

More Rain, Less Snow

In terms of precipitation, we are predicting above-normal levels for most of the country, except in the Southeast, southern California, the nation’s midsection, and parts of Alaska and Hawaii, where normal or below-normal precipitation amounts are expected instead.

As for snow, we expect to see below-normal levels of snowfall in areas that normally get snow, with the interior West and a small part of the nation’s midsection being the snowier-than-normal exceptions.

2018–2019 Winter Weather Forecast: Canada

2019 Winter Weather Forecast from The Old Farmer's Almanac - Canada

Mostly Cold…

Thanks to a decrease in solar activity and the weak El Niño moving in, we are predicting colder-than-normal winter temperatures for most of Canada. The exceptions to this are northern Atlantic Canada, where temperatures will be milder than normal, and Pacific Canada and the southern two-thirds of Ontario, where temperatures are expected to be within the normal range. 

…And More Snowy Than Normal

An above-normal level of snowfall is predicted for all of Canada this winter. Prepare the sleds and snowplows!

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I hope this is wrong for the north eastern United States because I am planning on building an ice hockey rink.

What will the winter weather for 2018 be like in St.Paul M.N

If anyone can answer please leave me a email really appreciate it and would like to know what you think

Winter in Alabama

I'm hoping that the cooler temperatures this month, mean that Alabama will at least have some kind of winter this season. They need it desperately here. The bug population has gotten out of hand. A good snow and low temps may help. For many years, I've trusted the FA as my go to guide for planting, but this year I'm hoping it may be a little wrong. Have a great day!

February Weather for eastern North Carolina

I am planning a wedding in February 2019 on the Coast of North Carolina, Beaufort. What are the predictions for that month. I had to reschedule due to Hurricane Florence and now planning for Feb 2nd or 9th...


What will the 2018-2019 winter be like for Vanvouver, BC?

BCing You

Hi, Debbie: From the looks of the map above, you can expect normal temps but more snow than usual… thanks for asking!

Weather in the white mountains of Arizona?

What will our winter be like this Winter in the white mountains of Arizona??

This Winter

I LOVED winter this past year. Please tell me I can expect MORE of the same or at least comparable here in Northeast Warren Ohio

Winter in Texas...please!

Will there be any kind of reprieve from this heat? Or will we have a “normal” Texas winter?

Weather for Eastern Utah

What is the snowfall prediction for Eastern Utah?

In northeastern Utah, we are

In northeastern Utah, we are predicting snowier-than-normal conditions, while in the southeast part of the state, we expect winter to not be as snowy.

Winter 2018-19 for Chattanooga, TN

First, thanks so much for your time! I'm just wondering what you think is going to happen in Chattanooga, TN this winter. Do you think we'll get more or less than the 4.05" average snowfall in Chattanooga this winter?


I think it is going to be a warmer winter with little to no snow....we have only had about 2 good snows since i have lived here in 18 yrs....but if course i moved here from Ohio

Tennessee Winter

For Tennessee, we’re predicting a wetter and milder-than-normal winter, which points toward a less snowy winter overall. 


Will gunnison colorado have for winter this year 2018- 2019 what kind of winter will we have

rain forcast for the 93619 area code for 2018 - 2019

Also - I ordered a 2019 almanac 2 weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived. Please advise.

Winter in NYC/Jersey in Mid-February 2019

I am moving long distance cross country around February 12th 2019, what are the winter predictions for NYC/Jersey during this time frame?


In that area, we’re predicting a mix of rain and snow around the middle of February 2019.

Hell, no way!

Hell, no way!

How will this winter be in Brampton, Ontario Canada

I always read your weather for the different seasons. As well as my daily emails from your publications. I have enjoyed the farmers almanac since I was 16 and I am 62 this year. you are very popular here. Please keep up the great work..Suzanne

Southern California

Im just wondering if the forecast for this area means that is seems it will be somewhat colder than usual, but the average amount of rain due to a weak El Nino? Or does this mean somewhat more rain in our area? Im in the south Long Beach area. Thanks for your time.

Casper Wyoming Winter 2018

Could you please verify for me the winter weather forecast for Casper, Wyoming. Particularly Snow fall.

Thank you.
Rhonda S.

Weather in Michigan

We are wondering about the forecast for Michigan lower peninsula especially the area around traverse city and Petsosky because of the lake affect and especially Oct, Nov. Nd Dec?

snow in michigan

my father went to school in UP Michigan during WWII and he had pictures of himself and fellow cadets standing on a shoveled sidewalk with the snow 6 feet high piled up on both sides. Canada is being predicted for above average snowfall this winter so don't put your snow shovel out of reach and if you wisely invested in a good snow blower, make sure its ready to go.

Winter 2018-2019 Durango Colorado

Can we expect heavy snowfall this winter in Durango, CO,? We are experiencing a severe drought in the four corners area and sure need the moisture.

Durango snow

Durango is right on the cusp of regions 14 and 13; let’s call it 14: https://www.almanac.com/weather/longrange/region/us/14

For Region 14, we are predicting colder than normal temps and above-normal precipitation. If Region 13 conditions drift into Region 14, you may see slightly milder temperatures.

winter in Durango

As well as “cold” for your area we are predicting “wet,” meaning that we expect that you’ll receive above-normal precipitation overall, but likely not as much in the form of snow; more often as rain or sleet, etc. But that doesn’t rule out a few storms that might include heavy snow. Durango falls in Region 14, but very close to the border with Region 13, which predicts “Warm, wet.” If one lives close to one of the regional borders used for our predictions, we suggest taking an average between the two predictions. In either case, however, we are predicting above-normal precipitation. The temperature might be more of an average, though, between expected colder than normal in Region 14, and warmer than normal in Region 13 . Hope this helps–and that your area receives the needed moisture!

Breckenridge Colorado winter 2019

Good morning. Long time follower of the Farmers almanac. I was wondering what the snow conditions will be like in late February thru early March 2019 in Breckenridge Colorado area. Which areas in Colorado will receive the most snow during Late feb / early March. Thanks

snow in Breckenridge

Breckenridge is in Region 13. https://www.almanac.com/weather/longrange/region/us/13

We are predicting above-normal snowfall for northern parts of the region, below normal in southern parts. Late Feb we are predicting a snowstorm north; early March a snowstorm south.

winter weather

The summer turned out to be the complete opposite of what they said about the northeast. It was predicted that a lot of above average temperatures would occur, and a dryer than normal summer. We had the 4th wettest summer on record.

The northeast has had enough rain already, we don't need any more rain.