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Do you have any information on predicting...

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Do you have any information on predicting the gender of a baby considering the following conditions: carrying very low, high heart rate, very active, conceived in mid- to late November, and due on August 19?
We attempted to compare your indicators with what’s been published in the Almanac but could find little common ground. However, we do have a treasure chest of folk wisdom pertaining to gender. Here is a sampling: (1) To have a boy, a woman should hold a nickel in her mouth at the time of conception—too late in your case, we’re afraid. However, if you can remember what the Moon was doing at the time, a baby conceived in the light of the Moon will be a boy; in the dark of the Moon, a girl. (2) A baby carried high is a boy; low, a girl. (3) Add your age at the time of conception to the number of the month of conception. If the result is even, you’ll have a girl; if odd, a boy. (4) Have someone suspend a needle from a thread held just above your wrist. If it swings back and forth in a straight line, you will have a boy; in circles, a girl. (5) During the last three months of pregnancy, count the baby’s heartbeats. If the heart beats 120 to 140 times per minute, it’s a boy; 140 to 160 times a minute, a girl. If the heart is beating 120 to 140 times per minute but the needle is swinging in circles, be prepared for one of each!