Pruning shrubs, 10 beginner garden tips, record warmth?

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Daily Newsletter for Friday, March 2, 2018

lion roar

What is the roar of a lion,
If it ends in the bleat of a lamb, March

–Mark Cook (1854–1882)

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10 Great Beginner Garden Tips

7 Important Lessons for Beginner Gardeners
Gardeners, no matter what their level of expertise, love to swap stories. The funny thing is that these tales almost always produce a lesson for everybody. Here are a few of my favorites!
Farm Sweet Farm Jumbo Coffee Mugs

Large, double-sided, dishwasher-safe mugs. Each mug includes a generously-sized hole that allows coffee to pour out when the mug is tilted.

Spring Pruning Guide!

Spring Pruning Guide for Trees and Shrubs
Which trees and shrubs get pruned in spring? See the Almanac’s spring pruning guide listing when and how to prune specific varieties of trees and shrubs.
Bath Bomb Sets

Creates a luxurious bath or memorable gift! Choose from 4 relaxing scents.

Record Warmth?

Will Record-Warmth Continue in 2018?
According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), 2017 was the second warmest year in surface temperatures averaged across the entire Earth since global estimates began in 1880. So what should we expect for 2018?
Travel Umbrellas

Gorgeous and sturdy umbrellas!

Get Ready: Daylight Savings

Daylight Saving Time 2020: When Does the Time Change?
Daylight Saving Time starts on the 2nd Sunday in March—that’s Sunday, March 8, 2020! See details about the history of “saving daylight” and why we still observe DST today.
Scented Room Sprays

Change the ambiance of a room in an instant with our lusciously fragrant room sprays!

Birthstone for Each Month

Birthstones by Month: Colors and Meanings
What is the birthstone for your month? Check the list below to learn the meanings and history of each monthly birthstone.
Almanac Barn Night Light

The roof features The Old Farmer’s Almanac logo in a way reminiscent of the painted barn advertisements of the early to mid–20th century for soft drinks and roadside attractions.