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Daily Newsletter for Friday, November 17, 2017


'What do you hunt, Orion,
This starry night?'
'The Ram, the Bull and the Lion,
And the Great Bear,' says Orion.

–Robert Graves (1895–1985)

Friday, November 17, 2017
321st day of the year

Raquel Castro (actress) was born on this day in 1994.
Irving Brecher (comedy writer) died on this day in 2008.

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Sumptuous Sides and More

Best Thanksgiving Recipes
We’ve added even more Thanksgiving recipe ideas! From the turkey to scrumptious sides to mouthwatering desserts, we share our best recipes, cooking advice, and even table tips to guide you all the way.
Alpaca Fleece Outdoor Adventure Socks

The cure for cold feet! Perfect for hiking, work, and active fun.
Coconut Cream Pie Recipe

Joe Licata’s Best-Ever Coconut Cream Pie

“Joe is my brother-in-law and a connoisseur of New Jersey diner desserts.

The 2018 Old Farmer's Almanac Weather Watcher's Calendar

Features amazing photography, weather proverbs, historical weather events, and trivia! 
Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks

Get Ready for Fabulous Shooting Stars
Much attention is being paid to the Leonid meteor shower, which peaks in the wee hours before dawn on Saturday morning, November 18. But it’s like mice that keep following the same maze even though there’s no more cheese at the end. The Leonid have no cheese to give us. Not this year. But not to worry. Coming up soon are the best meteors of 2017.
Balsam Fir Pillows

Balsam Fir Pillows are traditionally given as a sign of friendship, and it’s easy to see why! The pleasant smell of balsam fir will last for years and there are many designs to choose from that will complement your sofa. 
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How to Make a Cold Frame

How to Make a Cold Frame Step-by-Step
Cold frames are a vital component in the gardener’s toolkit.
The 2018 Old Farmer's Almanac Everyday Calendar

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Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Seasonal Crafts: Make a Glove Turkey (Thanksgiving Table Decoration)
Make a glove turkey, a cute decoration for a Thanksgiving table centerpiece. Here’s how.