Seasonal Crafts: Make Your Own Fire Starters

Fire Starters
Margo Letourneau

Make your own decorative fire starters with these simple instructions.

All you need are some dry twigs or pinecones, a little candle wax, and glitter!

  • Find about 12 skinny, straight twigs, all about the same thickness and about six inches long.
  • Bundle the twigs together by tying them in the middle of the bunch with cotton string.
  • Melt some old candle stubs or wax in a wide tin can set in a saucepan of simmering water.
  • When the wax has melted, use tongs to dip the bundle of twigs carefully into the wax.
  • Lift the twigs out onto newspaper, and sprinkle them with gold, silver, or colored glitter before the wax hardens.
  • When the wax is cold, tie the bundle with raffia or colored string.
  • Instead of twigs, you can use pinecones (the size of eggs).
  • Dip the cones into the hot wax and then sprinkle them with glitter.
  • For a nice gift, put 12 glittery cones in an empty paper egg carton or small wicker basket, and decorate with a pretty ribbon.

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do you light the twig or

do you light the twig or light the string around the twig?

I would think, that you would

I would think, that you would light the string, but you could do either. . .

With "fire starters" you light the 'starter' then add more wood to the top of it, so the flame underneath gets the top stuff going.

I make small fire starters blocks from sawdust & wax. Works great!