How to Have a Baby

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Let’s face it: These are tough times to have a baby. There are so many authorities offering so much conflicting advice on how to raise children. The 1991 Old Farmer’s Almanac gives the following bits of folk wisdom that have been collected from all over the United States.

How to Have a Baby


  • A couple who go to a picture show within three days of getting married will have twins.
  • Blow a dandelion seedball, and the number of seeds left on it will be the number of children you will have.
  • Give away old baby clothes, and you’ll soon need them again.
  • Holding a child on your first visit to the mother will help you conceive.

Boy or Girl?

  • To have a boy, a woman should hold a nickel in her mouth at the time of conception.
  • A baby conceived in the light of the Moon (from new Moon to full Moon) will be a boy.
  • Add the mother’s age at conception to the number of the month of conception; if it is even, a girl will be born. If odd, it’s a boy.
  • If the mother eats grapefruit just before conceiving, the child will be a girl.

At Birth

  • Labor pains can be eased by putting an axe under the bed.
  • If a laboring woman wears her husband’s hat, her pain will be lessened.


  • Pretty babies become ugly adults, and vice versa.
  • To make a child grow faster, sweep the feet with a broom.
  • A woman frightened by fire during pregnancy will have a red-haired child.
  • Heartburn during pregnancy signifies a child with lots of hair.


  • If the baby’s fists are tightly clenched at birth, he will be stingy.
  • A baby born in the light of the Moon will be intelligent.
  • A child born on a stormy night will be nervous.
  • A baby who cries during baptism likes her name.


  • On your first visit to a new baby, kiss the soles of her feet for luck.
  • A baby born on the 26th of the month will get rich.
  • The child will grow up to be wealthy if the initials of her full name spell a word.
  • A child born on Christmas Day can understand the speech of animals.

Sickness and Health

  • Burn the first dirty diaper, and the child will have no stomach aches.
  • Letting a puppy lick the baby’s face after eating prevents illness.

Things To Avoid

  • The first time you dress your baby, use old clothes. New clothes will bring bad luck.
  • Putting a baby on an ironing board is bad luck.
  • Never hand a baby over a fence or through a window; it brings bad luck.
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