Bird Sounds: Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Bluebird Calls

By The Old Farmer's Almanac
Eastern Bluebird

Have you heard an Eastern Bluebird?  Here you can identify the sound of the bluebird. 

Have you spotted a bluebird? They’re a welcome sight in spring—and many bluebirds (about a third) even stick around for winter. 

Bluebirds enjoy the fruits of shrubs such as winterberries, Virginia creeper, sumac, hackberry, and hawthorn. Their beaks are not designed to open most birdseed mixtures. In late winter, fill a bird feeder with shelled seeds or nuts. Or, help out your neighborhood blue bird with some suet. See our easy-to-make suet recipe for the birds!

In wintertime, consider giving bluebirds shelters. They do not normally make their own nests and look for nooks and crannies in trees. But natural cavities in trees have become less available due to loss in habitat, so bluebirds often rely on “bird boxes” with small holes for entry and exist. (They don’t use perches so just a simple untreated wood box will do; pine wood is a good choice.) 

Click here to listen to the sounds of other birds! Compliments of The Macaulay Library at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Be sure to let us know where you live or where you’ve heard the sound of bluebirds belfore!

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Winter baths

I have bluebirds enjoying a bath all winter long in my yard. On sunny days I leave my storm door open and there they are splashing around in the bird bath. What a delight to see all the bright blue feathers.I live in the northwest foothills of North Carolina.

Blue birds

Have had eastern blue birds nesting in my yard for years. We have had them visit the pond during winter. Love to hear them sing.

Happy liitle bluebird

Just yesterday I was watching the birds eating the suet and I was wondering what the heck the bluebirds were eating with snow on the ground, they don't visit the suet themselves. I can see them farther back on the property at their nestbox, not sure if they sleep in it or not, just see them sometimes popping in and out like they are making sure it's still there or something.


Good Morning!
I have had the good fortune of having Bluebirds grace my property for the past 10 years. They have their own nesting box, and often they have two brood per year so it is magical to watch them through the whole process of courtship, mating and the joy of raising their young. This Winter they have stayed, and use the nest box for shelter.

Every morning, even in this severe cold, two males come out and fly from one Volvo to another, parked in my driveway, picking fights with their reflection in the rear view mirrors!! Obviously territorial behavior, and such a pleasure to watch when drinking my morning coffee. It is a great way to start the day, and I am glad to see that they appear healthy and vibrant, even during this spell of arctic weather. They symbolize the promise of Spring!
In the New Year, I wish everyone is blessed with the Bluebird of Happiness!! Cheers!
"The bluebird carries the sky on it's back..." Henry David Thoreau

variety of birds

I have seen and heard many different types of birds in my backyard. They include bluebirds, Blue Jays, cardinals, pileated woodpecker (I made a video of it pecking holes in my wellhouse décor), ladderback woodpecker. Also, I have photos of some , too, besides those birds, we also have Goldfinch, wrens, robins, sparrows, humming birds & a few others. I live in northeast Georgia.

Blue bird sounds

Good afternoon, I heard & saw my first bluebird of the season this morning after opening my back door to see if it was still raining. No rain but saw the beautiful Bluebird fly past me. Love to see them back again. I live right outside of Charlotte, NC

We've had bluebirds nesting

We've had bluebirds nesting in our boxes here in Orange County, NY for years. I feed them live mealworms from a dish on the porch railing. One year a couple brought their babies to the dish to snack on the treat!! So much fun to watch!

Eastern Bluebirds

Love to hear and see the Eastern Bluebirds. I was blessed to have them nesting in my yard several summers. Hope to see them again. I live in North Central Indiana.

I have a bird house on a tall

I have a bird house on a tall post facing my kitchen winter. Blue birds nest in it. They are so pretty. When the female is on the nest the male is very protective. Really attacks other birds that get too close. I live in Southeastern Kentucky.

Haven't heard Eastern

Haven't heard Eastern Bluebirds but have had a pair hanging around since last year. I live in New Hampshire and was told they don't stay around unless you have bird houses for them.....I don't but have been feeding the birds for 20 years.Could that be the attraction?

I think so. My sister lives

I think so. My sister lives next door and has bird houses, but the bluebirds always come to the feeders in my yard.