Causes (and Effects) of the Common Headache

By Judson Hale
November 1, 2019

More time is lost to business and industry from headaches than from heart disease, stroke, and cancer combined. If you suffer from headaches, consider this …

You are not alone.

In the United States more than forty million people annually consult physicians for relief of headache pain. A research organization called the International Headache Registry estimates that 20 percent of the world’s population suffers chronic and disabling headaches. 

Take two Kolbes and call me in the morning.

Adolf Kolbe was a great nineteenth-century chemist whose work has made life bearable for uncounted billions of people. Kolbe, who was the first scientist to synthesize organic compounds from inorganic materials, also found a cheap way to produce salicylic acid, the key ingredient in acetylsalicylic acid—better known as aspirin.

It’s not all in your head.

Psychological factors play a role in producing headaches by causing actual changes in tissue and blood. Some experts believe there is a headache-prone personality, often described as perfectionist, hard working, inflexible, and likely to set unrealistic standards for himself and others. Evidence to support this theory is disputed, however.

My head feels better, but now my nail polish is melting.

In experiments with biofeedback, test subjects have reported relief from headache pain by concentrating on making their hands feel warm. Scientists believe such concentration can increase blood flow to the hands, thus relieving headache-producing pressure on blood vessels in the head.

Because it feels so bad when I stop.

Cluster headaches, so known because they seem to occur in clusters around one eye or the other, are among the most painful of all headaches, described by some sufferers as feeling like “a knife in the eye.” They are twenty times more common among men than women, especially among heavy smokers. Most remedies are ineffective, and patients with cluster headaches have been know to beat their heads against walls because of the agonizing pain.

Not tonight dear, I’ll get a headache.

Headaches may be caused by the sudden contraction of head and neck muscles just before orgasm, excessive pressure on the spine, or a sudden increase in blood pressure during sexual activity.

An hour later, your head hurts.

Food prepared with MSG, common in Chinese food in America, can trigger headaches in persons susceptible to migraines.

Ready for some more remedies? Here are the different headache types and treatments.


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Migraines since 7, mainly from brothers thinking choking me out was hilarious. Chiropractic helped at 24, when discovered. Late to get coffee on board causes regular headache.
The difference between a migraine and cerebral hemorrhage is one will kill you and the other will make you wish you were dead.

Great description on cluster

Great description on cluster headaches. Great to also note that cluster headaches are more common in males than females. A recent report has also indicated that cluster headaches are the worst type of headaches that anyone can experience. Females who report of having cluster headaches report this to be more painful than giving birth. A great article in regards to cluster headaches can be found at Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic
which explains the signs and symptoms of a cluster headache as well as other forms of headaches and migraines.

How about barometric pressure

How about barometric pressure causing headaches? I have a friend who swears that is part of her issue.

Barometric Pressure Headaches

Pressure headaches are common. I grew up in Ky. Thought all my headaces were allery related until a doctor told me that it might be barometric pressure. When I was growing up, every time a pressure system came through I would get a migraine level headache that made me vomit. It lasted 1-3 days. I would try my hardest to power through it, but I was miserable. My daughter has the same problem when we are in Ky. For both of us, it would last until the pressure system was passed and start again when the next system came through. We moved to CA where there is little to no rain. The headaches stopped for the whole time were there...ten years. We moved back to Ky to care for elderly parents and the headaches came back every time a pressure system went through, the both of us would get a migraine level headache.

Some people after consuming

Some people after consuming MSG, think they are having a heart attack, because,you may also experience heart palpitations. MSG has become very common in everyday foods,(not just Chinese) so check the label carefully. And remember, it can be in any food, even your potato chips. Also it may be listed as monosodium glutamate.