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2024 Holiday Recipe Contest

thanksgiving breakfast
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From Thanksgiving sides to Christmas cookies, the holidays are rich with great recipes. If you have an original recipe, submit it to the Holiday Recipe Contests for cash prizes and publication!

Here at the Almanac, we are all about the holidays. The Old Farmer’s Almanac is a calendar, after all! See the prizes and contest rules below.

We encourage you to post your recipes and photos on social and tag us (#theoldfarmersalmanac). This will NOT offer any extra advantage to your chances, but we love to see it!

Thanksgiving cookies. Credit: JeniFoto

Enter any recipe that you make for any holiday below.

Recipe Prizes

  • Cash prizes (first, $300; second, $200; third, $100) will be awarded for the best recipes.
  • Winners will appear in The 2025 Old Farmer’s Almanac and on Almanac.com.

Contest Rules

One recipe per person. Entries must be yours, original, and unpublished. Amateur cooks only, please. All entries become the property of Yankee Publishing, which reserves all rights to the material to avoid duplication in other publications.


The deadline for entries is Wednesday, January 31, 2024. 

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