Restless Legs Syndrome: Symptoms and Home Remedies

Learn the signs of RLS and how to treat it

January 29, 2019


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Do you have trouble sleeping at night due to restless legs? Here’s a list of restless legs syndrome home remedies and symptoms.

What Is Restless Legs Syndrome?

They arrive soon after you lie down to sleep: strange sensations creeping through your legs. People variously describe the sensations as tugging, pulling, tingling, stinging, throbbing, itching, or aching; others say it feels as if something is crawling or flowing inside their legs.

The sensations produce a near-irresistible urge to get up and move around. This temporarily alleviates the problem, but it returns when you lie back down. It disrupts your sleep and can disturb your sleeping partner.

Called restless legs syndrome (RLS) or more formally, Willis-Eckbom disease, experts characterize the condition as a neuromotor disorder, and say that for most folks, it’s mild and readily self-managed without medical intervention.

However, for some, restless legs syndrome can be severe and disabling (primarily because of long-term sleep deprivation). It can also co-occur with serious medical conditions (including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and neurological disease such as Parkinson’s disease), which medical experts say should be ruled out when RLS is severe.


But the same experts stress that while a diagnosis of RLS may accompany a serious disease, it doesn’t imply the presence or impending onset of one.

Restless legs syndrome can affect people of any age. It affects women twice as often as men, and is especially prevalent during pregnancy, though in those cases it typically disappears after the baby is born. Some people experience RLS as a chronic condition, either continuous or intermittent, and for those it tends to worsen with age.

Although researchers say RLS involves the neurotransmitter dopamine, they don’t understand what causes the condition in most cases. They say it may have a genetic component, may result from iron-deficiency anemia, may worsen in stressful situations, and may be triggered by certain prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Medical Treatments for Restless Legs Syndrome

In recent years, physicians have begun using a broad array of drugs to treat “moderate-to-severe” RLS. There’s also an FDA-approved prescription medical device that helps some people but can make the condition worse in others.

But relative to drug therapy, researchers say:

  • No single drug works for all people.
  • None offers a cure for restless legs syndrome.
  • Most are recommended for short-term use only.
  • Most have serious side effects.
  • The drugs can be expensive.

Reviewing a study of current drug treatments for RLS, one medical reviewer noted that even though many people taking these drugs experience short-term relief of RLS symptoms, “Up to 25 to 50 percent with even moderate-to-severe and longstanding symptoms stop taking these medications after more than a year due to either side effects or lack of benefit.”


Is Restless Legs Syndrome Underdiagnosed or Overhyped?  

Many websites and print articles describe RLS as common, underdiagnosed, and undertreated, encouraging people who experience the unpleasant condition to seek medical help.

But a 2006 Public Library of Science (PLOS) article, Giving Legs to Restless Legs: A Case Study of How the Media Helps Make People Sick, makes the case that RLS has been overhyped by drug-company marketing campaigns, abetted by media reporting on the topic. They say prevalence of the condition and need for medical treatment has been overstated. They write:

“For some people, symptoms are severe enough to be disabling. But for many others with milder problems, these ‘symptoms’ are just the transient experiences of everyday life. Helping sick people get treatment is a good thing. Convincing healthy people that they are sick is not. Sick people stand to benefit from treatment, but healthy people may only get hurt: they get labeled “sick,” may become anxious about their condition, and, if they are treated, may experience side effects that overwhelm any potential benefit.”


Restless Legs Syndrome Home Remedies

People who experience restless legs syndrome have found many natural remedies useful for alleviating its symptoms. Here are a few:

As with drug therapy, research hasn’t shown that any of these remedies can prevent or cure restless legs syndrome. But they don’t cost anything to try, and aren’t likely to produce dangerous side effects.

Do you have any tips for dealing with restless legs syndrome? Let us know below!

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I´ve read several of the comments here. I saw one in particular about tomato juice. Do you know about nightshade veggies & fruits? They cause RLS. Tomatoes (any varieties), Potatoes (red & white not sweet potatoes), Eggplant, Peppers (Bell, Chili peppers), Any red spices, and

And these cause inflammation as well.

