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How can I tell when my pears...

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How can I tell when my pears are ready to be picked?
Pears need to be picked while they are still green rather than waiting for them to ripen on the tree. Here are a few hints from the experts to determine ripeness. First, observe any changes in the color and size of the fruit. When the dots on the skin of the pear (lenticels) begin to contrast with the rest of the skin, harvesttime is near. Pears are ready to be picked when there is a slight give on the surface near the stem. You can also check the color of the seeds. If the seeds are light, the pears are immature. If they are dark brown, the pears are ready for harvesting. Once harvested, pears should be stored in a cool (34 to 40 degrees F) place for about a week. Then bring them to room temperature for a few days before eating.