Creating a new yard, chilling weather news, pansies

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Daily Newsletter for Monday, March 26, 2018

soil ready for spring planting

Sunshine trying hard awhile
On the bare brown fields to smile;
Frozen ruts and slippery walks;
Gray old crops of last year's stalks
–Christopher Pearse Cranch (1813–90)

Monday, March 26, 2018
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Chilling News

Cold Spells Contrast With Arctic Warmth
The end of winter in North America brought chilly weather in many regions, and the cold and snow in Europe made news headlines. But the most unusual weather this winter is going on at the North Pole—with exceptionally high temperatures at the Arctic. Things are heating up where warmth is least expected.
Multicolored Wine Bottle Lights

Turn any wine bottle into a snazzy decoration or a keepsake from a meaningful celebration!


10 Pretty Pansy Varieties
Flowers are starting to appear for sale in the garden centers—and that means pansies. Get to know this old-fashioned “flower with a face” and discover 10 different varieties!
Refrigerator Notepads

Perfect for recording grocery needs or tasks. Each pad features a positive message and a magnet for hanging up in a handy spot.

Creating A New Yard

Landscape Design: Ideas and Advice for Beginners
Do you want to improve the landscape design of your yard and property? Here are some tips for coming up with a design plan and getting started.
The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2018 Gardener’s Special

The Special Way to a Great Garden!

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Old-Fashioned Custard

Creamy Vanilla Bean Custard

The fresh vanilla bean is an extra special touch, but you can use vanilla extract instead.

Almanac Garden Hod

Born of pure ingenuity, the Garden Hod reflects the very best of farmers’ long tradition of craftsmanship and utility. It was designed as a harvest basket, but can be used for everything from a picnic basket to a knitting basket.

Breaking Up Your Day

Do You Sit Too Much? Get Up and Move!
Do you sit for long stretches of the day and/or evening for work, crafting, entertainment, or online socializing? If so, you may be jeopardizing your health.
Rain Chains

Replace your traditional gutter downspouts with attractive rain chains. Instead of traveling inside a closed tube, rainwater follows the decorative chain to the ground. Choose from 4 styles each over 8 feet long.