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July 10, 2016
My Raised Vegetable Garden
Catherine Boeckmann

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The Old Farmer's Almanac All-Seasons Garden Guide, The American Horticultural Society


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Can u identify this plant

Do you have any idea what kind of plant this is? How to take care of it? Can it be transfered? Clipping from it n how?

Great tip to keep cat out of

Great tip to keep cat out of veg.. Garden.. Line top side of soil with large gauge chicken wire. They will not walk on it and your plants will grow up through it.

Where do plant vegetables

Where do plant vegetables grow?

I live in Clarksville TN and

I live in Clarksville TN and I am having problems with my apple trees. One is a golden delicious and the other is a McIntosh. Both of them have brown spots on their leaves. Does anyone know the problems?

We wonder if apples have more

The Editors's picture

We wonder if apples have more diseases than any other crop. If the spots on the leaves are yellow-brown and small, it might be Cedar Apple Rust. Golden Delicious is especially susceptible.  There are two ways to deal with this issue: 1) plant varieties resistant to cedar apple rust and 2)  spray protective fungicides in early spring, such as myclobutanil (Immunox).
First things first: Bring a sample to a tree nursery or your cooperative extension to get a real diagnosis.

Is it true you can't eat

Is it true you can't eat rhubarb the first year?

yes if its stems are red

yes if its stems are red

What that's crazy! You just

What that's crazy! You just cant eat anything other than the stalks because other parts are poisons..I eat the plant tender and young.. or a little more older. but make sure the certain parts are edible.

I've just started a garden

I've just started a garden this season. My broccoli is not bunching, it is growing long stems. What's the problem?

Bunching happens because of

The Editors's picture

Bunching happens because of temperature that's too cool or warm; in the South, usually, it's too warm for this cool-weather crop. You didn't say where you live and we're not sure if you've had unusual temperatures this spring. See our planting calendar for the best dates to plant broccoli in your area:

You may have grown the

You may have grown the broccoli too close together. and depending on your zone it could be too hot or too cold. have fun.

I read apples and cedar trees

I read apples and cedar trees are not good. Apples pick up cedar spores? Airborn particles that hurt the trees

You may have a black Walnut

You may have a black Walnut tree with 150 feet. The Walnut and Apple are not production friendly to each other.

No one! Has been able to

No one! Has been able to giveme an answer to my problem, HELP. For the past couple of years my tomatoes havedeveloped a hard green center core with tendrels extending into the fruit. I use raised beds, mulch with a commercially produced brand, water with drip line, live in the central valley of Calif., generally use miracle gro, has happened in early girl and big boy in two different locations in my garden. I have also seen this in fruit purchased at roadside fruit stands but not as bad as mine.

Hi Don, Hard cores in

The Editors's picture

Hi Don,
Hard cores in tomatoes are usually caused by weather related stress like low overnight temperatures early and late in the growing season. Provide consistent warm temperatures during cool nights by using row covers or other protection.
Too much fertilizer early in the growing season can also cause hard centers.
Meatier tomato varieties have less core and most modern hybrid tomato varieties are made to be as coreless as possible.

Hi, are there any plants that

Hi, are there any plants that I should not plant near potatoes (how far of a distance should they be if so) and are there any plants I should not plant in the same ground after (for rotating)? If so why? Thank you!

It's best to keep potatoes at

The Editors's picture

It's best to keep potatoes at least 4 feet away from tomatoes.
Also, keep away from cucumbers, pumpkins, and fruits.
See our Companion Planting for Vegetables page:

I live in Shreveport,La.,

I live in Shreveport,La., someone gave me 2 lemon trees and I am not sure how to care for them. Should they be pruned, \when are they suppose to bloom and have lemons on them Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hello, Barbara, We have a

The Editors's picture

Hello, Barbara, We have a page about growing lemon trees here:
Hope this helps. Ask any more questions on the lemon page.

Which root stimulator should

Which root stimulator should I use to propagate blueberry bushes?

Hi Philip, We have had

The Editors's picture

Hi Philip,
We have had success with using rooting hormone powder. Just stick the end of the cutting into the powder and then into the soil.

Which brand shoud I use? I

Which brand shoud I use? I bought a bottle that I was told would work on blueberry bushes, but the label said it could not be used for food plants.

Raised Bed Gardening- (2nd

Raised Bed Gardening- (2nd year)
I planted tomatoes and green peppers in raised beds last year. I was so happy with the results, I would like to use this method again. I plan to add compost and "Miracle Grow garden soil" to what is still in the bed. Is this the best way to proceed the 2nd year or should I replace the old soil.

There is no need to replace

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There is no need to replace the soil. Just add good quality compost. Add the compost to your garden after fall cleanup this year and let it sit over the winter months. Glad to hear that you had a good gardening season last year!!

What fruit trees do good in

What fruit trees do good in Mendocino ca.?

Hundreds of fruit tree

The Editors's picture

Hundreds of fruit tree varieties grow well in Mendocino!  You are have a wonderful climate!  Here is a document with charts of every kind of fruit and which varieties are best for your area. Go crazy!

Do rasberry and apart uses

Do rasberry and apart uses grow good by each other Norther ,mn. Is we're i live

I live in north Idaho, when

I live in north Idaho, when should I plant my garlic bulbs for 2014 harvest?

According to your cooperative

The Editors's picture

According to your cooperative extension, "Only adapted, early maturing varieties are suitable for production in Idaho’s short season areas. Garlic comes in two types, hardneck and softneck. Of the two types, hardneck varieties tend to grow larger cloves and provide a greater range of flavors. Softneck varieties tend to have milder flavor and store better. Hardneck varieties produce best if the cloves are planted in the fall. In Idaho’s harsh climates, fall-planted cloves must be placed at least one inch deep and protected with a 6 to 8 inch layer of mulch. Softneck varieties should be planted as early in the spring as the soil can be worked. Garlic can withstand severe frost and does not need protection from spring cold snaps."

A friend wants to give me a

A friend wants to give me a cutting off of her butterfly bush ,do i just put in the ground ,or do i put it in water to root or do i put it in a small pot with dirt and root it. i live in Charlotte nc