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Daily Newsletter for Tuesday, September 12, 2017


While the bright radiant sun in centre glows,
The earth in annual motion round it goes;
At the same time on its own axis reels,
And gives us change of seasons as it wheels
–From the title page of the 1793 Almanac


Tuesday, September 12, 2017
255th day of the year

Amy Yasbeck (actress) was born on this day in 1963.
Johnny Cash (singer) died on this day in 2003.


ECHO National Sales Event

2018 Almanac Now in Stores

It's Here! The 2018 Old Farmer's Almanac
As of September 12, The 2018 Old Farmer’s Almanac is available in stores! Which stores? Check out our handy new Store Finder. Simply enter your zip or postal code for stores near you!


Genie Lamp Delivers Miracles

Ordinary people around the country report that after simply rubbing a Genie Lamp necklace they have been blessed with satisfying work, a happy love life, improved financial conditions, and overall better luck.
How We Predict Weather

How We Predict the Weather
Every year, folks ask us … what’s our secret to predicting the long-range weather? The Old Farmer’s Almanac—America’s oldest and most popular almanac—uses a unique, age-old formula that’s traditionally 80% accurate. Learn more about it here.
The 2018 Old Farmer's Almanac Weather Watcher's Calendar

Features amazing photography, weather proverbs, historical weather events, and trivia! 
Great Uses for Leaves

What To Do With Fall Leaves
We don’t call it “fall” around here for nothing. If lots of leaves have fallen in your yard, why not put them to good use right at home? Here are eight ways to use fall leaves.
Tree of Life Indoor/Outdoor Reflective Wall Decoration

Features intricately detailed roots, leaves, branches, and flowers over a backdrop of swirling wind. The finish is very deep and radiant.  
Planting Bulbs for Spring Blooms

Planting Bulbs for Spring Flowers
If you enjoy seeing daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths bloom in the spring, keep in mind that these bulbs need to be planted in the fall. See our handy fall-planted bulbs chart for a list of flowers for your zone—and order bulbs in advance—or, mark your calendar so that you don’t forget! See more details—plus, flower photos!
Large Wooden Matches

Choose from 22 stunning designs! Each matchbox is about the size of a deck of playing cards and contains 50 wooden matches with color-coordinated tips.
The Illustration Beneath Our Title

The Old Farmer's Frontispiece
With the exception of the first edition in 1793, The Old Farmer’s Almanac has had a frontispiece illustration on the title page every year. Read on to learn how the frontispiece came to be and the meaning behind its intricate design.
The 2018 Old Farmer's Almanac - Collector's Edition

Our exclusive best offer! This hardcover Collector’s Edition Almanac includes a free 2018 Gardening Wall Calendar and replicas of Almanacs from 100 and 200 years ago. (A $15.99 value!)