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How can I get rid of the moss in my lawn?

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How can I get rid of the moss in my lawn?
Moss in lawns is a common problem in many parts of the country, especially in places with heavy rainfall or in years with above-average rainfall. In the short term, you can rake out the moss, then plant grass seed in any bare patches that may result. When you first see moss growing, treat the area with ferrous sulfate or ammonium sulfate according to the package directions. There are also some soap-based products to control moss. To prevent moss, water deeply and infrequently. Dry soil will create unfavorable conditions for moss and will encourage grass roots to grow deep into the soil. If your soil is compacted, is in the shade, or has low fertility, you’ll probably have a chronic moss problem. Change these conditions for long-term moss management. Low soil pH also can encourage moss growth. Check your soil’s pH level and resist the urge to overfertilize your lawn.