Vernal equinox arrives, spring tonic, robin song

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Daily Newsletter for Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Again rejoicing Nature sees
Her robe assume its vernal hues,
Her leafy locks wave in the breeze,
All freshly steep'd in morning dews

–Robert Burns (1759–96)

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Welcome Spring!

First Day of Spring 2020: The Spring Equinox
In 2020, the spring equinox (also called the March equinox or vernal equinox) occurs on Thursday, March 19, which is earlier than it’s been in over a century! This event marks the astronomical first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Before you try to balance that egg, read this!


No water, just clean, quiet, and simple!

If you need a place to “go” but it’s difficult and too expensive to install a waste system. This toilet is easy to install almost anywhere.
Caring for Your Daffodils

The bright yellow blooms of daffodils are a wonderful sign of spring—but do you know how and when to plant them properly? Here are tips on planting daffodil bulbs, caring for daffodils, and what to do after they flower.
The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2018 Gardener’s Special

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Cook Seasonally!

Spring Recipes: Make the Most of Food in Season!
Celebrate spring! Look for these seasonal ingredients showing up in your local market or garden—asparagus, peas, rhubarb and even fiddleheads and dandelion blossoms. And make these recipes to greet spring in a delightful and delicious way.
Wine Bottle Lights

Create ambient lighting from an empty wine bottle! Choose a bottle from a special celebration or because of its interesting shape and color. 
Listen to a Robin's Song

Bird Sounds: American Robin
The American Robin is one of North America’s most common and beloved songbirds. Take a listen to their cheery song and learn more about the quintessential “early bird.”
Large Wooden Matchboxes

Choose from many different bold designs! Each matchbox is about the size of a deck of playing cards and contains 50 wooden matches with color-coordinated tips.
What's a Spring Tonic?

Spring Tonics
What’s a Spring Tonic? While the vernal equinox may mark the moment of spring, the appearance of the first greens makes it real. Over the centuries, people have relied on the green plants that emerge early in the season as a sort of “detox” to revive, strengthen, and invigorate the body. Learn more and see a few recipes.
Farm Sweet Farm Jumbo Coffee Mugs

Large, double-sided, dishwasher-safe mugs. Each mug includes a generously-sized hole that allows coffee to pour out when the mug is tilted.