Restless Legs

For the past few months my husband has been drinking about 6 oz. of diet tonic water (NO gin) before going to bed and has been able to discontinue the medication he was taking and has no more restless legs, after years of being on medication.


When RLS happens I take a magnesium pill & most times t settles right down.


I’ve been taking Requip for a few years now and it works 90% of the time as long as I take it no later than 2 hours before bedtime. It doesn’t work immediately. One side effect is it can make me slightly nauseated for a short time, but not always. I’ve also had to increase the dose a couple of times as I’ve developed a tolerance to it.


I remember as a kid (about 8-10 yrs.old) my legs would always hurt at night and it took hours for me to get to sleep. My Momma took me to the Doctor and he said it was just "Growing Pains". I'm 56 and even though I stopped at 5'11", I still have Growing pains, or RLS without as much pain, but fidgety feet and legs. If I can get to sleep within 10 to 15 minutes, then I can sleep until I have to use the bathroom. Then it starts all over again. My solution? Have a few drinks (beer) to relax, but not to get drunk and pass out. Even after not sleeping but about 4-5 hours a night, I'm so tired and exhausted that I don't even want to eat at times. Just lay around and sleep, which all I do is Lay Around, since sleep evades me a lot more often.


I've had jumping legs most my life. I have found that if I have a big mouthful of yellow mustard it helps. If I have a shot glass of cider vinegar with some granulated garlic and powdered ginger also helps. A glass of tonic water is helpful. None of which are harmful or addictive. I don't like the taste of any of these but they work for me. Gin and tonic isn't to bad but the others I have a beer chaser to wash it down.


My husband had RLS for years.I also noticed that he was having sleep apnea. I took him to our Dr. and told him and he ordered a sleep study. He has been using a CPap for over 10 years. It helped his RLS for quite a while. We found out when it started getting bad again that he has damaged nerves in his back and legs from arthritis in his spine. He has also developed restless arms and punches me on bad nights. But I guess what I am trying to say is not to give up. Work with your doctor. If he/she won't work with you, find a dr. who will. We have used pressure points in the feet, reflexology, massage, and even tanning helps his pain, so helps the RLS. He takes gabapentin too. He also doesn't drink caffeine after noon. So it's not a single thing that helps, it's a combination of things. But his RLS seems to be related to more than one thing too. So don't give up. We have more good nights than bad now.


Man o man! I’m fighting cancer. Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, arthritis, ddd, and at that time rls. I was also fighting the change. Lord I was so miserable. My dr wouldn’t send me to any specialists because everything could be a side effect of chemo.... finallly having finished chemo and radiation I’m finally getting help. The only thing that helped me was a heating pad or going outside and doing bicycle excersizes while in a chair. Hot flashes and legs scissor kicking beyond the width of my queen size hospital bed I thankfully inherited.... I was so sleep deprived that I lost my 9 year job, lost my house because Kaiser told me it was all in my head. Go figure. At times I would wake with my waist and bum flying with the legs, arms too. So a warm shower( if nothing else it helps take ones mind off even for 5 minutes) and heating pad. That was all. Period. Sometimes I would take my pain medication and on 30 minutes it’s gone.

Fast forward to today. Neurologist. God bless the man! My other useless pm ( now
my FORMER pm) gave me the lowest dose of pramipexole. She said it was the highest dose. Once again she was wrong. My neurologist doubled the dose! Then raised it one more time. Ask to try pramepexole. They might be able to try you on it based on your medical history. Now I only get the heebie jeebies as I called them. Even then I can still fall asleep. But I made add ivory soap to the bed if I ever have to max out pramipexole. Lol . And I do enjoy pickles now and then. I offer my advice as I did not see that medication in reading with keen interest the medications and crazy solutions. I have a friend who is on the max dose and is getting the symptoms again. But ask about it at your pm.

