Household Uses of Salt

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July 21, 2017
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Salt certainly makes our food more flavorful, but it can also work to fix many of our unexpected challenges around the house. Here are some of our favorite household uses of salt.

When windows won’t open and salt clogs the shaker, the weather will favor the umbrella maker.

Best Uses of Salt in the Home

  • Rub salt on fruit-stained clothes while still wet, then put them in the wash.
  • For mildew spots, rub in salt and some buttermilk, and then let dry in the sun.
  • If you spill wine or fruit juice on your tablecloth, pour salt on the spot immediately to absorb the stain.
  • Apply a paste of salt and olive oil to ugly heat rings on your table. Let sit for about an hour and then wipe off with a soft cloth.
  • To improve your iron, sprinkle salt on a piece of paper and run the sticky iron over it a few times while the iron is hot.
  • To restore some of the color to faded fabric, soak it in a strong solution of salt and water.
  • Mix a tablespoon of salt into the water of a vase of cut flowers to keep them fresh longer.
  • A mixture of salt and vinegar will clean brass.
  • Salt on the fingers when cleaning meat or fish will prevent your hands from slipping.
  • To kill unwanted weeds growing in your driveway or between bricks and stones, pour boiling salt water over them.
  • For perspiration stains, add enough water to salt to make a paste, then rub into the cloth. Wait for an hour, and then launder as usual.
  • Cover spilled raw eggs with salt, then wipe clean with a paper towel.
  • To freshen smelly sneakers (or any canvas shoe) sprinkle their insides with salt. Wait 24 hours for the salt to absorb the odor, and then shake them out.
  • Pour salt directly onto a grease spill and come back to it later.
  • A new broom will last longer if you soak the bristles in hot salt water before using it for the first time.
  • Stainless steel can be cleaned by rubbing it with a gritty paste of two tablespoons of salt mixed with lemon juice. Rinse well and pat dry with a soft cloth.
  • Rub two to three tablespoons of salt onto the stains inside your glass vases, and then scrub clean with a damp bristle brush.
  • Gargle with warm salt water (¼ teaspoon salt to one cup water) to relieve a sore throat.
  • Sprinkle salt on carpets to dry out muddy footprints before vacuuming.
  • When silk flowers get dusty, put them in a paper bag with several tablespoons of salt and shake gently for two minutes to clean them.
  • Refresh household sponges by soaking them in cold salt water for ten minutes.

Have we missed any great household uses of salt? Please let us know below!

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Best Uses of Salt

Cut a Lemon in half across diameter. Dip cut end in salt and rub on wooden cutting boards and wooden utensils to remove food debris, odors and stains before rinsing item with water and drying. Can also be used on grimy cookie sheets to remove debris before regular washing. Cut off used salty end of lemon, cut that into smaller pieces and dispose of in running garbage disposer. Place rest of lemon in plastic baggie or small container and freeze to use "next" time. (waste not want not, Old Fashioned Yankee Principle)

Sickness Prevention

I read this a very long time ago. Mix 1/4 teaspoon salt in a cup of warm water, mix well, eye drop into your nose and drain into your throat, to help prevent contracting a virus. Works on stuffed noses too! But use a small restaurant salt pack instead because salt absorbs odors and things. It truly works.


If you have animals and get fleas in your home, sprinkle table salt all over your carpet and furniture, let sit for 24 hours, vacuum up and then fleas should be gone and helps clean the carpet at the same time.

Use For Salt

To keep unwanted ants/bugs out of your house - dump on box of Borax and one canister of table salt into a large zip bag. Mix together well, then pour a nice, thick line of this mixture along the base of your house. Renew about mid season. Works wonders!

Ants, Salt and Borax

I've done this too although I've never added salt to the borax.

Dental assistants trick, a

Dental assistants trick, a very small amount of salt on the tongue, while taking x-rays, helps patients with gag reflex issues.

Salt uses in canning

Salt is a necessary ingredient in making salt-preserved cannings, preserving meats, making sauerkraut, etc. Can't do without it. BTW, we make our sauerkraut right in the jars, no stone crocks needed. If anyone wants the recipe, please e-mail me at dejudge1 (at)

Stay well and enjoy life.

Household uses of Salt

For almost a decade I struggled with toenail fungus - trying everything and finally after praying with my whole heart I came to a NZ site where a fellow told of how his old Jewish mother told him, as he was awaiting another horrendously expensive on-line treatment from Mexico to arrive, when he finally mentioned to her his struggle with the same fungus I had, "Fungus? That's easy! Soak your feet in a strong salt (Kosher preferred!) solution twice a day for two weeks and it will be gone." I got a knowing and after the most incredibly disapointing, expensive and sometimes outright dangerous battle with these critters, I won. The household salt killed it. Bless that Momma!

