Basic lawn care, May Day, lilacs, trash can taters

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Daily Newsletter for Tuesday, May 1, 2018

may day

And Phillida, with garlands gay,
Was made the Lady of the May
–Nicholas Breton (1545–1626)

Tuesday, May 1, 2018
121st day of the year

Tim McGraw (country singer) was born on this day in 1967.
Spike Jones (band leader, musician, & comedian) died on this day in 1965.

Lawn Care Basics

Lawn Care Tips: Fertilizing, Seeding, Weeding, Mowing
Do you have a healthy lawn? Here are over 10 secrets to lawn care for a more stress-tolerant, vigorous turf. For example, mowing too short actually reduces the vigor of the plants by reducing their ability to manufacture food. The more you let nature do the work for you, the easier it will be to care for your lawn.


Bring Some Balance into Your Garden!

These 8 “infinity” stones, thoughtfully balanced, symbolize safety and hope for a traveler moving along life’s path. As a gift for a friend or in your own garden they show friendship and welcome all who pass by.
Lovely Lilacs

Who doesn’t love lilacs? The ideal lilac shrub has about 10 canes and produces flowers at eye-level—all the better to enjoy that sweet, haunting fragrance.


Make your Garden Sing!

Let every breeze bring the sounds of the sea into your home and garden haven. Its lilting tones will transport you to a mooring on the Maine coast: feel the fog, smell the salt air, relax in daydreams of a mooring on the Maine coast.
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Trash Can Potatoes!

Growing Potatoes in a Trash Can
View this video of a great gardening container for growing potatoes—and experience the fun of trash can gardening with Janice Stillman, Editor of The Old Farmer's Almanac.
Be The Black Sheep Metal Sign

Encourage people that share your fun side! Made in the USA like a rust-proof street sign to hang indoors or outside.
Happy May Day!

May Day 2020: What is May Day?
Celebrate May Day 2020! Though it may seem quaint now, in decades past, the May Day Basket—like the ancient act of dancing around the Maypole—was a widespread symbol of spring in the United States and other countries. Discover the traditions of this holiday and how the May 1 celebration began!
Refrigerator Notepads

Perfect for recording grocery needs or tasks. Each pad features a positive message and a magnet for hanging up in a handy spot.
Papillon Foaming Hand Soap Napkin Set

This convenient caddy includes a large bottle of premium foaming hand soap and a package of matching hostess napkins, making your counters both neat and beautiful for family and guests.