Have a good day to all! May rls behave a for a good nights sleep.

restless legs

this is not a 'disease'---it is simply a magnesium deficiency---best forms of magnesium are citrate and malate---MAGNESIUM CALM is a powdered version which is nice to drink as a tea before retiring for the evening---it promotes calm and sleep and restless legs and leg cramps---we like the lemon version, but they all work nicely---and eat a banana a few times a week to keep magnesium/potassium levels balanced---why take any drugs when you can eat your medicine?

Restless Leg

Magnesium doesn't help relieve my restlessness. Eating bananas isn't a good option for me because of my diabetes. Kiwi and tomato juice are good magnesium/potassium sources but they don't relieve my symptoms and the kiwi is also high in fructose/sugar. Not eating after around 3 pm is my best bet for relief but isn't a good choice because of my diabetes.

Restless legs

I've had restless legs since I was about 20 years old. It took me a long time to figure out that caffeine is my problem. When I stopped caffeine the RLS went completely away. I stayed off caffeine for years and years and about a year ago I slowly started introducing it into my diet again. Well, after a few months I once again had to deal with RLS. So no more caffeine for me.

Restless Legs

You are so right! I had RLS for years and Magnesium Bisglycinate totally stopped the RLS in its tracks.

Restless Legs Syndrome

I've just read through all the comments and it was helpful to see what other sufferers have to say about remedies. Mine started when I was pregnant (my child was 33 yesterday!). For me it comes and goes, sometimes it's really bad for weeks, other times it seems to go away. I've got as far as thinking it must be related to diet in some way. Eventually about 5 years ago I discovered, by accident, that magnesium supplements help. So it was encouraging to read many others have found this helpful. Then I did an internet search for home remedies about 3 years ago and it came up with citric acid, which is in all citrus fruits. So now if it gets bad I put 6-7 splashes of lemon juice in half a glass of water. BINGO! It's gone about 10 minutes later. I have also tried the soap method and that seemed to work too. The other thing that works, but I find it difficult to do, is deeply massaging my calf and thigh muscles. Wishing everyone good luck in finding the remedy, drug or otherwise that gives complete relief. and Happy Christmas! x

My RLS Affects Others More Than it Does Me - & is Underdiagnosed

For the past 40 years, I’ve had the most severe RLS symptoms of anyone I know. They don’t bother me as much as they bother those around me. My roommate used to throw shoes, books and magazines at me at night to get me to stop. I’d wake thinking I fell asleep in the closet. My long-suffering wife’s mantra is “Stop. Shaking.” It doesn’t hurt me because my legs automatically compensate by shaking back and forth. Every day. All day. And night. They are shaking as I write this. When nervous, such as on deadline, they pump up and down like sewing machine needles. I work in a 51-story office tower and people around me have said they felt the building moving.
I only feel the symptoms when people ask me to stop moving my legs: creepy-crawlies, pulling, stretching. Feels like growing pains and I want to jump out of my skin. My (soon to be former) doctor poo-poos it. Yale was conducting a study and said I didn’t qualify! (That’s probably Yale just being Yale. Their motto: “If it’s obvious, it can’t be true.”)
I’m taking potassium, magnesium, and B for other reasons and they have no effect for me. I’ve noted a number of the remedies recommended in the Comments, will try them and will see how it goes. More exercise is probably a good start. It seems to fix a lot of things.
Thanks, everyone, for sharing thoughts and ideas.

Restless legs

I have had restless legs for about 58 years. It seems to run in our family, especially the women. My aunt found a website called Nature's Inventory. They have a product called Night Time Leg Calm. I have been using this for the past 8 years with great success. I put it on every night before I go to bed. It lasts all night and most all the next day. It also works for my sister. You apply it to the small of your back and rub it in. Sweet Dreams after that.


I have intermittent RLS, and my neighbor recommended VICKS vaporub, which she just happened to hear about on the radio. It works for me 99% of the time, and I bless my neighbor every time I wake up in the middle of the night with twitchy legs! I just rub a little on the instep of my feet where all the veins are, and then put sox on, which I do anyway, because I always have cold feet. It's a cheap enough remedy to try, and no side effects. I even bought the cheaper store brand! Since I don't have RLS all the time, it seems I must be doing (or not doing) something, but I can't figure it out. I will try some of the other suggestions posted--more water, limit caffein, sweets and alcohol before bedtime, supplement with vitamins E, D, B complex, magnesium and potassium. BUT--I won't leave home without my Vicks in the suitcase! I see another Vicks remedy mentioned here on 11/24/15--but I don't use a lot of Vicks, just a light film on the instep.


