Ease into raised beds, best coneflowers, leeks

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Daily Newsletter for Friday, March 3, 2017

March brings breezes loud and shrill,
Stirs the dancing daffodil
Sara Coleridge (1802–52)



Mark Your Calendar

The Month of March 2020: Holidays, Fun Facts, Folklore
March brings with it the promise of gardening and warm(er), sunny days, as Earth turns its frostbitten cheek to winter and springs forth from the vernal equinox. Read about this month’s holidays, happenings, seasonal recipes, gardening tips, Moon phases, folklore, and much more!
Almanac Garden Hod

Born of pure ingenuity, the Garden Hod reflects the very best of farmers’ long tradition of craftsmanship and utility. It was designed as a harvest basket, but can be used for everything from a picnic basket to a knitting basket.

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How to Grow Leeks

How to Grow Leeks From Sowing to Harvest
Leeks are a hardy, no-fuss plant that can be seeded outdoors about the time of the last spring frost, though they will survive light frosts even when young—and heavy frosts in the fall. Find out how to grow leeks every step of the way: from sowing and transplanting to harvesting.
Bold Kitchen Aprons

MOTHER’S DAY GIFT IDEA! There’s always something cooking at The Old Farmer’s Almanac. When it gets messy, we grab for one of these easy-care cotton aprons.

Ease Into Raised Bed Gardening

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed
Raised garden beds are fairly easy to construct, even easier to maintain, and offer myriad benefits for your garden (and you)! Here’s how to build a raised garden bed in your backyard, as well as some advice on using the right wood and soil.
Handcare Caddies

A silver-toned caddy holding luxurious foaming hand soap and rich lotion together in one place. Very elegant, very convenient. Choose from different luxurious scents!

7 Easy Coneflowers for Spring

Coneflowers: 7 Best Echinacea Varieties
Coneflower, or Echinacea, is my favorite native American plant. This rugged pollinator magnet comes in so many colors, shapes, and sizes. Here are seven coneflower varieties that we have planted over the years with success.
Readers’ Best Recipes and the Stories Behind Them

Get the recipes that folks rave about! We invited Almanac readers to share their best recipes—the favorites served at family gatherings, potlucks, parties, and supper tables. You’ll love the heartwarming, humorous, and true stories that these cooks tell, too!

12 Months of Verse

Another Year in Haiku
The Japanese poetic form called haiku seems perfectly tailored as a discipline for someone who writes about “natural living.”
Sparrow Rain Gauge | Save 32%

Features a simple yet elegant design crafted in brass.