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What is the best way to store cheese?

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What is the best way to store cheese?
Cheese should be eaten by the “use by” date on the package, and once opened, it must be stored properly to retain its flavor and moisture. To prevent hard cheeses and soft mold-ripened cheeses from drying out, wrap them in foil or waxed paper. Ideally, the wrapped cheese should be placed in a plastic box with a lid to avoid flavors being transferred to it from foods stored nearby. Soft cheeses such as cottage cheese and cream cheese are best stored in the carton in which they are purchased. These cheeses do not keep as well as hard cheeses and should be eaten within a few days of purchase. Keep all types of cheese in the refrigerator or a cool pantry (below 41 degrees Fahrenheit). For the best results, cheese to be used on a cheese board should be removed from the refrigerator and unwrapped about an hour before serving. This will allow it to come to room temperature and develop its full flavor and texture.