I have suffered as long as I can remember, possibly from age 5 until today with RLS. I have tried most all the remedies listed in these letters. My doctor recently put me on Mirapex, which helped a lot. I have been taking this drug for about 3 yrs. and I find it no longer has an effect on my legs. I do want to mention that for ten yrs. or so, my friend and I tried walking at least 5 nights per week, doing between 2 - 4 miles each night. As long as I was involved with this walking exercise, I was never bothered with RLS. However, once I stopped the walking the RLS was right back again. At age 78, I can no longer walk for exercise, due to other hip and leg problems. If the RLS it too bothersome, I can stand, lean over a table, and swing my legs, trying to exercise them for about 30 mins. for each leg and it does relieve some of the pain. At least I can sleep when I do this. I have always had to sleep with my feet sticking out from under the cover. This has been a very bothersome and painful thing to deal with. I have not tried the Vitamin E but will get some to try. I also suffer with spinal stenosis which limits any strenuous exercise I might be able to do. I take Tramadol and Neurontin every 8 hrs. and this offers what little relief I can really count on at this time, what with other problems with the spine, etc. I hope the medical profession can pinpoint the cause and offer some relief to others for some of these painful problems.

Spinal stenosis

Have you tried laser institute? I went to their website and am thinking about being evaluated by them and see if they can help. At least go online and look up laserinstitutecom.


I have had RLS since my 20's(I am now 65). At that time I hadn't even heard of Restless legs. I used to lay on my stomach with my feet in the air, tried laying with my feet pressed against the cool bedroom wall, wrapped my feet in cool towels. I read a reader entry in Prevention Magazine that suggested Vitamin E. I started doing that & was amazed at how much that helped. I take a 400iu gel cap about a half hour before going to bed( I bite into the end of the cap to help get the vitamin flowing into my system faster) & it quiets the symptoms. Lately I have also done Magnesium which also helps. If I don't do either & I wake up in the middle of the night & don't want to get up, I'll put some hand lotion on the bottom of my feet & on my ankles & about half way up my legs & the coolness helps ease the symptoms & I can get back to sleep. I leave my feet out from under the blankets. My daughter recently gave me frankincense to roll on the bottom of my feet & that is helping but I haven't used it enough to really tell.

Restless Leg Syndrome

After years of suffering, I tried Cannabis Oil. I get it at Drug Emporium, over-the-counter. It has stopped the sensations and the twitching, muscle spasms, jerking, etc. so that I can sleep better. I have never had a problem with using it, and I am subject to urine analysis every 3 months at the pain management doctor, never had a positive result for THC.


I suffered from RLS for years, not knowing what it was. Finally was diagnosed with RLS (which I would have considered a severe case) and started taking Requip. Took it for about a year, since nothing else was suggested. There was a slight improvement. By chance I read a comment in someone's blog about Vitamin B. After talking with my neurologist (who had told me RLS was related to a nerve disorder), I quit the Requip and began taking V-B Complex over-the-counter. The RLS almost immediately subsided. I have been taking it for over 5 years now and the RLS is gone during the day. My wife tells me she can feel my RLS shaking the bed sometimes during the night. The only thing that throws everything off is red wine. So I stick to white. My RLS was always in the right leg. Rarely in both. Last month I began feeling that same RLS tingling symptom in my left leg, without the actual leg-jerking. Two days after it started, the sensation was almost constant. I doubled up on the V-B (one in the am, one in the pm) and the sensation has almost completely disappeared.


My RESTLESS LEGS BECAME CHRONIC AND NIGHTLY many years ago. I joined the RLS Foundation and at that time trials for Mirapex were just beginning. I take 2 pills, very low doses at 5 p.m and then again at 8 p.m. or so. This tiny pill had been a lifesaver for me. I have arthritis, disk problems, knee and hip problems, but no RLS, unless I don't take the meds. I am hoping long term use is not causing any side effects.


