Ripeness guide, growing figs, eclipse safety

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Daily Newsletter for Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Beyond me in the fields the sun
Soaks in the grass and hath his will;
I count the marguerites one by one;
Even the buttercups are still
–Archibald Lampman (1861–99)


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Ripeness Guide

When to Harvest Vegetables and Fruit
How do you know when fruit and vegetables are ready to pick? Whether you are a gardener or a grocery shopper, this harvest guide will help you recognize when your summer fruit and vegetables are at the peak of flavor.
Eclipse Eye Safety

How to Safely Watch a Total Solar Eclipse
You can seriously damage your eyes by watching a solar eclipse without proper protection (NOT sunglasses!). Here is information on how to watch an eclipse safely and what kind of eye protection you need—from eclipse glasses to welder’s googles.
The 2018 Old Farmer's Almanac Weather Watcher's Calendar

Features amazing photography, weather proverbs, historical weather events, and trivia! 
Best Strawberries to Grow

Strawberry Varieties and Growing Tips
If you love strawberries as much as I do, why not try growing some of these luscious berries yourself? The hardest part is deciding what kind of strawberries to grow.
The 2018 Old Farmer's Almanac Moon Calendar

Features dramatic images of the Moon!  
Yes, You Can Grow Figs!

Figs are a delicious treat that thrive in warm climates, but can also be grown in more temperate regions with a bit of extra care. Here’s how to grow a fig tree in your garden!
The 2018 Old Farmer's Almanac

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Why Onions Make Us Teary

Why Do Onions Make You Cry? | More Onion Facts
Why do onions make you cry when you cut them? Are leftover onions poisonous?  Enjoy these onion facts—and some folklore.
The 2018 Old Farmer's Almanac Everyday Calendar

Start each day with a tidbit of Almanac fun: weather wisdom, quirky historical facts, useful hints, and time-tested proverbs.