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How to Make a Christmas Wreath


DIY Christmas Wreath at Home

The Editors

Make a DIY Christmas wreath from scratch, looking to your yard and garden for natural materials. Making your own wreath is an easy but very satisfying project—and we’ll show you how to make one in 8 steps!

Gathering Natural Materials

For this project, first gather the plant material you will need! Raid your garden for whatever you can find. Or, take a fun drive down a country road.

We like to use a variety of evergreens such as 1) Fir branches, which are dense and fill out a wreath well; 2) Cedar, which has a flatter leaf and has a wonderful fragrance; and 3) pine, which have a softer, ethereal look and feel. Also, think sprigs of blue spruce, conifer, holly, and ivy.

Also gather up colorful berry branches, pine cones, rose hips, milkweed and seed pods and other natural ornaments from roadsides, fields, or woods. 

Other Supplies

To make the wreath, you’ll also need: 1) a wire wreath frame, 2) florists’ wire and pliers, and 3) garden pruners. You can buy a simple round wire wreath frame at a craft shop or Walmart or even Dollar Tree for $2 or $3. Or, you can make a natural wreath base with grapevines or sinewy flexible branches or even sturdy fir branches, using twine to connect the stems. 

Making a Christmas Wreath Step-by-Step

Watch the video first and then follow along with the steps below. 

  1. Cut your materials to size. The bundles of greenery will need to be in proportion to the frame. Separate the prepared materials into piles so you’re ready to begin work.
  2. Start by securing the end of the wire to the frame. Wrap it around the frame three or four times and pull it tight.
  3. Now create your first bundle. Select a piece of each material to create a pretty, visually balanced effect. Keep the largest pieces at the base and the berries towards the front.
  4. Secure the bundle to the frame. Place the bundle where the end of the wire is secured to the frame.
  5. Wrap the wire around the bundle three times, pulling it nice and tight so it’s fixed firmly into place.
  6. Now make another bundle, place it onto the frame, and wrap the wire around it three times once again. Continue adding bundles like this, working your way around the frame, overlapping each bundle with the next to hide the wire.
  7. To finish, make a smaller bundle. Tuck this under the first bundle then secure with the wire.
  8. Flip the wreath over, cut the wire, and tuck and secure it back into the frame.

And there you have it! A beautiful holiday wreath to get you in the holiday spirit!

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Linda (not verified)

2 years 6 months ago

I love this. I do not have the frame. Is there a way to make one with a wire clothes hanger? Or, something else I might have on hand?

You can usually find wire frames or forms anywhere, even Walmart for about $3 or the Dollar tree. However, if you don’t have a frame, we’d suggest you simply use one of the other options mentioned above! 

Gina Campanale (not verified)

4 years 6 months ago

I love your wreath.