Raising ducks, growing rhubarb, forcing forsythia

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Daily Newsletter for Monday, April 23, 2018

april rain

The thirsty earth soaks up the rain,
And drinks and gapes for drink again;
The plants suck in the earth, and are
With constant drinking fresh and fair

–Abraham Cowley (1618–1667)

Why Raise Ducks?

Raising Ducks for Eggs
Ever thought about raising ducks for eggs in your backyard? Why raise ducks instead of (or, in addition to) chickens? Here are some reasons to consider.
Farm To Fork Table Runner

Made of cotton for easy care!

Flowering Forsythia

How to Force Forsythia Flowers in 5 Steps
Do you have forsythia? Forcing branches into bloom inside can give you an early taste of spring while you are still in the midst of winter. Here are my photos showing you how to force forsythia in five steps. You can also force redbud, dogwood, magnolia, crabapple, pussy willow, and many other flowering branches.
Large Drop Ceramic Bird Feeder

Add vibrant color to outdoor spaces!

Growing Rhubarb

Rhubarb is a perennial vegetable, though it is generally used as a fruit in desserts and jams. Here’s how to plant, grow, and harvest your own rhubarb.
Rhubarb-Cherry Crunch

Rhubarb-Cherry Crunch

When spring arrives and rhubarb starts popping up, it’s time to try this easy recipe for Rhubarb-Cherry Crunch.

Embroidered Pillow

Tassel trim included!

Six Sports Inventions

Inventions That Changed Sports History
Ever wondered where we got the football helmet? See how the history of sports has changed due to these five simple sports inventions.
Ode to a Cow Almanac Wooden Sign

This poem was originally printed in The 1936 Old Farmer’s Almanac. Its inspirational advice is still relevant for today’s busy lifestyles.