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Daily Newsletter for Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Hebe's here, May is here!
The air is fresh and sunny;
And the miser-bees are busy
Hoarding golden honey
–Thomas Bailey Aldrich (1836–1907)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017
122nd day of the year

Kelly Gibson (golfer) was born on this day in 1964.
Jack Kemp (football player & politician) died on this day in 2009.


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May Weather Forecasts

long range weather Predictions for May 2017
Here are the May 2017 long range weather forecasts for the U.S. and Canada, courtesy of The 2017 Old Farmer’s Almanac.
The Old Farmer’s Almanac Gardening Notebook

A gardener’s most useful tool is knowledge from past seasons. Don’t rely on sticky notes or memory! You’ll love our beautiful Gardening Notebook with its waterproof cover—easy to bring to the garden. Keep records so you know when pests arrive and when to put preventative controls in place to avoid damage. Also, track what blossoms when, first and last frost dates, what was planted where, what worked, favorite varieties, what you want to move, and other notes. 
Growing Dahlias

Dahlias are colorful spiky flowers which generally bloom from midsummer to first frost, when many other plants are past their best.
The Jeffersonian Rain Gauge

Inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s affinity for invention, this unique device uses a float and lever design to measure up to 5 inches of rain or sprinkler water.
Birthstone for May

May Birthstone: Color and Meaning
The May birthstone, the emerald, was a favorite gem of Cleopatra and Catherine the Great. It has long been associated with fertility, rebirth, and love. 
Solar Iris Stake

By day, these are an artful addition to the garden. By night, they impress with a stunning display of color and light.
When is Mother's Day?

When is Mother's Day 2019 | 10 Ways to Celebrate
How do you celebrate Mom? This year, our Almanac staff has added funny stories and happy memories about their own mothers. Please share your stories in the comments, too! We’ve also got 10 great ideas to treat your mom right—from a yummy breakfast in bed to a beautiful bouquet made of symbolic flowers.
Solar Filigree Stake

Vibrant hand-painted colors and detailed scroll work make this Solar Ladybug Filigree Stake a showstopper. The front side is made from thick molded glass and the back side is ornamental filigree metal art. Solar-powered LED string lights illuminate both sides creating a fun nighttime display. Turns on at dusk and off in daylight automatically.
May Best Days by the Moon

Best Days for the Month of May 2017
Here is a snapshot of the Best Days for the month of May 2017—from Best Days to quit smoking to Best Days to cut hair.
Vegetable Kingdom Kitchen Canister Set

SAVE $5 Practical has never looked so pretty. Fill our graduated canisters with flour, sugar, tea, cookies, doggie treats, or whatever you like to keep handy. Then put them on display on a countertop or open shelf. They are made of powder-coated carbon steel and have snug-fitting lids and chrome-plated handles.