Color of hydrangeas, baked artichokes, mint benefits

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Daily Newsletter for Monday, June 4, 2018

reading beneath a tree

In June 'tis good to lie beneath a tree
While the blithe season comforts every sense,
Steeps all the brain in rest, and heals the heart,
Brimming it o'er with sweetness unawares
–J. R. Lowell (1819–91)

Changing Hydrangea Color

How to Change the Color of Hydrangeas
Can you change the colors of hydrangea flowers? It depends on your type of hydrangea and your soil pH. We’ll explain how to change color from blue to pink or from pink to blue.
The Old Farmer's Almanac Bottle Opener

Features a cast iron opener with a weathered patina!
Many Mint Benefits

12 Uses for Mint Leaves From Health to Home
How do you use extra mint leaves? Here are 12 marvelous uses for mint around the home and garden—from culinary to medicinal to mouthwash to bug repellent!
Ode to a Cow Almanac Wooden Sign

This poem was originally printed in The 1936 Old Farmer’s Almanac. Its inspirational advice is still relevant for today’s busy lifestyles.
Electric Blue Clouds

Noctilucent Clouds: They Come From Outer Space!
It’s noctilucent cloud season! Every year, from late spring through summer, eerie electric-blue clouds ripple across the night sky. They look alien—resembling something from another world. And that’s not far off. A key ingredient for the mysterious clouds comes from outer space.
Vern Ader's Weed Spinner

Finally, it’s fun and easy to weed!  What’s more, dandelions don’t stand a chance! The Weed Spinner is an innovative drill-driven weed removal bit that spins out weeds and their roots in one whirling motion.The action is fast and the result is very satisfying! What’s more, there’s no kneeling, bending, or getting your hands dirty.
Baked Stuffed Artichokes

Baked Stuffed Artichokes

If you have only ever had artichokes in dip, then this recipe for Baked Stuffed Artichokes may be just what you need to explore the incredible goodness of artichokes.

Fish Skeleton Wind Chime

The perfect wind chime for the avid fisherman. Cats like it, too!
Losing the Overhang

10 Common Sense Weight Loss Tips
The winter layers have given way to shorts and t-shirts, revealing the other winter layers—the ones that hang over the waistline and strain the seams. (I have good excuses, but won’t list them here.) Perhaps, like me, you aren’t aiming for a beach body as much as a way to fit into your summer duds again.
Dragonfly Sundial

Made out of cast iron and measures 10 inches across!