For many years, I've been taking 25 mg Lyrica, (as well as Sonata about midnight to knock me out) thinking, 'how much worse my RLS would be if I weren't taking Lyrica' - one night when my RLS was worse, I began taking 50 mgs. of Lyrica. The RLS got much worse. I started putting together 2+2 remembering years ago when I took Benadryl for a sinus problem, I stayed awake all night and it caused severe RLS. I recently mentioned to my neurosurgeon (I've had spinal fusions) that my RLS was getting worse probably from another disc compression, and I had I doubled the Lyrica dose. He said, "RLS has nothing to do w/your disc problems - it's a neurological problem." He said I might try Requip instead and I was willing to try anything . I wasn't able to get the script for Requip for a few days, but that night of my surgeon telling me that, I didn't take the Lyrica. No RLS - same next night and since - no RLS - I never started the Requip. I researched the Requip - definitely for neurological disorders - Parkinson's, etc. - now I'm convinced that taking the Lyrica was just making me worse. Putting it all together, the Benadryl & Lyrica, both work against me. Oh, the years of suffering! I now take a very low dose of a sleeping med ONLY if I cannot get to sleep. I still have no RLS - scripts are NOT a magic pill like we would hope. Another point, one night about a year ago in an extreme fit of RLS, I put a heating pad on my leg and it helped immediately! Now, of course, I don't even need that. Not sure what caused the RLS to start with, but possibly the Benadryl was the beginning of my taking Lyrica, for no reason at all. Now I don't know if I have a neurological problem or not, but at least my RLS has disappeared.


I can’t believe you didn’t mention soap as a home remedy. Use either Ivory or Dove pure original—no perfumes or dyes. Put it in a knee-hi pantyhose and place it in your bed under the fitted sheet near where your feet rest. The hose helps keep ant “crumbles” contained. I read about this in a doctor’s column in a newspaper years ago. He mentioned it a couple of different times as something readers swear by. I decided to try because the most I was out was the price of a bar of soup. It worked for me. Told a friend who suffered so badly that his leg jerks would wake his wife up. On the way home he stopped and got the soap. He said it worked immediately. Now, it doesn’t work for everyone, but why not try? It’s just a bar of soap!


I am 65 years old and began having RLS in my early 30s. Back then it was called 'night legs' and not much info was available. The only way I could relieve the symptoms was in a hot bath. Sometimes I was in the tub at 2 am because that's when the RLS occurred. My PCP tried quinine with no results. He then tried a low does of Xanax and that seemed to work. When Requip came out as a treatment for RLS, we tried it, but it made me so nauseated that I couldn't sleep because of that. So I went back on Xanax and have been on it ever since. I take between .25 and .5 mg every night, depending on the severity. I've tried a lot of the holistic advice without success. My mother has it, my 2 sisters have it, and my daughter has it. I don't know if it's genetic, but it seems to run in the females on my side of the family.


Stay away from caffeine, sweets & alcohol. That is the 3 main things I've found that causes it. Especially late, like just before bedtime. I have had RLS for about 10 years now & am taking Requip & Lyrica both & sometimes that doesn't work. I am going to try these remedies on this site.


I've had bouts of RLS for years. Refusing to take prescription drugs for it, I'm convinced that the potassium in bananas helps more than anything. It pretty much stops it immediately.

No bananas? Try laying on your stomach to drift off to sleep. The pressure on the front of the legs subdues the 'jitters'.
Hint: move down far enough in the bed so that your feet hang off and you are in a 'standing position'. That eases the tension on the lower back. Good luck!

RLS - Potassium

I have found that if I take potassium supplements when I have an RLS attack, it is alleviated within a couple of hours. Staying hydrated helps to keep an attack from coming on also.

Restless Legs Syndrome

I've had it sinc I was a wee lad and became aware as an adult. I just sleep with my legs hanging uncovered by the side of the bed. Often, I have to get up and sit for a few minutes although I'm exhausted. I prefer not to take medication.

