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Should I divide my hostas?

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Should I divide my hostas?
Hostas don’t need to be divided, because they spread laterally, sending out underground shoots. Maturity enhances their appearance, and digging or dividing only slows their progress. If you have trouble getting them to flower, focus on soil acidity and fertility. They like composted cow manure, or you could add a commercial product. (Avoid granular chemical fertilizers, however.) Dry, shady areas are no problem, but do water the plants regularly, preferably in the morning, to discourage slugs. If you want to move hostas or to restrict their size, dig them up in the autumn before they go dormant. Removing them in June will disturb their feeder roots, so their summer growth might be stunted by the upheaval. The roots can be tough; you’ll need a sharp gardener’s knife or serrated blade to cut them.