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Thank you for purchasing a digital gift from The Old Farmer’s Store. You can download your digital gift through your order confirmation page or email. Once the gift is downloaded, we recommend that you email it to the recipient on the day when you would like them to receive the gift. You may also include our “Digital Gift PDF” in the email to alert them that they have received a digital gift from The Old Farmer’s Store. Thank you for buying gifts through The Old Farmer’s Store! If you have any questions about delivering your digital gift, please contact us.

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gift card

I have to agree with the comments already stated. Please improve your option to send a gift card to be a bit more personal to reflect the quality of your store selections. Thank you.

Agree. It is 2021. There is

Agree. It is 2021. There is no reason that a gift order can't contain a custom ecard with name and item(s) they are receiving and then the option to purchase a card and gift wrap to accompany the order (which should not include a receipt). This ecard is awfully lame.

gift cards

I agree with Kimberly and Catherine.


I agree with Catherine. It would be nice to be able to mail gifts without any visible prices and to enclose a gift card.

mailing a gift

Too bad you don't have a spot to include a gift card when you're purchasing a gift for mailing to someone


Thank you.l enjoy looking and learning from your emails and books