Is it possible for grass to get too much water?

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Is it possible for grass to get too much water?
Overwatering or too much rain can cause problems. Too much water will leach nutrients, especially nitrogen, from the soil, leaving the grass discolored. Nitrogen-starved grass also is more susceptible to certain diseases. Ideally, grass should receive 1 to 1 1/2 inches of water per week to grow well. Water should be applied to the lawn in as few applications as possible. Delivering 1 inch of water at once will allow it to penetrate deeper into the soil and encourage healthy roots. Many short waterings will not soak into the soil, and the roots will remain close to the surface, making the grass much more susceptible to drought and thatch buildup. When working with sandy or heavy, compacted clay soils, several water applications may be necessary. In sandy soils, the water will percolate through quickly and will not be available to the roots after a few days. In compacted clay soils, the water will not penetrate fast enough and will tend to run off the surface.