Bird Sounds: Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole Calls

May 20, 2017
Baltimore Oriole-Pixabay
Photo by Pixabay

Here you can identify the sounds and bird song of the Baltimore Oriole. Compliments of The Macaulay Library at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

You’re more likely to hear than see this bright bird which feed high in trees, but cut up some oranges to attract this fruit lover!

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Have you heard a Baltimore Oriole? Add your comments below. Be sure to let us know where you live or where you’ve heard this bird sound before!

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Summer Welcome

Every year when we go to our cabin along a creek near Stroudsburg, PA we are treated by frequent glimpses of beautiful Baltimore Orioles. We sometimes spot their unique and unusual nests high in the trees along the creek.

Arrival of the Baltimore Oriole

This is the 1st time I've had two Baltimore Oriole's arrive here in Spring Grove Il. They arrived May 15, 2020 and have visited my Oriole feeder occasionally over the past 4 days, along with rufus and ruby throated hummingbirds.

The Oriole - a glorius bird

Each Spring I anticipate the arrival of the Baltimore Oriole. Over the years it seems this bird migrates farther and farther west to the plains states. Yesterday, May10, the first pair arrived at my grape jelly feeder and orange feeder. A second pair arrived today along with many of their migrating friends. Such a site! Once you have seen one of these lovely black/yellow/orange birds, you will never forget them.

First sighting

A bright colorful male kept flying & perching on my window seal today. What a beautiful site. He would look at me, start chirping & would perch with his mouth open. I live in northeast TN (Blountville).

Baltimore orieo

Live in Coventry perched on my outside door,taping on glass and then flew into trees
June 17,2019


I live in southern Arkansas, about 20 miles south of Pine Bluff. A bird I had never seen before landed on my humming bird feeder a couple of days ago. My mom, she lives behind me, saw the same bird on her feeder today. We both looked up what it might be and discovered it is an Oriole! We are so excited and are planning to put out feeders. We have had humming bird feeders out for at least 10 years and this is the first time I've seen one.


Same thing happened to me today up in Cincinnati!! I put a half an apple on a tomato stake near the hummingbird feeder and he's been on it all day. I hear they love grape jelly too!

Boston Orioles

I live in Folsom CA and I have Orioles at my bird feeder! Aren’t they a little out of their area???


We live in Saginaw, MI. These beautiful birds come here every summer starting in May. It is mid August and I haven't seen them in days. Must be heading south for the winter?

Oriole Migration

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Hi Michele,

Yes, it is likely the orioles have headed south. Groups begin migrating as early as July to spend winter in Florida, Central America, and the northern ranges of South America.

Baltimore Orioles

We live in the Rouge National Urban Park in Markham, Ontario, Canada. We have a great variety of birds visiting us & recently realized we have a pair of Baltimore Orioles! They built a nest near our hummingbird feeder & one of the babies fell out of the nest on the ground. It's quite big but still has a very little bit of fuzz on its head so not too old. I actually came to this site for some info. Do we leave it, will the mum look after it if it's on the ground, should we put it back in the nest...? The mum is definitely flying around and keeping an eye on it. Onward with my investigation before nightfall. We want to make sure the baby is safe if we can.

Baltimore Orioles

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Hi Gillian,

That’s very cool you have Baltimore Orioles nesting nearby! Considering the chick is so young based on your description, it probably didn’t try to fly. The baby should be returned to the nest if it is within reach. The parents will still look after the chick wherever it is, but it is in danger of cold night temperatures and predators (most likely predator is a house cat) while on the ground. If you can’t reach the nest to return the chick, construct a simple nest from sticks and wool and attach it to a nearby shrub or tree branch. The parents will take care of the chick in the new nest, same as the old. Thanks for writing!


I have a pair coming in to feed for the past 2 years. My husband made a simple feeder to fit 3 smalls bowls, 2 for cut up oranges and 1 for grape jelly. We hang it near the hummingbird feeder. They come mid May and leave mid August. We also hear the "cack, cack cack" when they head in for a feed. So happy to have them here for the summer. We live near Hamilton, Ontario.

they live at my house

Every year I have a pair of Orioles. I have the feeder for them and I buy orange suet cakes, the females love them. They usually stay 2 weeks and then are gone.

This is the second year we

This is the second year we have had a pair of Baltimore Orioles. I cut an orange in half and put grape jelly on top. I have had the male peck at our window from time to time too. Central Missouri.


I have been hearing this sound and today it was in the humming bird feeder.Northern Wisconsin.

You know the orange mesh bags

You know the orange mesh bags that apples, oranges, etc., are sold in? We cut up some oranges and put them in a bag and hung it on the bird feeder. Yesterday there were 4 orioles enjoying the oranges :--)

Last week, I put out grape

Last week, I put out grape jelly, as I have a feeder just for that. Within the hour there was an Oriole. Now there have been three of them coming for the jelly. It is fun to watch them play around along with colorful Goldfinches and Cardinals. I put out oiled sunflower seeds only as well as the jelly. We are in NorthWest Wisconsin.

We have a pair of Baltimore

We have a pair of Baltimore Oriole come for the past 3 yrs. I love their beautiful song. I watched the male in the top of our elm tree calling to the female. Soon she came and they went from limb to limb singing to one another. We have an Oriole feeder and see her there quite often, not him so much. We live in northeastern Oklahoma