Some people swear by putting

Some people swear by putting a bar of soap under their fitted sheet. I've never needed to try that one, but two things work for me. First, making sure I give myself time to unwind before bed and make sure I'm already semi relaxed. Second, on nights when my legs just won't settle down no matter what I take Hyland's Restful Legs. It is a homeopathic remedy that can be found in vitamin shops or even at Wal-mart.

Hyland's Restless Legs

I take Hyland's Leg Cramps when my legs start hurting from driving, or at bedtime. I take 4 of the ones that dissolve instantly in your mouth. It is a mild taste like celery. It does seem to help, along with drinking enough water. If this happens at night magnesium & potassium seem to help too. I find it interesting someone mentioned the need for iron as I tend to be anemic.

A teaspoon of yellow mustard

A teaspoon of yellow mustard before going to bed helps me...

RLS yellow mustard

Is the yellow mustard remedy, the table mustard like French's yellow mustard dressing? If so do you just dip out a teaspoon full and take it like that? Yuk................but any thing is worth trying, let me know someone.

Avoid any product with

Avoid any product with Diphenhydramine, which can cause RLS and can cause it to be a permanent condition in some people. This includes Benadryl and other Benadryl products, other antihistamines, and, oddly enough, products like Sominex, Nytol, and Unisom and others that are used to induce sleep. I get RLS only when I use Benadryl (I have to have it before I take some of chemo drugs), and RLS usually stops when I stop taking it. I can usually get by with half a dose of Benadryl and avoid most RLS, but a full dose puts me in full RLS mode. The nurses in the chemo hospital say RLS is very common among people who have to take Benadryl as part of the chemo regimen. Read labels.

Very interesting!

Thanks for your comment, Carol. I found a report of some research supporting your warning. A lot of people take dyphenhydramine-containing products without considering their potential side effects, so your reminder is right on point here.


RLS and Benadryl

WOW did not know that. THANK you so much for the FYI. I also find taking Magnesium at Night and my sublingual Vit B complex 2x a day has helped a lot.

I used Benadryl anti-itch gel

I used Benadryl anti-itch gel on the inner elbows of my arms due to itching and it only made it worse, left a strange shiny itchy maddening sheen there. Tossed that stuff quick!

My daughter has RLS , and

My daughter has RLS , and hadn't been given any formal diagnosis as to its cause. However, she is also anemic, as many young mothers can be, and in supplementing with a good iron product, she noticed that her restless legs got better. She uses a liquid iron that is easily assimilated in digestion, and doesn't taste too bad. Pills didn't help her anemia...this formula does, so she is sleeping better now, as well as has better energy. :)


I Have iron deficiency anemia and hemotologist isn't sure why. I can't take iron pills as I have IBSC, so I have to have IV iron. What is the iron that your daughter takes? Maybe I can try it. It's not that I mind getting my iron that way, but it would just be simpler if I could just take it by mouth.

Severe RLS, was prescribed

Severe RLS, was prescribed Sinemet
and it's a miracle drug for me


I'm in my mid 50's and I've had RLS for nearly 20 years. I'm not over weight, I have no serious illnesses, I exercises regularly and I eat right. I do not wish to take any prescriptions due to the side effects. So, I've found that the best medicine is 2 tylenol, walk around for 5 to 10 minutes and then go to bed. That works 90% of the time.


I have experienced RLS and found great relief with a product called Ionic Fizz with magnesium . It is a fizzy drink that you take before bedtime . It worked great for me. You can generally find it in health food stores, or you can ask them if they can get it (y)


I'm replying here because you said magnesium. If only people would take this mineral of minerals, they would be able to avoid many drugs that are being given out today for multiple conditions that lower their quality of life. I learned about magnesium more than 10 years ago but I wish it had been sooner. I take Natural Vitality's powdered form called Natural Calm that is mixed to make a drink. I also take a 500 mg capsule made by GNC. When I was pregnant I first knew what RLS was. It attacked me every time I tried to rest. It was very disruptive to rest or sleep. But I didn't know what to do about it then. Magnesium is the missing mineral in a person's body who has headaches, constipation, tight muscles, RLS, and many other conditions involving a weak nervous system which affects muscles as well.

