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How do I propagate roses and when?

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How do I propagate roses and when?
Rose bushes are readily propagated by cuttings. The easiest way is to set them outdoors in the fall or in pots under glass during the summer months. This “own-root roses” method develops a true rose variety, without suckers. Cuttings can develop rather slowly at first, however. Summer cuttings should be made from shoots that have flowered, are fairly firm, and are about four to eight inches long. Remove all leaves except two at the top, and leave the dormant buds on the cutting. You can treat the ends with a rooting hormone to accelerate development. Insert the cuttings into very sandy soil shaded from direct sunlight. Keep the soil moderately moist. If you set the cuttings under a frame or in a greenhouse, covered with a fruit jar, the roots will form in a few weeks. July and August are the best months to take summer cuttings. Roses propagated from cuttings don’t usually bloom for two years because they have to form a good root system.