Salt to recondition old cast iron skillet

I was given a small cast iron skillet that had not been cleaned well. After scrapping much of the build up out of the interior I have used salt and vegetable to clean each time I use it. A teaspoon of salt with a teaspoon of oil rubbed around pan removes any cooking debris and prepares for next use after salt is discarded. Over time this has done much to reduce pitting and smooth cooking surface.

Cast iron pots & salt

Once you are satisfied with the condition of your pot, I suggest future cleaning be done with hot water while the pot is still hot and use a bamboo brush (available at Amazon & other stores). As you may already know never use soap to clean the pot as that tends to remove the patina. . . but, if that happens, you can ALWAYS treat it & "cook" it in the oven to re-establish a patina. I treat my cast iron cookware with either bacon grease or olive oil after cleaning them. They do not need this treatment after every use, however.

Enjoy your cast iron and healthier cooking.

Oven Cleaner

Make a paste of salt and warm water. Apply in oven and leave paste in oven for a half hour. Using a sponge and pail of hot to touch water wipe salt paste from oven. You will have a clean oven and not have to smell commercial cleaning products. My sister always tells people my oven is so clean she does not think Inuse it.

I've heard it kills fleas. I

I've heard it kills fleas. I unfortunately have to test this theory now.

household salt uses

Itchy mosquito bite? Wet the tip of your finger and dip it in salt. Rub the salt on the bite. It will relieve the itching immediately and permanently.

Uses of salt

sprinkle salt on wood floors before sweeping. Salt makes the dust roll up into balls for easier sweeping.

Salt use

Add just enough water to make a paste, apply the salt paste to cavity/pain in tooth. I keep my mouth open n drool in sink until I cannot handle the taste. Spit n rinse. Anti inflammatory properties. Can also add pepper... found this online when a tooth broke n nothing else worked....

A GREAT use for salt !

If your home has become infested with fleas overnight , don't panic and run for a chemical bomb...sprinkle salt heavily over the floor..walk away for 24 hours..when you return, vacuum the salt up and be surprised that over 90 % of the fleas are quite dead...fewer fleas means much better control by contact sprays.

BORAX added laundry booster

BORAX added laundry booster , only 24 hours needed , to kill fleas ! vacuum up ! sprinkle around edges off the room. Love this site !

other uses for salt

ants, flys, mice, roachs, spiders, don't like walking on salt. Sprinkle where they crawl.

Salt for bugs fleas and mice

Is it table salt to use. If not what type of salt. Does this work in storage sheds/buildings?



Salt uses

When you buy a 'washable' item that is a dark or bright color, (in order to set the color and slow discoloring as you launder them), Pour 1/2 cup of salt to washing machine filled with just enough water to wash the items. Been doing this for years.

Pour salt into glass coffee

Pour salt into glass coffee pot add couple ice cubes and swirl to remove burnt-on coffee. Rinse and repeat if necessary.


Salt and crushed ice will clean the interior of a coffee pot, 1 table spoon of salt and a cup of crushed ice, then swirl around.

Clean & Soften Hands

Pour a little mound of salt in your hand & squirt a little hand softening dish soap (i.e. Dawn Hand Renewal) Scrub you hands getting between your fingers & back of hands.... Add a little water... Lathering hands then rinse & pat dry. Your hands will be soft & clean.


Mix salt with lemon juice to clean copper pans.

skunk spray

Our pup gets sprayed alot. Best deskunking is dawn original dish soap. Shampoo the pop vigorously 3 times rinsing after each shampoo. It wont be 100% but removes alot. At least you can have your pup inside.

Use salt and a soaking cloth

Use salt and a soaking cloth to scrub your floors- the grit of the salt will get in and remove dirt, then dissolve in the water, making for easy clean-up!

Also, salt on carpets and rugs before brushing them off will help remove dust and restore color (as will tea leaf dregs for the dust, but not the color as much as salt).

If you have rusted cast iron (or any other metal, really), cut a potato in half and use it to rub salt over the rust- the abrasion will remove the rust.

No need to put salt in the

No need to put salt in the boiling water to pour on weeds! I just use plain [boiling] water - and it works perfectly!

(The rest are great.)

The salt may be good to add

The salt may be good to add because the water alone may harden and leave a salty wash on the surface.


But the salt keeps it from coming back in a few days.