I have had RLS for so long, I

I have had RLS for so long, I cannot remember when I didn't have it. My symptoms can become severe when my ferritin levels drop, which results in an iron infusion. Does anyone know if ferritin can be purchased over the counter?


Ferritin is a protein in your body that stores and releases iron as your body needs it. The blood test that measures ferritin serves as an indirect measure of the iron in your blood. 

There may be things you can do to help prevent the need for repeated iron infusions, but this is something you should discuss with your doctor. 

Restless Legs

I have RLS and when it's bad (I can't get relax and/or get to sleep) I found taking magnesium supplements help with relaxing my leg muscles. I also have discovered that RLS is heightened if I'm not drinking enough water/am dehydrated.


Some time back after years of long bouts with RLS, I read, drink more water and I did! So, I fully agree, IF I drink plenty of water to the ratio of salty foods/caffiene I consume during the day. I DO NOT have restless legs, but if I don't drink enough water-guess what- my legs need to move. For me, I drink plently of water daily, I don't mean gallons-even less than a gallon-around 48 ounces for myself. Find out what your daily water intake need is and try it, it works for me!! If I do have occasional RLS flare ups, I'll drink more water and if I wake up during the night I walk down the hall and back a few times get back in bed and usually I can go back to sleep.

I have also found that

I have also found that rubbing Bergamot oil on legs before bed works well! Most time instantly!


The cream from walgreens works, too. Not the otc pills.


Just drink dill pickle juice or eat dill pickles at night. I had it so bad couldn't sleep. This works

The pickle juice works for me

The pickle juice works for me. Take it at the onset and in about 30 minutes symptoms are gone and I can sleep.

Quinine for RLS

A good natural cure is quinine. The stuff found in tonic water. I have a mild case of RLS and it only flares up when I am sleep deprived. I worked with a nurse who told me about the quinine most notably an ingredient in tonic water.


Tonic water has always helped me and has never failed to help those I recommend it to.


I eliminated aspartame from my diet and it really worked.


A few year ago I was diagnosed with light sleep apnea. I also had RLS. I was given the choice of drug to try or try Ferrous Gluconate. (Iron) I explained to the practcioner that My hemoglobin levels were always great. She said it was not the blood level of Iron but the STORED iron in my body that was low. They tested the for the Iron stored and sure enough it was low. I took 2 325 Mg of Ferrous gluconate . It has worked for me.

RLS remedy

Magnesium works because RLS is a magnesium deficiency. I take Calcium and Magnesium at night 1:1 ration and sleep like a baby.


I have RLS that was moderate/severe, now is only intermittent. I started taking Magnesium Intensive Care (2-200 mg pills), and 2 Circulation and Vein Support for Healthy Legs, every night before bed. These 2 supplements plus getting exercise every day has helped tremendously. But exercise is critical - walking, biking, etc. - whatever works for you!

RLS remedies

Calcium/Magnesium 800 mg of each (and don't forget your vit D) absolutely works. If my husband forgets to take it, he ends up taking some in the middle of the night because his RLS flares up. Cal/Mag/D has worked for him for over 12 years.

I used to suffer from RLS,

I used to suffer from RLS, like my mom, pretty bad. I discovered that it's about a lack of minerals. I started taking a liquid mineral supplement called ConcenTrace and later got a Santevia water filter to re-mineralize my water, which works just fine, so I only have to use the liquid minerals when I'm away from home. I have hardly had an episode since. When I do, it's usually because I've had too much sugar, which I understand immediately depletes your body of minerals, so your body takes it from the largest muscle groups, which are in your legs, hence the restless legs.


Vicks vapor rub is the only think that works for me!!!!! Slather it on feet and calf muscles!! Put on the thickest pair of socks you have.... Works every time!!!!

