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Daily Newsletter for Sunday, February 12, 2017

Serene will be our days and bright, 

And happy will our nature be, 

When love is an unerring light, 

And joy its own security

–William Wordsworth (1770–1850)

Sunday, February 12, 2017
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Easy Valentine's Day Cookies

How to Make Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cookies
These Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cookies are super delicious morsels and very easy to make! Whip them up for a special someone or for yourself. They are sure to become a favorite!
The Old Farmer's Almanac Everyday Baking | Save 50%

Enjoy 118 scrumptious recipes from celebrated baker Ken Haedrich.

Sweets for the Sweet!

Valentine's Day Dessert Recipes
Take a look at our mouthwatering Valentine’s Day dessert recipes. We’ve made chocolate lava cake, mini-heart pies, classic sugar cookies, easy turtle candies, and more. Plus, we have Valentine’s Day breakfast and dinner recipes. Get some great ideas!
Love You to the Moon & Back

Chalk style 8” square wooden box sign that can stand on its own or hang for wall display.

Cocoa for Health and Love!

Could Cocoa Be the Sweetheart Spice?
Where does cocoa come from? What’s the difference between cocoa and chocolate? Is chocolate healthy? Enjoy this delightful post about cocoa—plus, a delicious recipe.
Lemon Basil Handcare Caddy

A silver-toned caddy holding our popular foaming hand soap and rich hand lotion together in one place, whether in the bath or the kitchen. Very elegant, very convenient. 

Lincoln and the Almanac

Abraham Lincoln, the Almanac, and a Murder Trial
Abraham Lincoln, born on February 12 in 1809, pursued a legal career before turning to a political one that eventually led to the U.S. presidency. In our Dublin, New Hampshire, office hangs a reproduction of a painting by Norman Rockwell depicting him in front of a jury holding the 1857 edition of an almanac in his hand. Was it The Old Farmer’s Almanac?
The 2017 Old Farmer's Almanac Everyday Calendar

Celebrate by giving a plant that has heart-shaped leaves: Dutchman’s pipe, European wild ginger, ‘Artic Beauty’ hardy kiwi, morning glory, or violet.

Valentine's Day History

Valentine's Day 2020: What Is the Real Meaning of Valentine's Day?
What is the real story of Valentine’s Day? This ancient marking of agricultural and human fertility has a surprising history. Discover the meaning of Valentine’s Day, why it’s celebrated on February 14, and also some new poems and verse to add to that (secret?) Valentine card.
The 2017 Old Farmer's Almanac Country Calendar

Scenic photographs, country musings, fun facts, humor, and advice. Plus best days to fish, plant, set eggs, harvest crops, and cut hay.

Do Love Potions Work?

Aphrodisiac Foods: Chocolate, Oysters, and Spanish Fly?
Since the beginning of time, stories about aphrodisiac foods have abounded. Who hasn’t heard that chocolates, wine, and oysters can get you “in the mood”? Where does this idea come from? And is it true?