RLS remedy

I have had RLS for many years, as did my mother and grandmother. My doctor recommended that I try drinking tonic water at night before trying medication. It works for me! I drink about 4 oz when I need it. My RLS is intermittent, so it is not something I do every night. It makes a big difference for me though. It contains quinine, so only use it if you have no problem with that.


Never heard the soap trick before, I'm definitely trying it next time I get RLS. Thank you

Restless Leg Syndrome

That should have read Ivory!

The soap trick works for many

The soap trick works for many, but not all. But, hey, it costs a bar of soap, so it's worth the try. I've used it for about a decade. Pure Ivory or Dove works--the original style--no added fragrances, not anti-bacterial. Place the bar in a pantyhose under the fitted sheet near your feet. (You can put it on top of fitted if you chose.) The pantyhose helps keep the crumbles in one place. You will occasionally need to replace with a fresh bar. Mine last a year or more.

I have fibromyalgia and

I have fibromyalgia and restless legs syndrome comes with it. I read somewhere to put a bar of soap under the fitted sheet. I put a (unwrapped ) bar of Ivort. It has helped tremendously! Worth a try!


My mother and I all had sleep depriving RLS. I either read or was told or both to unwrap a bar of soap and put it between the sheet and mattress at the foot of the bed and it would go away. We did, it did. Voila....whether an old wives' tale that works or a belief that it would and mind over matter......who cares. For a good night's sleep, give it a shot. Just for good measure I put two bars of soap at the foot of my bed.

Restless Leg

Could be partially "Mind over Matter", or "All in your Head", however; the Restlessness happens with me when I'm not thinking about it, especially if I'm sedentary and especially in the afternoon/evening hours. Before I was diagnosed I tried everything I could possibly find in research. Most of the things I tried worked for a short time, then puff. Therefore I began combining the self remedies, for a short time they would work then puff. Finally resorting to medical intervention somewhere around 25 years ago, I'm now on both Neurontin and ReQuip at almost max dose, Neurontin 2400 mg (3- 800mg tabs) and ReQuip 3 mg each evening. When I first started taking Neurontin I was started on 100 mg, knocked me for a loop, so you do build up a resistance. I'm not the least bit dopey with the amount I take now, even with the additional supplements I take, listed ahead. The Mirapex worked for me in combination with the Neurontin but I was taken off Mirapex due to my neurologist believing some people had experienced cardiac issues while taking it. All I can say is RLS is misery and if anyone has severe Restless Leg they will seek medical intervention and will try everything possible. In addition to my prescribed medications; I take Magnesium, Zinc and Calcium (as I tablet), Mega Vit D dosage with additional Calcium, Vit B Complex with additional Vitamin B 1, Vit B 12 sublingual, Vit B 6, Vit E, ferritin, folic acid and Vitron C, and I also take either Tylenol or Ibuprofen at bedtime. I have found dextromethorphan helps when I've done everything else I add it. My neurologist agrees with this regime. I get the Robitussin gel caps as a source of dextromethorphan. I have moderate to severe arthritis and diabetes which complicates my symptoms. I have tried the cannabis oil and could not tell that it was effective and it isn't cheap. God Bless any one with this disorder.

RLS Remedy

Once I started suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome, I remembered a syndicated newspaper column by a doctor who had written about this home remedy--soap. I thought, "what the heck, it will only cost a bar of soap." Not just any soap--get a bar of pure, original Dove or Ivory soap. No additives, no extra scents, and no other brands besides these two. Put the bar into an old knee-high pantyhose and place it in the bed near your feet. I actually place it under my fitted sheet, but you can put it between the sheets if you want. That's it. Now, this doesn't work for everyone, but give it a try. It only costs a bar of soap! I recommended this to one of my husband's co-workers at a holiday party. He was telling me how his RLS was so bad it would jerk him awake. I told him my soap remedy and on the way home from the party he made his wife stop at a store and got a bar of soap. He used it that night and it worked for him too!! Next time he saw me, I got a big hug:) just be careful when you strip the bed to wash sheets you don't wash the soap too. Every now and then you'll need to refresh with a new bar. Hope this helps.


Can't believe we replied within in minutes with the same remedy. Cool. Hope it helps others to try.


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